Apr 21

Inspector Pumphead Analyzes the NBA Playoffs


The Inspector goes for the slam!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for basketball diehards as the best athletes in the world go head to head in a life-or-death struggle for hoops supremacy. 

There is a balletic quality to the dazzling acrobatics that they can do. The playoffs are an intriguing mix of physicality, skill, grace, jaw-dropping athleticism, tactical moves (and countermoves) as well as intangible qualities such as hunger, passion, pride and gamesmanship.

While it doesn’t have the immediate tension of the NCAA tournament or NFL playoffs (each with a one-and-done format) the NBA playoffs has its own kind of drama, with storylines able to develop over the course of a series.

Here’s the bonafide Inspector Pumphead analysis of all the series so far (all series best of seven, all times EST):

Eastern Conference

Celtics vs Bulls (Bulls lead 2-0)

The Celtics are in a tough and unique spot. The boys in green edged the Cavaliers for the number 1 seed and they have a great all-around team, headlined by the dynamic 5’8” point guard Isaiah Thomas. But the Bulls, as dysfunctional a team in the league during the regular season, may have the best player in the series in swingman Jimmy Butler.

Butler dominated in game one with 30 points as the Bulls stole homecourt advantage for the series. To add insult to injury, former Celtic Rajon Rondo had an excellent game his former team in the Bulls’ game two win. But Rondo is out for the next game. With the mercurial point guard no longer a factor, it will be interesting to see if wunderkind coach Brad Stevens can cook up a strategy to contain Butler.

Next Game: Tonight @ 7PM, ESPN

Cavaliers vs Pacers (Cavs lead 3-0)

At age 32, Lebron James is still the best player in the world and he showed why in a remarkable 26-point comeback against the Pacers. James had 41 points (on 14 of 27 shooting), 13 rebounds, 12 assists and two blocks. The King remains the king.

As otherworldly a player as James is, it is still slightly concerning for the defending champions that they’ve been so tested by a mediocre Pacers team. The Cavs’ defense has been, to put it nicely, a complete tire-fire since January and has shown only sporadic improvement in the playoffs. Notably, fellow stars Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving spent much of the comeback on the bench. If Lebron has to put in a superhuman performance to cover up the defensive deficiencies in every game, it could be a long postseason for the Cavs.

Raptors vs Bucks (Bucks lead 2-1)

Perhaps the most intriguing first round series, with the consistently solid but rarely outstanding Raptors are taking on a young Bucks team bursting with talent but short on experience. The Bucks took game 1 behind the 28 point effort (on 13 of 18 shooting)  of the “Greek Freak” Giannis Antetokounmpo. The aptly nicknamed Antetokounmpo measures in at 6’11” with a 7’ wingspan and has the athleticism, passing ability and ball-handling skills of a point guard. Basically, he’s a mutant.

The Raptors managed to rebound with a nice win in game two, but the third game was an absolute nightmare for long-suffering Toronto fans. First, the Bucks played the “Barney” theme song when introducing the Raptors lineup, then proceeded to destroy them by 30 points. It was one of the most humiliating nights any NBA team has suffered in recent memory. Raptors stars Demar Derozan and Kyle Lowry need to turn it around to avoid another Canadian heartbreak.

Next game: 04/22 @ 3 PM, TNT

Wizards vs Hawks (Wizards lead 2-0)

The dynamic Wizards point guard John Wall is the main draw of this series. Wall is one of the best at conducting a fast break, changing speeds, finding teammates in optimal scoring position and finishing near the basket. After several years of contention, this Hawks teams just looks old and tired.

Next game: 04/22 @ 5:30 PM, TNT

Western Conference

Warriors vs Blazers (Warriors lead 2-0)

There was a moment in game one where it looked like the Blazers might be able to do the thing. With guard C.J. McCollum put on a dazzling display of shotmaking and offensive prowess, the upset seemed in the cards. Until all-around Warriors defensive dynamo Draymond Green took over, blocking shots and changing the momentum of the game. That was probably the Blazers’ best chance; even without Kevin Durant in game two, the Warriors easily rolled. While there will probably still be some defensive fireworks, for all intents and purposes, this series is over.

