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  • PumpProducts.com is now carrying Several New Brands from Crane Pumps

    July 21, 2020

    PumpProducts.com now has an even wider array of brands and products designed to help meet your pumping needs. Enter Burks, Crown, Deming, and Prosser brands. These new acquisitions are just another step in making PumpProducts.com your number one destination when it comes to pump and part needs. Let's take a brief look at each brand and what sets them apart from other competitors on the market. Burks Burks Pumps offers a variety of pump designs and configurations that are suitable for a wide range of pumping applications. Each Burks pump is quality built for long life and factory tested for assured performance. One of the unique designs includes the GB series of End Suction, Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps. There is also the Burks CR series of Regenerative Turbine pumps which offer a unique pump engineered for high pressure, low flow applications. Along with the GB and CR series, we also carry the reliable GV series of Condensate Pumps. The Burks GV series is designed for automatic return of hot water condensation from radiators, coils, etc. to low- and high-pressure boilers, or for return of water and other liquids to the overhead tanks of industrial gravity circulating systems. Crown Crown Pumps are engineered to last. Crown has a wide assortment of pumps designed for wastewater (Solids Handling) and construction dewatering (Centrifugal). The most popular series is the B Self Priming Series and the Solids Handling Self Priming Pump Series. Crown pumps prides itself upon saving customers hard earned dollars through maximizing pump efficiency operations and with lower costs plus the ease of serviceability. Crown pumps offers unexcelled pumping performance to 4,400 Gallons Per Minutes (GPM) (1000 m3/h) and a Head to Feet of 184 feet. (56m) while handling solids up to 3 inches in diameter. Deming Deming Pumps are one of the most diversified and complete industrial brand lines for pumping equipment. Often noted for their unparalleled durability, efficiency, and low maintenance cost, Deming products range from end suction general service & process pumps, ANSI horizontal Inline and vertical inline pumps, horizontally split double suction single stage and two stage pumps, submersible, vertical column sump pumps as well as horizontal & vertical solids handling pumps for many applications. Deming pumps can be applied anywhere fluid must be safely and efficiently transferred. Prosser Prosser Dewatering Pumps are small but powerful portable electric submersible pumps. These compact, lightweight units are quiet and will operate in any position. They can be easily staged for higher head applications. The unique in-line design assures a cool running motor with heat transferred to the pumped liquid. Prosser pumps can operate continuously in 104°F (40°C) temperature water and within a range of 5 to 9PH. PumpProducts.com is the nation’s number one pump and parts supplier. We are dedicated to supplying customers with the highest quality products at the lowest prices. You can find every major pump brand . If you are looking for pumps, parts, or motors you can call the company’s sales counter for any assistance including price quotes. The dedicated engineers of the company are ready to assist you if you are not sure about the right product so your needs are met. Call us at 800-429-0800 for all kinds of customer assistance.

  • PumpProducts.com Customer Service Shines During Corona Virus Pandemic

    March 27, 2020

    During these dark, strange times one thing remains true: people still have plumbing and pump needs. For these reasons PumpProducts.com will remain open and maintain our normal business hours. Americans can't agree on many things right now (other than toilet paper has officially usurped the dollar bill as the official currency). But we can all agree the need for good customer service is greater now more than ever. Many people are simply looking for more human interaction since social distancing measures were enacted. People prefer to talk to an actual customer service representative, rather than a machine. Luckily PumpProducts.com has several pump experts standing by to take your call and help you. Here are a few recent customer reviews we have received during the Covid-19 pandemic to show that your business is in good hands: "A moment of time to thank you for your excellent customer service you provided me so I could get my home back in order after my old sump pump failed. We are experiencing tough and trying times right now in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic so, I really appreciate the way you took and handled my call with your positive "get it done" attitude. Thank you to PumpProducts Inc. for having employees like salesman Christian DeSouza and for carrying American made Liberty pumps. To Liberty pumps: my family and I thank you for continuing to manufacture Best Quality Products here in America. There are far too many manufacturers that have taken the "more profit" road of make it over there and sell it over here instead of what's really important, to get back home grown quality of making and selling it here." PumpProducts.com is still the best place to purchase a product from Goulds, Liberty, Zoeller, or any other of our manufacturers, no matter what is happening in the world. Our experts are here to help you and make your life easier. From all of us here at PumpProducts.com, stay safe, stay healthy and listen to the advice medical professionals are giving.

