Berkeley Mining Deepset Series Well Pump End Buyers Guide & Review

The Berkeley mining deepset well pump end series is a replacement pump end designed for use with an existing motor in solution mining, coal bed methane, and Uranium mining.

The precision-engineered, high-quality, rugged Mining Deepset series pumps deliver efficient and dependable performance even in rough, aggressive water. Built to deliver long-term, trouble-free service, these pumps feature the proven SignaSeal staging system.


  • SignaSeal staging system incorporates higher-temperature thermoplastics, harder-than-sand ceramic wear surface, and floating impeller design reducing problems with abrasives, sand lock-up, and running dry
  • 300-grade stainless steel discharge for corrosion-resistant durability
  • Nylatron discharge bearing resists wear from sand
  • 300 grade stainless steel intake for durability in aggressive water
  • Positive drive shaft made from “treated” 7/16″ hexagonal heavy-duty 300 grade stainless steel
  • Stainless steel coupling press fit to pump shaft.
  • Couples to all standard NEMA motors
  • Highest grade shell made of  heavy-walled corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • All screws, washers, and nuts are corrosion-resistant 300-grade stainless steel
  • Motor is not included

berkeley mining deepset series well pump end

Model Comparison Chart

Model Discharge Required HP GPM Stages
L20MGS50-M-01 1-1/4″ Stainless Steel 5 20 28
L10MGS30-M-02 1-1/4″ Stainless Steel 3 10 30
L30MGS50-M-01 2″ Stainless Steel 5 30 20
L10MGS50-M-02 1-1/4″” Stainless Steel 5 10 50
L30MGS75-M-01 1-1/4″ Stainless Steel 7-1/2 30 28
L20MGS75-M-01 1-1/4″ Stainless Steel 7-1/2 20 40
L50MGS75-M-01 2″ Stainless Steel 7-1/2 50 20
L50MGS100-M-01 2″ Stainless Steel 10 50 25
L30MGS100-M-01 2″ Stainless Steel 10 30 38
L20MGS100-M-01 2″ Stainless Steel 10 20 54

berkeley mining deepset series well pump end curves 1 berkeley mining deepset series well pump end curves 2 berkeley mining deepset series well pump end curves 3



berkeley mining deepset series well pump end dimensions


Berkeley Mining Deepset Pump Brochure
Berkeley 4″ Well Pump Owner’s Manual

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