Next game: 04/22 @ 10:30 PM, ESPN

Spurs vs Grizzlies (Spurs lead 2-1)

After ho-hum displays of dominance by the Spurs in the first two games, the Grizzlies managed to surprise Kawhi Leonard and company and steal game three. Lead by a throwback game by Zach Randolph and a spirited rant by coach David Fizdale, the Grizzlies now look poised to tie the series. Can they make what looked like an obligatory Spurs sweep interesting?

Next game: 04/22 @ 8 PM, ESPN

Rockets vs Thunder (Thunder lead 2-0)

In perhaps the most anticipated first round series, one featuring the head-to-head matchup of MVP frontrunners James Harden and Russell Westbrook, the Rockets have seized firm control. Westbrook had the platonic ideal of a Russell Westbrook game, throwing up a 50-point triple double, taking over 40 shots, and mixing stunning play with some head scratching decisions, particularly in the fourth quarter. The NBA’s most entertaining and frustrating player continues to play his way.

Harden has played under control and done a good job at finding the Rockets’ many sharpshooters posted outside of the 3-point line. With the series heading to OKC, it remains to be seen whether Westbrook and the Thunder can put together a complete game and get back in the series.

Next game: Tonight @ 9:30 PM, ESPN

Clippers vs Jazz (Series tied 1-1)

The Jazz lost defensive anchor Rudy Gobert to a knee injury in game one, but still managed to surprise the Clippers on a last-second shot by veteran Joe Johnson. The Clipper responded by pounding the Jazz inside to take game two. We’ll see how the Jazz respond tonight.

Next game: Tonight @ 10 PM, ESPN2

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Apr 19

Inspector Pumphead Recommends: The Liberty 331 Transfer Pump

Liberty 331

Welcome to Inspector Pumphead’s recommendations! I’ll be highlighting specific pump models and explaining the applications, features and benefits. The pump featured here might be a best-seller, be seasonally appropriate or have unique features that set it apart from other pumps of the same type. 

Today the highlighted pump will be the Liberty 331, a heavy duty portable transfer pump from one of our favorite manufacturers Liberty Pumps.

Transfer Pumps

The humble transfer pump serves perhaps the most basic and critical function of any pumping mechanism: it transfers fluid from one place to another. It’s a straightforward task, but one that must be performed frequently whether you’re a homeowner, property manager or contractor. Flooding and excess water runoff are a fact of life and a transfer pump is a handy tool to deal with such obstacles.

Because of the broad application uses, transfer pumps come in a variety of designs and configurations. The Liberty 331 is our best-selling transfer pump. What makes it so popular?

Performance and Versatility


With a ½ HP motor, the 331 can handle multiple types of heavy duty water transfer. It can deliver up to 40 lbs. of nozzle pressure, reach a high maximum head of 105 ft. and can support a maximum vertical suction lift of 15 ft.

Probably the most common use is to dewater flooded basements or other flood prone areas. Another frequent (and with summer coming up, relevant) use is to remove the accumulated water off of pool covers. People also often use transfer pumps to drain water heaters. Keep in mind that these pumps don’t just necessarily evacuate water but can also be used to direct water to a specific source such as livestock tank or water storage tank. The pump can also be used to boost water pressure.

To help the pump perform these functions, brass male and female adapters are included with the pump. A plastic male hose strainer is included as well and should always be used when pumping from a pond, stream or any body of water that may include foreign objects that could potentially clog the pump. 

Connection diagram


Unlike a submersible pump or any other pump that is installed in a fixed system, the Liberty 331 is portable, making it the ideal transfer pump to tackle unexpected (or unplanned) water transfer applications on a day-to-day basis. You can take it down to your basement one day and up to your pool the next. To that end, has a built-in top handle for convenient transport.

The 331 is also lightweight (approximately 11 lbs.) and compact, (9 ¾” by 4 ½” by 7”) making it ideal for use in tight or tough to reach spots.


A 2 year warranty serviced by Liberty is included with this pump, as opposed to the typical 1 year term. Liberty is widely regarded as one of the best manufacturers as far as communication, so if there are any issues you can rest assured that they will be dealt with extreme care and speed.