  • Thank You To All Those Who Are Helping To Fight Covid 19

    March 20, 2020

    These are strange times. For most of us, the biggest challenge is figuring out how to spend the time in quarantine. For others, it's about trying to get better. One thing is for certain however, we're all in this together and each individual's actions will dictate how swiftly and orderly this process will conclude. It is often in times of crises though when we people band together, divisions are thrust aside in the name of the common good. PumpProducts.com would like to take this opportunity to thank those who are combating the Corona virus. The medical professionals, first responders, and those who are sticking their neck out on the line to make sure people are taken care of. Those for sure weren't easy jobs before and now they have just become more difficult. Words can't quite describe the important role medical professionals play. For general knowledge, here a few health tips from the World Health Organization regarding the virus: • Wash your hands frequently Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water. • Maintain social distancing Maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing. • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth • If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early Stay home if you feel unwell. If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention and call in advance. Follow the directions of your local health authority. • Stay informed and follow advice given by your healthcare provider Stay informed on the latest developments about COVID-19. Follow advice given by your healthcare provider, your national and local public health authority or your employer on how to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. With that said, we all need some levity with everything so serious around us. Here's a video of two ladies playing the Titanic violin song in an empty toilet paper aisle. Through these difficult times, PumpProducts.com will remain open to supply our customers. Even though the world may be in the throes of a global pandemic right now, life still needs to move on. Storms won't take a vacation, therefore sump pumps must still be supplied. Water and sewage still needs to get where it's going. If you would like to donate to those helping fight the virus, you can donate to the World Heath Organization here.

  • How Pumping Power Helps Fuel Levi’s Stadium

    February 5, 2020

    It’s third and goal. Eight yards to go. The San Francisco 49ers are down by four points with seven seconds left in the game. The quarterback approaches the line of scrimmage. Sweat moistens his brow. His shoulder is still sore from a sack he took six plays ago. The center grinds the ball into the grass and dirt beneath his enormous shadow. Playoffs are on the line. The stands rumble with the collective anxiety of the some 60,000 bodies that have gotten out of their seats to stand. A sort of nervous energy mixed with frenzied adrenaline fills the stadium, the kind of sensation that only seasoned sports fans can know. The players set. The quarterback hikes the ball. Beneath the field in Levi's Stadium, located in Santa Clara California, there is just as much action happening. A complex Goulds and Bell & Gossett pump system is laid out to accommodate the 49er faithful. This plumbing system is designed to handle 42 million gallons of water a year. No small task. According to Xylem (the Goulds and B&G parent company),“The recycled-water pressure booster system built by California Hydronics Corp. (CHC) using Bell & Gossett pumps, heat exchangers and other products, taps into the Santa Clara Valley Water District water recycling system. This eliminates the need to use fresh water to flush toilets and to irrigate the natural grass field, green roof and other areas, which is of particular concern in drought-ridden California.” This Xylem system allows for 85% of all water use in the 68.500 seat stadium to be from recycled water. To test the system Xylem instituted what’s referred to as a “super flush”. Though it sounds like something Super Man would do after eating a burrito at the Fortress of Solitude, it’s actually an important measure in making sure the system works. “The “Super Flush,” a test of the system, was conducted in April 2014 to make sure the system was fully operational before the stadium opened. During the test, hundreds of workers and volunteers simultaneously flushed every toilet and urinal and turned on every sink in the stadium for about 30 minutes.” The point of all this is that pumps make big events that we all enjoy possible. Without the engineering and ingenuity behind “tackling” these modern challenges, we may not know what it’s like to be a part of a live sporting event. So we should be thankful to modern pumping technology and Xylem for allowing us to enjoy our entertainment. You can check out our Goulds and B&G inventory to posses your own little piece of Levi's stadium. Specifically, the Goulds e-Sv Series and B&G centrifugal pumps were cited as being used. The center snaps the ball. It fits into the quarterback’s hands and he drops back. The motion has become instinctual at this point. There’s no thought, just movement. A receiver cuts sharply and sprints into the painted grass of the end zone. The quarterback throws. The ball lands at the end of a long arc into the sure hands of the receiver. The crowd releases the tension with thunderous cheers. Fans start to filter out. The plumbing gets ready for a countless amount of gallons of high life to be flushed.  

