Mar 20

Inspector Pumphead Inspects March Madness

Inspector Pumphead’s bracket is doing just fine

The Madness has begun! The NCAA men’s basketball tournament is the best event in sports and it has already lived up to its nickname with great plays and great players shining on the biggest possible national stage. Of course, the thing that March Madness is most well known for is upsets and Cinderella stories and we’ve already seen quite a few. 

Number one overall seed Villanova went down to a tough, underseeded Wisconsin squad. In an even bigger upset, longtime NCAA committee favorite and five star studded Duke lost to an anonymous South Carolina team.

Elsewhere, fellow heavyweights North Carolina and Kentucky advanced to the Sweet 16, but not before being pushed to the brink by Arkansas and Wichita State respectively. Plucky fan favorite Rhode Island also made a run at a strong Oregon team before losing. All in all, it’s been a wild ride and there’s more to come.

Here is the official Inspector Pumphead analysis of the regions:

East (New York, NY): With the top two seeds (Villanova and Duke) gone, this is the most intriguing and wide open of the regions. Wisconsin and Florida meet on Friday; in many ways the programs are mirror images of each other. Both are football-oriented schools that have found consistent success on the hardwood; both have lost legendary coaches (Bo Ryan, Billy Donovan) but have soldiered on under second year men Greg Gard and Mike White, respectively. The game should go a long way to burnishing either program’s credentials for the future.

In the other game, look to see if long-suffering Baylor can finally silence the haters against Duke-slaying darling South Carolina.

South (Memphis, TN): The South region contains the most future pro talent in the tournament. North Carolina continues in its quest to avenge last year’s heartbreaking championship to Villanova against plucky upstarts Butler. The other game is an absolute must-see, with Lonzo Ball and his run-and-gun UCLA squad taking on Malik Monk and the Kentucky Wildcats. These teams already met in Lexington earlier this season, with UCLA triumphing in Lexington. Expect another high scoring affair.

Midwest (Kansas City, MO): Kansas looks to break through against Purdue’s Caleb Swanigan, who might just be the best big man in the country. Swanigan has been an inspiring story – he was once homeless – but Kansas probably has the better overall team. In the other matchup, Michigan looks to continue its hot streak against Oregon.

West (Los Angeles, CA): Out west, a well-heeled and poised Gonzaga team will try to avoid the upset against a stern West Virginia squad. West Virginia doesn’t have any stars but plays rugged defense and gives maximum effort on every position. It will be fascinating clash of styles, as the Zags will try to execute with precision, while the Mountaineers can settle for making the game ugly.

The other game will hence be dubbed the Sean Miller Bowl, as the Arizona coach takes on his former team, the Xavier Musketeers. If Arizona gets through to the Final Four, they will get to play in their backyard of Phoenix.


Mar 17

Goulds Submersible Well Pumps Built for the Deepest Wells

The 5GS10412C package pictured here includes the pump end, motor and control box

Submersible well pumps are used to draw water from a well in an area where there is no connection to a municipal water line. In this blog, we will highlight Goulds submersible well pumps

Typically found in rural or outlying areas, well pumps can be used for a variety of applications, including farming, irrigation or simply drawing potable water.

Two broad categories of well pumps exist: submersible and jet pumps. As the name suggests, the submersible well pump is submerged under water at the bottom of the well. Jet pumps are installed above the well and require a separate jet assembly component (twin pipe, Packer) actually installed in the well.

Submersible pumps are compact, close coupled single-component and can be configured for deep well applications.

Goulds Submersible Well Pumps


The model highlighted here is a low-flow, high head model that can perform in deep well applications. The best efficiency flow rate for the 5GS10412C is 5 gallons per minute, while the head can reach over 600 feet TDH.

The pump accomplishes the high heads through the use of multiple stages. A “stage” is simply a compartment consisting of a diffuser, upthrust washer, impeller and a bowl. The model highlighted here includes 20 stages stacked on top of each other.

8: diffuser, 9: upthrust washer, 10: impeller, 11: bowl

The mechanism is straightforward: water enters the inlet and moves up through the stages. The rotating impeller reacts against the stationary diffuser vane, increasing water pressure. As the water moves through each successive stage, the actions is repeated and pressure continues to increase exponentially.