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Apr 17

Inspector Pumphead Explains the Boston Marathon

Inspector Pumphead crosses the finish line

It is the third Monday in April, which means it is Patriots Day and the day of the Boston Marathon, perhaps the most prestigious marathon race in the world. 

It is also one of the most important days in the New England calendar. Many local schools, colleges and places of business take a holiday so people can watch. Hundreds of thousands of people from across the country (and indeed the world) descend on “The Hub” for the event. Some estimates even put the number of spectators, tourists and fans that visit specifically for the Marathon at 500,000 each year – nearly the entire population of the city of Boston proper.

People hold parties throughout the day, many of them partaking of libations. I’ve heard tell that the college students get particularly rowdy, though I wouldn’t know anything about that. From the starting line in Hopkinton, MA, the course winds through several Boston suburbs before finally ending at Boylston Street. Along the way, the thousands of spectators lining the edges of the course set up shop, holding signs, cheering rapturously and enjoying the race with friends.

One of the great things about the Marathon is the variety of people who participate. Of course, it is one of the toughest Marathons in the world to qualify for, so serious runners abound. Don’t be surprised if someone you see running in Boston ends up competing in the Olympics. The race doesn’t just consist of hardcore pros, however. Many qualify by raising money for a charitable organization; a group of runners with shirts advertising various good causes is a common sight throughout the course.

Young and old alike participate. Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to officially enter the race in 1967, will be participating in today’s race at age 70. Switzer famously entered the race under the gender neutral designation “KV Switzer” and nearly had her bib torn off by an angry race official. It was believed that women were too fragile to complete the demanding race but they were finally accepted in 1972.

The Boston Marathon also makes room for disabled athletes with many using specially made push-rim three wheeled running wheelchairs. There is now an entire push rim division with its own qualifying times, records and champions.

Of course I would be remiss if I did not mention the terrible and tragic bombings of 2013, when a detonation near the finish line killed three and wounded many others. While the painful memories of the day linger, so too does the spirit of resilience and strength shown that day by first responders, athletes and citizens. “Boston Strong” became the rallying cry for the whole city and the region. While there is still a sense of solemnity around the proceedings, the enthusiasm for the race has not dimmed in Boston. Indeed, many Bostonians will say that the event strengthened the appreciation for this fine local custom.

So even if you’re nowhere near Boston, raise a glass (or mug of coffee) to the Boston Marathon, the finest race around.

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Apr 13

Happy Easter from Pump Products!

The Inspector examining his Easter eggs

Happy Easter from Inspector Pumphead and Pump Products! If you celebrate the religious holiday, it is perhaps the most important day in the Christian calendar. Even if you don’t, you can still enjoy candy and egg-hunting. 


Easter is meant to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after his crucifixion by the Romans. The resurrection served to mark Christ’s divinity and proof that He was the Son of God. It is thus a foundational day to the Christian faith.

Easter is one of the “moveable feasts” in that is not celebrated on a fixed date. It is always celebrated on the Sunday closest to the vernal equinox – usually mid-to-late April, but sometimes as early as late March. Good Friday, which commemorates the crucifixion itself, is always on the Friday before Easter.

Today Easter is still intrinsically tied to its Christian meaning, and has not been commercialized to the extent that say, Christmas has. Like Christmas, church attendance tends to boom on Easter, as even lapsed and casual Christians come to celebrate the holy day.

Still, what’s the deal with the rabbits and the eggs?

Modern Traditions

Today, Easter is probably best represented in the secular popular culture by the Easter Bunny (or Easter Rabbit should you prefer). The exact origins of the folkloric bunny are not entirely clear; one legend stated that the rabbit was the patron animal of a springtime pagan holiday and was eventually adopted by Christians, although this theory has widely been discredited. What is known is that the rabbit or hare became a symbol of fertility in medieval Europe.

German Lutherans eventually adopted the rabbit as a character that would judge how children behaved during the Lenten period. Much like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny’s longevity has been fuelled by its interaction with childhood fantasy.

The popularity of the eggs stems from the fact that it was popular, particularly in the Eastern Orthodox Church, to abstain from eating eggs during the Lenten period. Thus, when people were allowed to once again eat eggs at Easter, it became a celebratory act, with many decorating and coloring the eggs. Thus, the popularity of colored eggs and Easter egg hunts.