  • Happy July 4th from PumpProducts.com!

    July 3, 2019

    It's that time of the year again. The smell of steak cooking over hot coals, the delayed pop of a firework echoing through the sky, and the majestic fizzy sight of day beers all herald the start of summer. It's time to dust off those fireworks you've been saving and get ready for the fourth of July! Uncle Bobby has disappeared from the family BBQ for the last half hour but everyone knows where he is. You remember what happened last year. This is where PumpProducts.com comes in. That new Zoeller WasteMate 260 series sewage pump sitting in your basement will ensure last year's horrors are not repeated. Or maybe you want to set up a slip and slide for the kids In that case Inspector Pumphead would recommend the Goulds GT10 irrigation pump. Pumps are almost as American as apple pie and are truly the gift that keeps on giving. PumpProducts.com not only sells the highest quality pumps made right here in the good ol’ US of A, but is also your one stop shop for all motors, repair parts, and accessories as well. Some weird July 4th facts to impress your family while Uncle Bobby is missing: • Americans eat 155 million hot dogs on July 4th. • Three presidents have died on July 4th (Jefferson, Adams, Monroe) while only one (Coolidge) can call the day his birthday. • John Hancock was the only individual to actually sign the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776. • On the second Independence Day (1778) George Washington celebrated by doubling the rum rations to his soldiers. This is a tradition I like to carry on. • The printed version of the Declaration was called the Dunlap Broadside; 200 were made but only 27 are accounted for. Maybe Nicolas Cage has something to do with that... From all of us at PumpProducts.com, Happy Independence Day! Pump Products application engineers are standing by to help you find the right pump, as well as to provide price quotes, stocking availability and shipping information. Call our toll free number 1-800-429-0800 to speak to an expert today.

  • Happy Memorial Day from PumpProducts.com!

    May 23, 2019

    Sleeping in late on a Monday in May can only mean one thing: it’s Memorial Day. This means it’s time to spend an afternoon on the beach and get an awkward sunburn that you’re going to have a hard time explaining at work on Tuesday. Or if the beach isn’t your thing, maybe you’re inviting family you only see once a year (not always a bad thing) over for a BBQ. Observed on the last Monday of May, people most commonly associate Memorial Day Weekend with the unofficial start of summer and everything that goes with it. If you’re not chomping down on a funnel cake under the summer sun at the boardwalk, there’s a chance you’re at the local parade. Towns and cities across the country will have veterans and other civic groups march through the main streets. It’s a classic picture of Americana. However you celebrate, we should take time to remember the original purpose of Memorial Day, which is to memorialize and honor soldiers of the armed services who gave their lives for the United States. In that way, Memorial Day is a distinct and separate tradition from Veteran’s Day, which honors all who served. Above all else, Memorial Day is a day to be thankful. PumpProducts.com would like to salute all those who have served our country and preserved the freedom and liberty that we enjoy every day. Some quick Memorial Day history: Originally known as Decoration Day, Memorial Day has been a tradition since near the end of the Civil War though didn’t achieve the status of federal holiday until 1971. The exact origins of the day and where it was first celebrated are unclear but Waterloo, New York was officially declared the birthplace of the day by Lyndon Johnson in 1966. It wasn’t until World War I that the holiday evolved into commemorating troops lost not only in the Civil War, but across all armed conflicts the United States has been a part of. Of course, the only thing more exciting than having a mini summer vacation is the prospect of getting a new pump! The summer is the perfect time to get your sprinklers up and running. Just so happens we have a the perfect sprinkler pumps! PumpProducts.com is your number one destination for pumps, parts, motors, accessories, and whatever else your application may require! Whether you need a wastewater pump, well pump, HVAC pump, or any other type, look no further than PumpProducts.com. Our application engineers are standing by to help you select the best pump for your application and answer any questions you might have! Visit our website at PumpProducts.com or call our toll free number 1-800-429-0800 to speak to an expert today. Application engineers are standing by to help you find the right pump, as well as to provide price quotes, stocking availability and shipping information.