A key point to remember is that the number of stages is positively correlated with head and inversely correlated with flow; the fewer stages, the higher (in terms of GPM) the best efficiency flow rate. We carry Goulds submersible well pumps with various stages in our store.

It is a Floating Impeller Stack (as opposed to a fixed impeller stack) which has proven itself for over 50 years as a superior sand handling and durable pump design. It is also more flexible than a fixed impeller stack.

This package includes a compact Centripro control box for simple start-stop management.

A breakdown diagram. Note the stacked stages


As with any submersible pump, durability is an important consideration. Rust and corrosion are dangerous impediments to any type of equipment that operates submerged under water. If you are relying on such a pump for your potable water, you need to be especially attentive to the possibility of damage.

Goulds submersible well pumps feature some of the most rugged top-to-bottom construction of any submersible well pump on the market.

It starts with the outer casing, which is made of durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The check valve is stainless steel as well, while the discharge head is cast stainless steel. Noryl impellers and Lexan diffusers also ensure that the pump internals are resistant to abrasion. The engineering polymer bearing ensures durability throughout the pump body.

4” Centripro motors are both powerful and durable for continued best performance operation. Pumps with motor packages are available as are pump ends or “wet ends” only. Packages that include control boxes are available as well.   

Be sure to consult your local well specialist for installation and maintenance purposes.

Mar 17

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from Pump Products!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from Pump Products!

Inspector Pumphead checks his pot of gold

It’s a holiday of rousing public spectacles, heavy drinking and heavy accents. There’s a lot of green. It inspired a classic Simpsons episode. This is a holiday that provides a delightful mix of low culture and high religion and it has an absolutely fascinating history.

Saint Patrick the Man

The holiday celebrates Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland and one of the most influential and celebrated figures in the Irish Catholic canon. Patrick himself was a Roman-British missionary who evangelized for the Church throughout the Emerald Isle. In popular memory, Patrick is the one who effectively ended the dominance of pagan Celtic polytheism, as steered by the Druids.

Legends also claim that Patrick used the three-leaved shamrock to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity to the Irish people. Thus the shamrock’s strong association with Irish culture in general and Saint Patrick’s Day in particular.

Celebrations, Both Native and Not 

It didn’t take long after Patrick’s death for various celebrations of his life to spring up throughout Ireland and Europe. The Church added Patrick’s feast day to the liturgical calendar in the 1600s and it was celebrated largely in the manner of traditional feast days.

The modern iteration of the day – the parades, public displays and the primacy of alcohol – actually stems from the celebrations of the Irish diaspora, specifically the Irish of North America. For those immigrants, the day became as much about Irish identity, character and memories of “home” as much as Saint Patrick himself. In a neat bit of recursive cultural adaptation, the style and form of those large public celebrations started filtering back to Ireland in the early 20th century.

Today, parades, public drinking and a general party atmosphere are the norm for Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations around the globe.

Did You Know?

One of the first things children learn about St. Paddy’s Day is that wearing green is pretty much a requirement. But for a short period, blue was associated with the holiday because the Order of St. Patrick had adopted blue as the primary color on the organization’s emblems, clothes, etc. When green became strongly associated with Irish nationalism, so too did St Patrick’s Day.


For your edification and enjoyment, here’s a list of really Irish sounding names:

Lochlann McDonald
Patrick McLaughlin
Seamus McRaney
Niamh Cloughley
Kelly O’Reilly
Ciaran Hinds
Saoirse Ronan
Billy Collins
Jack McMahon
Sinead Kilkenny
Alex Rodriguez
Domhnall Gleeson


Mar 10

Save on Daylight, Save on Pumps

Inspector Pumphead rises one hour earlier to offer discounts to his customers.

It’s that time of year again, when we spring forward: Daylight Saving Time is here. On Sunday, May 12, the clocks will advance when 1:59 AM changes to 3 AM. Put another way, we’re losing an hour to gain more sunlight.