Please enjoy these photo galleries of terrifying Easter Bunnies:

The Creepiest Easter Bunny Photos Ever Taken | Someecards.com

19 Vintage Easter Bunny Photos That Will Make Your Skin Crawl | Buzzfeed

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Apr 12

Inspector Pumphead Recommends: The Goulds GT15 IRRI-GATOR

Welcome to Inspector Pumphead’s recommendations! I’ll be highlighting specific models and explaining the features and benefits of each pump. 

The Inspector says: Go Goulds!

The pump featured here might be a best-seller, be seasonally appropriate or have unique features that set it apart from other pumps of the same type.

Lawn Sprinkler/Irrigation Pumps

Goulds GT15

With spring nearly in full bloom, it is a good time to consider lawn maintenance. Everyone wants to have a well-manicured and healthy lawn display for summer and for that you need a sprinkler system. To produce adequate pressure in the system, you may need a lawn sprinkler/irrigation pump.

To that end, Inspector Pumphead from Pump Products will highlight the Goulds GT15, part of the Goulds “Irri-Gator” series. The Goulds GT15 is our best-selling lawn sprinkler/irrigation pump. Goulds pumps are well known for high quality design and reliable performance and the GT series is no exception, with several key features that make it a convenient choice for many home and property owners.

“It’s just a really well-made all around pump,” according to Pump Products application engineer Nick.

What makes this pump so popular? Besides the cool alligator emblem on the side? A few factors:


The Goulds GT15 can reach a maximum flow rate of 110 GPM at 5 ft. of lift, while the maximum TDH is 128 ft. The Goulds GT15 model operates at 1-1/2 HP, making it powerful enough for larger residential properties or small to midsize commercial properties.

Here’s the performance curves for the entire range of GT pumps from Goulds:

GT performance curve

Rugged Construction

The Goulds GT15 is constructed with solid cast iron frame. In addition, an “electro-coat” paint finish is applied to both the interior and exterior of the pump housing. Electro-coating simply uses electrical current to deposit the paint finish on the item, which is then baked in a curing oven. The process reinforces the casing for corrosion and abrasion resistance.

The breakdown diagram below gives a view of the pump’s design and how the components fit together:

Breakdown diagram

The impeller is a FDA-compliant, glass-filled Noryl impeller which is also corrosion resistant. Since the pump could be outside exposed to corrosive elements such as wind, rain, dirt and groundwater, corrosion-resistance is especially important. Thus, the Goulds GT15 is perhaps the most reliable irrigation pump option for years of continued good service.


The self-priming process

The Goulds GT15 is built with a centrifugal self-priming design. Once the initial priming is performed, the pump will reprime once the water level rises above the level of the suction pipe. The self-priming action makes it a convenient pump for lawn sprinkler systems designed to operate at certain pre-timed intervals.

The pump is also powered for continuous use off of the self-priming action. It can reach up to 25 ft. of suction lift after repriming.

Easy Serviceability

A back pullout design allows for the ‘back end’ of the pump to be separated from the ‘wet end,’ which remains attached to the piping. Certain back end components, such as seals and bearings can thus be easily removed from the pump. This is of great convenience if a specific part needs to be cleaned, serviced or replaced but you don’t want to detach the wet end from your piping.

The motor casing is also constructed with a two compartment design for easy access to the motor wiring.

You can maintain parts of the pump when they need to be maintained without disrupting the whole of your system. Customers are more likely to take proper care of the pump and perform preventive maintenance because of the convenience of the back pullout design. And preventive maintenance is the best way to ensure consistent performance over the life of the pump.

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Apr 06

Inspector Pumphead Previews The Masters

The Inspector may not be a master of golf, but he is the master of pumps

“A tradition unlike any other…”

The Masters Tournament at Augusta National (Augusta, GA) starts today. Played at one of the toughest courses in the world, the Masters – with its resplendently dressed crowds, subdued atmosphere and the famous green jacket awarded to the winners – is arguably the most prestigious golf tournament in the world.