  • How Does Chicago’s River Turn Green every St. Patty’s Day?

    March 14, 2019

    Every March 17th since 1962, the Chicago River turns green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. In other words, it gets to look like a Willy Wonka candy river that would get Augustus Gloop excited. Normally if your water is green it means you have a problem, but this day is an exception. On March 17th, even the river gets to be Irish for a day. But how does it happen you might ask The operation is carried out every year by Chicago’s plumber union. A crew of 6 pours dye into the river. The dye is a powder substance that is orange colored until it turns green when it touches the water. Although the exact recipe behind the dye is top-secret, the dye is (surprisingly) environmentally friendly and has been described as similar to food coloring. The crew works from 2 boats. One large boat holds 4 crew members while a smaller boat holds 2. The larger boat takes point and disperses the dye into the water while the other boat follows behind to spread the dye. The entire process takes 40 pounds of powder about 45 minutes to turn the water green. How long the color lasts can vary but the water can remain green up to a few days. If green rivers aren’t your thing and you wish to celebrate St Patty’s day in the motherland, visit the Irish village of Dripsey. The village holds the second shortest St. Patty’s Day parade in the world. The parade lasts for 100 yards, or the distance in between the village’s two pubs. You have to hand it to them, at least the Irish have their priorities straight. If you don’t like parades either, visit the Guinness brewery in Dublin. If you can’t make it this year, don’t worry. Ireland granted the brewery a lease of 9000 years (not a typo) for the land the brewery sits on. Once again, priorities all figured out. At PumpProducts.com, we usually celebrate with some Irish soda bread in the break room and greening up the office with some Myers and Zoeller pumps. Not only is St. Patrick’s Day a golden opportunity to justify listening to bagpipe music but it’s also the only socially acceptable day of the year to wear green pants and a hat with a buckle on it. From all of us here at PumpProducts.com, stay safe and have a great St. Patrick’s Day! Pump Products application engineers are standing by to help you find the right pump, as well as to provide price quotes, stocking availability and shipping information. Call our toll free number 1-800-429-0800 to speak to an expert today.

  • New Year! New PumpProducts.com!

    December 31, 2018

    All the falling confetti, party hats, and noise makers (why do people still use those, seriously) can only mean one thing: goodbye 2018. We laughed, we cried, but now 2019 is around the corner. To say the past year was exciting at PumpProducts.com would be an understatement. Our website got a facelift and we ramped up our motors section (or should I should revved up No Too corny). You know what they say, new year, new you. But some things never change. You can still come to expect the same reliable customer service in 2019 and the wide range of dependable products we offer. If you find yourself looking for a pump, part or accessory during this next year, look no further than PumpProducts.com for all your pump and motor needs. PumpProducts.com’s fearless leader, Inspector Pumphead, will be sipping on champagne and listening to the hit song “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins on New Year’s Eve. He will, of course, start the song at 11:56 so the drum break will play exactly as the clock strikes midnight (the Inspector prefers to start the New Year off right). Then it’s back to work on January 1st. There are pumps to inspect and orders to ship out. For some, the New Year brings a time of reflection and happiness. For others, it’s once again time to start working on that list of resolutions. You know, that list you’ve had for the last couple years and keep telling yourself this is the year I’m going to start that diet and get that six-pack. Not that I would know anything about that. Of course, our list of resolutions at PumpProducts.com includes assisting customers even further and increasing our knowledge on products so our application engineers can answer your questions, no matter what your inquiry may be! To close off 2018, here’s a quick list of facts about the big ball drop in Times Square that you can impress your friends with at your New Year’s Eve party: 11,875 pounds: What the current version of the ball weighs 50,000 watts: The amount of electricity it takes to light up and power the ball 1,000,000,000. The number of people around the world who watch the ball drop 141 feet: The distance the ball falls in 60 seconds 22%: The amount of Americans who are asleep before the ball drop 1907: The ball has dropped every year since All of us at PumpProducts.com hope you had a great 2018 and have an even better 2019! Pump Products application engineers are standing by to help you find the right pump, as well as to provide price quotes, stocking availability and shipping information. Call our toll free number 1-800-429-0800 to speak to an expert today.  