The idea for daylight saving is simple: adjust the clocks so that we have more daylight during times of the year when it gets dark early. The concept is popularly believed to have been invented by the famous Philadelphia 76ers mascot Benjamin Franklin, although Franklin was probably one of many contemporaries who advanced the idea. 

Did You Know?

The U.S. did not have its traditional four time zones until the late 19th century. Before that, localities set clocks based on apparent solar time which uses sundials to measure the position of the sun at noon (mean solar time). This resulted in over 300 time zones throughout the U.S., according to some estimates. Naturally, this made coordination of activities across wide geographical swaths (postal service, railroads) extremely difficult.

The Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific Standard times were introduced in 1883. In 1884, the U.S. adopted Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) as the standard for all clocks. In 1960, this was changed to Coordinated Universal Time, which is what we have today.

Does It Make Sense?

Conflicting research exists, as many scientists and economists believe that DST disrupts the normal flow of society without any tangible benefit. People obviously don’t get as much sleep as they’re used to and many different problems stem from lack of sleep. People are generally more sluggish, forgetful and irritable. Business productivity decreases, while heart attacks and car accidents increase.

But other than that, it’s great!

Various proposals have been made to adjust the practice, such as splitting the U.S. into two time zones, East and West. Others have called for the practice to be abolished altogether. Of course, none of these proposals have gained any serious traction, so we’re probably stuck with DST for now.

It’s Not Just Daylight You’ll Be Saving

Because many people are tired and grumpy around this time, we at wanted to figure out a good way to cheer people up. And what cheers people up more than saving money? On pumps especially? Enter the code “dst5” at checkout to receive a $5 discount on any purchase. Offer valid until the end of March (03/31/2017).


Mar 09

Zoeller X160 Pumps are Explosion Proof

Pump Products carries explosion proof pumps from top manufacturers such as Goulds, Zoeller and Liberty.

What is An Explosion Proof Pump?

Zoeller 161-0106

Explosion proof pumps are made to operate in hazardous areas, loosely defined as areas where: (1) electrical equipment is operating and (2) flammable vapors are present in the air. Naturally, such areas carry the risk of a spark from the equipment igniting a vapor and causing an explosion. The National Electric Code (NEC) and the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) categorize hazardous areas into a variety of Classes, Divisions, Zones and Groups depending on the specific variables in the environment.

Typical hazardous areas include oil refineries, chemical processing plants, mines and factories. Hazardous area designation is not restricted to heavy industrial areas. For instance, gas station bathrooms often use explosion proof sewage pumps because of their proximity to a gas tank.

Explosion proof pumps are constructed to prevent the creation of sparks, to contain the pressure should an explosion occur and to prevent the explosion from spreading outside the pump itself. This is accomplished in a variety of ways. The motor enclosure is generally made of thick, strong materials and is usually watertight and dust tight. Stainless steel seals are often used to secure the enclosure.

Non sparking materials, such as bronze, brass and thermoplastic, are used in the construction. Non sparking alloy composites of ferrous metals (iron, steel) can also be used.

Explosion proof pumps encompass a wide range of pump applications, including sewage, grinder, sump and effluent applications. General centrifugal pump types are available as well.

Zoeller MX161 161-0106 Explosion Proof Effluent Pump

Part of the innovative X160 series, the Zoeller 161-0106 can be used for either residential or commercial dewatering/effluent applications in Class 1, Division 1, Group C and D* environments. This pump is durable and built to withstand harsh environments. The cover, motor adapter and pump housing are all class 30 cast iron.

The shaft seal is composed of stainless steel wetted parts, carbon and ceramic, while the float is non-ferrous brass.

Performance-wise, the 161-0106 is built for high head residential and commercial effluent/dewatering applications. The pump operates at ½ HP, 115 volts and single phase power. The maximum flow rate is 100 GPM, while the maximum TDH is 56 ft.

Pump dimensions

The discharge is 1-½” NPT threaded, with an option for a flanged discharge attachment. The power cord is 25 ft. with five bare lead wires. All in all, this is an excellent pump that will perform well for for any effluent or dewatering application in a hazardous area.