Here’s the Inspector’s preview of the major players:

Dustin Johnson

The No. 1 ranked player in the world, Johnson was the heavy favorite heading into the tournament… until the recent news that he had injured his back falling down some stairs. It’s not the most bizarre injury in the history of sports, but as far as bad timing it’s up there. As of this writing, Johnson’s status for The Masters is unknown, which is a shame considering that he’s been the hottest golfer on the planet up until now. He has won the last three PGA Tour events and a win at Augusta would have made him the only other golfer besides Tiger Woods to win four straight tournaments.

Jordan Spieth

Spieth returns a year after his heartbreaking collapse at last year’s Masters. If you follow golf, you probably know the story by now: Spieth had a five stroke lead entering the back nine, but shot a quadruple-bogey 7 (including two shots into a nearby creek) on the 12th hole. Spieth, who won the event in 2015 had to put the green jacket on Danny Willett after his agonizing collapse.

The defeat still reverberates and it will surely be on Spieth’s – and everyone’s – mind, but it is also worth remembering that he is still one of the most talented all around golfers in the world. In his three Masters tournaments, he’s never finished lower than second. Don’t be surprised if he turns Augusta into his own personal redemption tour.

Rory McIlroy

Another great young player, McIlroy brings his own unique baggage to Augusta. He’s never won the Masters. No one disputes his talent and pedigree; if he wins, he will have completed the career grand slam at 27 and join exalted company. Will he let the pressure get to him?

Phil Mickelson

The longtime fan favorite and all-time great is not really considered a serious threat to win it all, but who knows? He is no doubt the emotional rooting choice of many fans and his galleries will probably end up being the most fun. Mickelson is 46, the same age as Jack NIcklaus when he won his sixth Masters at the now-legendary 1986 tournament.

Whither Tiger?

Arguably still the most famous name in golf, Tiger Woods will not be participating. His injuries and physical state make it likely that he will never reach the heights he once did, but it’s worth remembering the 20th anniversary of his masterful 1997 Masters, when he beat the field by 12 shots. We may never see anything like it again.

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Apr 05

Inspector Pumphead’s Quick Tips: Sump Pump Care and Drop-Shipping

In this space, Inspector Pumphead from Pump Products will be answering common questions, sending out friendly reminders and dispensing basic tips for pump handling and maintenance. Small stuff that might not fall into another category. The Inspector is in! 

What is something simple I can do to keep my sump pump running during the rainy season?

With spring upon us and many areas in the U.S. experiencing increased rainfall, having a smooth running sump pump to contain excess groundwater is important for many households. There’s a simple thing you can do to make sure you’re prepared, one that doesn’t require expensive equipment or expertise: pick up the pump and check it. Seriously.

As obvious as it may seem, many homeowners forget to check the sump pump and basin for debris until the basements has flooded with groundwater. It is not uncommon for dirt, gravel or other particulates to accumulate in the basin and clog the inlet port. Be sure to periodically lift the pump out of the basin, check the inlet and pull out any debris.

This quick, simple task could save money and some headaches if it helps you avoid basement flooding.

What does it mean when you say you’ll “drop ship” my pump to me?

Drop-shipping is simply the direct transport of a pump or part from the factory to a customer’s doorstep.

On the occasions when we don’t have a pump in stock in our warehouse, we order it direct from the manufacturer. Sometimes the pump will come to Pump Products and our expert shipping crew will repack the order and send it out. Drop-shipping bypasses this process. We currently have agreements with several manufacturers to drop-ship certain qualifying products. 

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Apr 03

Catch Great Savings on Baseball’s Opening Day!

Inspector Pumphead goes for the spectacular catch. He wants you to catch our savings!

The crack of the bat… the roar of the crowd… it’s Opening Day! Of all the major professional sports, only baseball has built up such a mythology around the first day of the regular season. 

Which is why it’s unfortunate that they’ve diluted the experience by having three games on Sunday. But hey I’m an old Inspector, I digress. The point is, Opening Day carries with it a strong association with spring and renewal and the coming of good weather. It builds anticipation for summer, which is right around the corner.

And who doesn’t like summer baseball? Sit outside in the sun for three hours with friends or family, a beer and hot dog in each hand… what could be better? Nothing, in my humble opinion.

