3 Signs You Need a New Sewage Pump

Below is a list of a few things you never want to see break down:

  1. The 87’ Volvo you’ve owned since college breaking down during a long road trip.
  2. Your 87 year old grandma breaking it down during the bridge of a popular hip-hop song.
  3. (Most costly of all) Your sewage pump breaking down after your extended family comes over for a 4 course Thanksgiving dinner.


Sewage Pumps are used to transport waste and solids up to 2 inches in diameter to a public sewer or septic tank. Though sewage pumps typically have a service life that can last 10 or even 30 years depending on circumstances and variables, they are not immune to certain malfunctions without regular maintenance. Below are a few signs and indications that you may need to call your local plumber or look for a replacement sewage pump.

Myers MW Series Sewage Pump
Myers MW Series Sewage Pump


Perhaps the most obvious (and arguably worst) sign your sewage pump needs replacing would be the-why-does-my-basement-smell-like-my toilet-bowl fragrance suddenly emanating from your basement. This could be an indication that your pump is not emptying the pit or basin after it turns on. Smells could also mean you have a pipe leak in your system. If you or your local plumber can’t find a pipe leak, this could mean your sewage pump is faulty and may need replacing.

Continuously Running

If the pump is running constantly this could be an issue with your float switch. Float switches basically tell your pump when to turn on and when to turn off. When the water within the pit or basin reaches a certain height, it moves the float switch which in turn activates the pump. If the float switch is tethered, make sure the switch can properly hang straight down and is not encumbered or stuck. Constantly running can lead to a pump burning itself out or significantly shortening its service life.

Fluid not being pumped

If your pump is running but the basin is not emptying of wastewater, it could mean that your pump is clogged or not drawing enough power to create the suction necessary to pump. This could also be a symptom of your pump being overheated and shutting off from thermal overload. Be sure to monitor your pump and to minimize any toilet flushing to ensure that no wastewater floods over your basin or pit. Please note, that if there are a few inches of water in the bottom of the pit at any given time, this is normal and nothing to worry over.

Liberty LE40 Series Sewage Pump
Liberty LE40 Series Sewage Pump

Remember that taking care of your sewage pump will mean your sewage pump taking care of you. Pump repairs can be costly and it may be more cost effective just to purchase a replacement. Fret not because if you’re reading this, you’re in the right place. PumpProducts.com carries a wide variety of sewage pumps from the most reliable brands in the industry like Goulds, Zoeller, and Myers among others. We also offer some of the lowest prices on the web. Call our application engineers and they can help size you out the right pump for your application. This means next Thanksgiving you can eat comfortably, knowing your reliable sewage pump is doing the dirty work so you don’t have to.

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