*And now a brief word on hazardous areas, as defined by the NEC and NFPA:

Class I, Division 1: There are three different situations that could exist to classify an area as a Class I, Division 1 location:

–Ignitable concentrations of flammable gases or vapors may exist under normal operating conditions.
–Ignitable concentrations of such gases or vapors may exist frequently because of repair or maintenance operations or because of leakage.
–Breakdown or faulty operation of equipment or processes might release ignitable concentrations of flammable gases or vapors, and might also cause simultaneous failure of electric equipment.

Group C: Flammable gas, flammable liquid-produced vapor or combustible liquid-produced vapor mixed with air that may burn or explode, having either a maximum experimental safe gap (MESG) value greater than or equal to 0.45mm or less than 0.75mm, or minimum igniting current ratio (MIC ratio) greater than 0.40 and less than or equal to 0.80. Example: Ethylene – 497:

Group D: Flammable gas, flammable liquid-produced vapor or combustible liquid-produced vapor mixed with air that may burn or explode, having either a maximum experimental safe gap (MESG) value greater than or equal to 0.75mm or minimum igniting current ratio (MIC ratio) greater than 0.80. Example: Propane – 497:

Explosion Proof Control Panels

A simplex and duplex panel

It is not enough to buy an explosion proof pump and drop it in a pit. All the attendant equipment must also be classified “intrinsically safe,” meaning the electrical and thermal energy is limited to prevent potential ignition. The most important component of the system is the control panel which will cycle the pump.

In addition to being intrinsically safe, the control panel must be compatible with the specific explosion proof pump being used and must be designated for use in the same hazardous area classification.

The control panel that goes with the M161X is the Zoeller 10-1242 simplex panel. The standard panel is UL listed and features a variety of safety and operational features, including pump run lights, a high water alarm (audio and visual) and seal fail indicators. Intrinsically safe relays prevent switches from sparking or shorting.

The enclosure is NEMA 4X rated for indoor or outdoor use.

Keep in mind that the panel should not be installed in the area where the hazardous vapors are present. Special fittings that prevent the passage of hot gases are required to prevent the gases from reaching the panel. Be sure to have a qualified electrician handle the installation and maintenance of any electrical equipment.

Mar 02

ABS Piranha Grinder Pumps Are a Terror to Solids

Pump Products is now stocking Sulzer ABS pumps, including the renowned “Piranha” series of grinder pumps.

ABS 05105867 Piranha Grinder Pump

ABS Piranhas are heavy duty grinders that can serve in a variety of domestic, commercial and industrial applications. 

These pumps run great in slaughter houses, food processing plants and farms and are also well-suited for use in commercial sites with demanding sewage needs, such as highway rest stops, motels, restaurants and hospitals. Such systems commonly get clogged with wash rags, diapers, plastic bags, wipes, and other tough debris.

“Tenants or guests don’t care as much about the sewage system because it’s not their property. They’ll throw anything in there,” according to Application Engineer Christian. “That’s why a lot of property managers, landlords, motel owners call asking for grinder pumps.”

Grinder pumps feature cutters inside the body of the pump that turns solids into a fine slurry that can be flushed away with wastewater. And ABS Piranhas feature one of the most unique cutting systems of any grinder pump on the market. Like its namesake animal, Piranha grinders are capable of tearing most anything to shreds.

The Cutter

Two main elements make up the cutter: (1) a lobed rotor attached to the impeller and (2) a stationary cutting element attached to the bottom plate. The stationary cutting element is designed with wave-like grooves. These interact with lobes on the rotor to grind down solids and move them toward the discharge.

The Piranha’s cutting technology

Outward threaded spiral grooves on the bottom plate ensure that stray particles do not  interfere with the impeller.

Installation and Configuration

The Piranha’s unique features make it suitable for installation in a variety of configurations. It can be paired with a guide rail assembly for fixed installations with a pedestal. It can also be installed in freestanding, transportable applications and in areas with terrain level fluctuations. A simple latch on top makes the pump easy to move with a winch.