The most anticipated game arguably happened yesterday, as the reigning World Series champion Cubs (how strange is that sentence?) fell to the rival Cardinals, 4-3. Still, there’s plenty of intrigue around the majors as the season gets underway. Here’s the games that intrigue the Inspector today.

(All times EST, check local listings)

Braves @ Mets, 1 PM: There is plenty of enthusiasm in Queens as Mets fans believe this could be the year after several close calls the past few seasons. Of course, that depends on the loaded pitching staff staying healthy. Flame-throwing Noah Syndergaard will get the start for the Mets. His fastball has to be seen to be believed.

Pirates @ Red Sox, 2:05 PM: Once again, fanatics of Red Sox Nation have extremely high expectations for their talented squad. The Sox were up there with the Cubs for offensive prowess last season, and with young guns like Mookie Betts, Xander Bogaerts and Jackie Bradley Jr. coming into their own, they should be even better this year. Meanwhile, the Pirates hope that superstar Andrew McCutchen’s dismal season last year was a fluke.

Padres @ Dodgers, 4 PM: Here’s a fun fact: according The Los Angeles Times, Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw will make $33 million this season, which is more than the entire $28 million payroll of the Padres. Kershaw may well be worth the cost though; he is currently the most dominant pitcher in the majors. If he can lead a talented, if sometimes dysfunctional, Dodgers squad to its first World Series championship in almost 30 years, no one will complain about his price tag.

Indians @ Rangers, 7 PM: Can the Indians recover after last year’s heartbreaking loss to the Cubs? In case you forgot, the Indians blew a 3-1 series lead. Still, they have one of the best top-to-bottom rotations in the game, headlined by ace Corey Kluber (who will get the Opening Day start) and featuring quality names like Danny Salazar, Carlos Corrasco, Josh Tomlin and veteran Trevor Bauer. And don’t forget Andrew Miller in the bullpen, who may just be redefining the way teams use relievers. If the pitchers perform, maybe the Tribe can put the “3-1” jokes to rest for good.

Angels @ A’s, 10 PM: It’s likely that neither of these teams will be very good this season. So why are we highlighting this game? Two words: Mike Trout. Trout is by far the best player in baseball and at only 25, is on course to be one of the best ever. In a way Trout is much like Pump Products in that he is (1) a proud child of New Jersey and (2) the best in his field (being a baseball player vs. selling pumps). He’s the modern day Willie Mays or Mickey Mantle and you should take every opportunity you can to watch and appreciate him.

Don’t Drop the Ball on this Deal!

In honor of Opening Day and the start of the baseball season, we’re giving all of our loyal blog readers a discount! Enter the code “baseball5” upon checkout to receive $5 off of any order with a minimum price of $25. This is a short-term deal (valid through 04/03/2017) so be sure to take advantage now.

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Mar 31

Inspector Pumphead Picks the Final Four Winners

It’s here. The Big Kahuna. The Final Four, one of the biggest stages in American sports. No hype necessary. Let’s dive right into the Inspector Pumphead preview.

Inspector Pumphead loves the Final Four so much he cloned himself so he could root for multiple teams

Game 1: (1) Gonzaga Bulldogs vs. (7) South Carolina Gamecocks

When: Saturday, 6:09 PM EST tip

How to Watch: CBS or the CBS Sports streaming app

An interesting contrast in profiles, as the big bully is a tiny Jesuit school from Spokane that plays in the WCC, while the plucky underdog is a big state school from the mighty SEC.

The Gonzaga program has been working towards this moment since they first burst onto the national consciousness with an Elite Eight run in 1999. The Zags have been a consistent presence in the tournament since that time, but have never been able to quite recapture the magic. Despite garnering national respect and high seeding, Gonzaga has typically flamed out before the big stage.

But years of disappointment and heartbreak have finally been vanquished by a tough team built around a combination of outside shooting and the inside play of 300 lb. Polish big man Przemek Karnowski. They demolished another underdog, Xavier, in the previous round with sharp shooting and they will look to do the same to the Gamecocks.

South Carolina, the only team seeded lower than no. 3 to make the final weekend is by far the biggest surprise of the Final Four, and indeed the whole tournament. Led by expressive coach Frank Martin and the exquisitely named guard Sindarius Thornwell, the exciting Gamecocks are probably the emotional favorite for casual rooters.