Each ABS Piranha also features a standard 1-¼” NPT discharge, which is smaller in diameter than most pipes used in a typical gravity system. This means the Piranha can easily be installed in areas without conventional sewers, such as scattered settlements or hilly areas. It’s also more convenient for areas where only narrow pipes can be laid.


At Pump Products we now stock Piranha grinder pumps and many other Sulzer ABS products in our warehouse. Many models are currently available for direct shipment with no factory lead time.

Additional Features

The exploded view diagram pictured below lays out some of the additional features of the standard S-series Piranha and the feature locations in the pump. These include a seal leak detection system, thermal overload sensors, stainless steel ball-bearings and a built in capacitor.

PE series Piranha grinder pumps come equipped with a Premium Efficiency IE3 motor to reduce energy costs.

Courtesy ABS brochure

Feb 24

Why the Zoeller 53-0001 Effluent Pump Is a Best Seller

Zoeller 53-0001

The Zoeller 53-0001 is part of the versatile “Mighty-Mate” series of submersible pumps. Each pump in the series can easily be configured to act as either a sump pump or an effluent pump for a septic tank system, depending on your need.

Each pump in this series is durable while remaining lightweight, compact and easy to install. A particular point of emphasis regarding the construction is the importance of materials that can withstand the corrosive elements sometimes found in groundwater or graywater.

The models 53 and 57 have a base cast iron construction, while the models 55 and 59 are made with bronze. The model 53 differs from the 57 in that the base is made of a special engineered thermoplastic base. The thermoplastic base is designed to protect the pump from possible rust damage. The screws, switch, arm guard and handle are all stainless steel. In the interest of eliminating weak points, no sheet metal parts susceptible to rust are present in the construction of the pump.

The 53 also features an engineered glass-filled plastic impeller with metal insert which protects from rust damage and is simple (as well as cost effective) to replace.

The cherry on top of the cast iron sundae is the epoxy powder coat finish for additional corrosion resistance that was applied to each pump in construction. Each unit is also pressure tested All in all, if you are looking for an effluent pump that will last you a long time, the 53-0001 is an excellent choice.

Besides the durable construction type, there are plenty of other features and benefits that make this an excellent choice for your sump or effluent application.

A solid buoyant polypropylene float activates the pump, which operates at .3 HP, and either 115 or 230 volts. A watertight neoprene ring is inserted between the motor and pump housing. The motor itself runs at 1550 RPM and is oil-filled and hermetically sealed. 

The sewage will be exported through a 1-1/2″ NPT threaded discharge port. The model 53 is ideal for residential and light commercial applications with less than 20 feet of lift, which is probably why it is our best-selling Zoeller pump.

Feb 20

Pump Products Helps You Save This President’s Day

Inspector Pumphead celebrates Washington’s Birthday

It’s the third Monday of February and that means the nation is celebrating President’s Day. President’s Day, of course, is a day of remembrance for all the men who have stood for and represented the highest office in the land.

While all former Presidents are technically honored and commemorated, the day is probably most strongly associated with the two most iconic heads of state” our 1st President George Washington and our 16th, Abraham Lincoln.

Coincidentally, both had birthdays relatively close to each other, with Lincoln’s falling on February 12 and Washington’s on February 22.

For a long time, the day was simply celebrated as “Washington’s Birthday” and is still officially designated as such on the federal level. Still, recognition of the day was by no means uniform across the country. Celebrations of Lincoln’s birthday also took place sporadically in various states.

Interestingly enough, momentum for a unified holiday did not take serious root until the 1950s.  Eventually the Uniform Monday Holiday Act was passed as a Congressional measure in 1968. The act established several federal holidays that would all take place on a Monday: Washington’s Birthday, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day and Veterans Day. Martin Luther King Jr. Day was later added.

The consolidation was seen as an easy way to give workers more consistent three-day weekends throughout the country while also boosting retail sales. The emphasis on the retail aspect has only increased, meaning many businesses now stay open to offer special deals in recognition of the day.


Today, President’s Day is probably best known for car and mattress sales. Why are mattresses so strongly associated with the day? I have no idea. Drop me a line if you know.

But it does makes sense for retailers to concentrate on a three-day weekend with some distance from the traditional Holiday-shopping period.