The Pumphead Pick: Gonzaga 67, South Carolina 59

Game 2: (1) North Carolina Tar Heels vs. (3) Oregon Ducks

When: Saturday, 8:49 PM EST tip

How to Watch: CBS or the CBS Sports streaming app

UNC is back for another crack at the championship. Veteran coach Roy Williams has impressively and successfully rallied his team after last year’s heartbreaking, last second loss to Villanova. While the Tar Heels and their fans will never be able to erase that loss, they might found some small measure of redemption by winning this year.

As the only blueblood at this year’s Final Four, UNC will be the heavy betting favorite but will almost certainly have all impartial fans rooting against them. Can the players ignore the doubters and make it back to the championship game?

They’ll have to get through a very fun Oregon team that plays an appealing small ball style with players like Dillon Brooks, Dylan Ennis and Tyler Dorsey launching threes. Although more known for football, the Ducks have a basketball history; they actually won the first NCAA Championship in 1939. They’ve been building to this moment for the past few years and this squad is ready.

It will be an interesting clash of styles as the Ducks space game goes up against UNC’s more traditional lineup with big men like Isaiah HIcks and Kennedy Meeks. But the best player on the floor may be UNC wing Justin Jackson. Look for him to try to take over the game.

The Pumphead Pick: UNC 80, Oregon 70

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Mar 30

Zoeller High Temp Pumps Can Stand the Heat

Zoeller 2098-0005

High temperature submersible pumps are designed to operate submerged in water that could potentially reach extreme high temperatures. Often built with a mix of cast iron and stainless steel, they are fit for a wide variety of applications.

What Are High Temperature Pumps Used For?

These pumps are typically used in sump/dewatering or applications in industrial or commercial settings featuring heavy machinery. The natural running of these machines, whether it be a boiler or transformer, often produces high temperature fluid. Attempting to use a standard fluid-moving pump in such a setting could easily result in cracked casings, shafts and seals. High temperatures lead to corrosion.

Perhaps the most prominent and frequent use of high temperature pumps is in boiler blowdown applications. Blowdown is the process by which the boilers used in heating systems intentionally waste water to avoid impurities evaporating into steam. In that setting, a the pump would typically sit in a basin or tank that is also rated for high temperatures; the excess boiler water is dumped into the tank and exported by the pump.

Other common applications for high temperature pumps include plant washdown which is simply the process by which the working stations and machinery in industrial plants are rigorously cleaned using high pressure hot water. The process is important to eliminate bacteria and other contaminants. Many modern plants have automated washdown systems and a high temperature pump is important in moving the water.

A submersible high temperature pump in a basin installation

Such pumps are also useful in moving water for industrial steam cleaning applications.

Zoeller 2098-0005: The Best-Selling High Temperature Pump

Naturally, any submersible high temperature pump must be constructed with the most durable and heat resistant materials. A pertinent example is the Zoeller 2098-0005, the best-selling submersible high temperature pump featured at Pump Products.

Part of Zoeller’s 2000 series, this model features a composite of cast iron and stainless steel body, as well as a powder coated epoxy finish. The finish and construction ensure that the pump does not crack under high heat. The components and the pump itself are rated to stand up to intermittent* temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

The pump also features high temperature motor leads and thermal overload protection. A non-clog vortex impeller is capable of handling up to 2” solids. The fittings are also stainless steel.

Naturally, the power cord and float switch are also built to withstand intermittent high temperatures.The 15 ft. power cord is 16 gauge and built with heavy-duty SOOW jacketing and insulation for oil, water and weather resistance. The float is an adjustable 10 ft. mechanical switch that can be mounted to the power cord.

*A note:

“Intermittent” in this instance simply means that the pump is not designed for continuous submerged contact in high temperature water. Rather it is designed for use in applications where the water could potentially reach high heats due to operations. Continuous use high heat pumps are made so be sure to check an individual model’s rating to pick the right pump for your application.

Pump Products application engineers are standing by to provide technical assistance, price quotes or to answer any questions you may have regarding Zoeller High Temperature Pumps. Call our toll free number 1-800-429-0800.