In that spirit, is offering a $5 President’s Day discount on all purchases from today until Wednesday, February 22, 2017 (the date of Washington’s actual birthday). Buy a discounted sump pump and reflect on the history of President’s Day. Enter the code: “Presidents5” on all online purchases.

Feb 17

Pump Products’ Warehouse Inventory Means Faster Delivery For You

Since Pump Products expanded to a new location in Westwood, New Jersey in summer 2016, the business has been bigger, faster and more efficient.

Pump Products currently stocks thousands of pump products on site in our warehouse. We are equipped to deliver them to customers promptly.

The Goulds J7S

Naturally, pumps make up the bulk of this inventory. All types of pumps are packed and ready for shipment, including sewage pumps, sump pumps, grinder pumps and well pumps, among others. These pumps are manufactured by industry leading manufacturers such as Goulds Water Technology, Zoeller, LibertyArmstrong and Berkeley.

In addition, pumps designed for residential, commercial and industrial applications are readily available.

The warehouse also stocks an extensive list of accessories, controls and repair parts. Pump attachment accessories include float switches, check valves, and hoses. Basins, pressure/expansion tanks and guide rails can be shipped to customers who need the specific accessories to install a pump or system. Controls include gauges, alarms, control boxes and the like.

Repair parts are a critical part of any pumping system – one that many distributors often neglect. Seals, flanges, gaskets, bearings are sitting on the shelves for immediate shipping to cus

tomers with damaged or aged pumps. These repair parts can serve an important function in patching up a pump and keeping it running until a new one can be ordered.

Repair kits for specific pump models are also available.

The bottom line: when a pump breaks down, it almost always needed to be replaced immediately. And it’s not just a matter of personal convenience. Businesses can lose lots of money without properly functioning pumps – imagine a hotel trying to convince people to stay the night when the whole place smells like sewage.

Ecommerce sites sometimes have the reputation for being purely a middleman that communicates between customer and manufacturer. While we at Pump Products pride ourselves on excellent communication with all parties in a transaction, we also  ground the ecommerce element with a real storefront and warehouse. That warehouse is full of the pumps and parts you need to keep your system running smoothly.


Feb 14

Happy Valentine’s Day from!

It’s Valentine’s Day, one of my favorite holidays. Love is in the air, people are generally happy and nice, you can find free chocolate anywhere you go. Of course, I would prefer a free sump pump, but you work with what you get.

Inspector Pumphead is ready to examine your heart

Of course the day has certainly become a powerful cultural and commercial force. Americans spend over $2 billion on flowers alone. But how did we get here? What is the history behind this day? Glad you asked.

History of the Day

It is named after Valentine of Rome, a priest who was martyred in 269. The details of his life and work are vague and unclear, although most accounts seem to agree that he was martyred for attempting to spread the Gospel of Christ during the Pagan era of the Roman Empire. Valentine is strongly associated with several tales, including that he performed weddings for Christian soldiers and that he gave parchment hearts to persecuted Christians.

Alas, these tales are mostly legend with no basis in fact. What is true enough is that various folk ceremonies and celebrations sprang up in Europe in the wake of his death. Sometimes these celebrations were associated with Spring or renewal and they were often marked by the giving of treats.

The association of the day with romantic love did not come about until the 14th century, after Chaucer wrote a poem associating St. Valentine’s Day with “choosing a mate.” From there, things snowballed until the holiday became exclusively associated with romantic love. Add a hefty dose of post-Industrial era commercialism and you more or less have the days as it is known today.         

Pumps We Love:

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we thought we should share some of the pumps we absolutely love with all of our customers. You might not be able to cuddle with a pump late at night (because that would be quite strange) but it’s certainly more practical a gift than flowers or chocolate.

Liberty Omnivore: Arguably the best grinder in the business, the Omnivore is perfect if all you want this Valentine’s Day is to turn your sewage into a slurry.

Goulds Convertible Jet Pumps: Versatility is the key word for these convertible jet pumps, which can be configured to pump both shallow wells and deep wells.

Zoeller Sewage Pumps: These are just good solid sewage pumps for a variety of applications.