  • PumpProducts.com Your #1 Source For Baldor Electric Motors

    October 23, 2018

    PumpProducts.com is proud to announce that we are now carrying general purpose motors from Baldor Motors. Baldor is considered to be one of the finest and most reputable motor manufacturers in the country, long renowned for precision engineering, rugged quality construction and overall reliability. Baldor has long set the standard for motors in the US and the partnership with PumpProducts.com will ensure quality wares for all customers for years to come. When you install a pump with a Baldor motor, you know that product will last.  Baldor Motors can be used with a wide variety of mechanical appliances, such as fans, conveyors, gear reducers and of course, the mighty pump, the king of all appliances. A wide range of the leading pump brands that we carry, such as Goulds, Taco and Bell & Gossett. The Baldor motors give your pump the necessary power to operate your specific pumping application. Whether you are boosting water pressure, recirculating hot water or irrigating your front lawn, Baldor motors let pumps work their wondrous magic. PumpProducts.com currently carries three main motor configurations from Baldor and the company will work to add more motors for a wide variety of applications in the future. Single Phase Enclosed Baldor Single Phase Enclosed Motors are available from 1/12 HP through 15 HP in TEFC designs, where only single phase power is utilized. Standard foot mounted configurations are available, as well as C-Face foot mounted and C-Face footless. These motors are offered in 1/4 HP through 5 HP as Super-E Premium Efficient motors. Three Phase Enclosed Three Phase Enclosed motors are available in totally enclosed cast iron and industrial steel brand for harsh applications. Three Phase Open Three phase enclosed motors are available in totally enclosed cast iron and industrial steel band for harsh applications. The Super E Motors (EM & CEM) provide NEMA Premium efficiency and are designed as standard to be invert ready with wide variable torque speed ranges. PumpProducts.com is rapidly expanding its stock of motors, generators and other mechanical appliances besides pumps. But do not think for one second that we will let the quality of our pump service lag. We will always emphasize excellent pump distribution service. Except we will now bring you that same care and customer service for motors and generators as well. It is an exciting new era for pumps, motors and generators at PumpProducts.com and we want our customers to come along for the ride! Pump Products application engineers are standing by to help you find the right pump, as well as to provide price quotes, stocking availability and shipping information. Call our toll free number 1-800-429-0800 to speak to an expert today.

  • Hundreds of Firefighters Respond to the Massive Fire in Wrightsville

    October 17, 2018

    On June 1st, the town of Wrightsville, Pennsylvania was shaded not underneath a blanket of clouds but by ash colored plumes of smoke rising from an industrial fire at the Donsco Incorporated facilities. Hundreds of firefighters from every corner in York County assembled to combat the blaze. The fight lasted hours. Workers knelt, knees close to scraping against the foundry floor, in order to keep their noses and mouths just underneath the enveloping smoke. They escaped the building as organized as 100 people can be during a real fire drill. One worker told the story of being lost amidst the smoke and only finding his way out when a flashlight cut through the dark clouds, like a lighthouse reaching out to lost ships. Thanks to the bravery of local firefighters and the emergency preparedness of the Donsco employees, no one was seriously injured. Though the fire was referred to as “one of the largest fire losses in Wrightsville history,” according to fire chief Chad Livelsberger, facilities can always be rebuilt. Three fire fighters and one Donsco employee were checked for heat exhaustion and dehydration but nothing serious beyond that. The flames originated when molten iron was being poured and splashed onto tanks of flammable fluid. After a few hours of fighting off the fire, firefighters set up a perimeter and pushed the public and news media back for fear of an explosion. Luckily no such catastrophe occurred. You might be asking, “But why make particular mention of this fire” Donsco represents an important step in the process of pump manufacturing. Donsco Incorporated (according to their website) is North America’s leading single source of machined iron castings. Many of these iron castings end up on pumps manufactured by brands such as Goulds and Liberty. These pumps in turn, end up at the PumpProducts.com warehouse before getting shipped out to customers all across the country. After terrible things happen, sometimes things are put into perspective. Call it the ripple effect or whatever you want but we get the chance to see how one thing affects another. People rely on pumps. Industry and infrastructure depend heavily on pumps. How would sewage be dealt with if we didn’t have pumps Pumps have even saved lives (i.e. the recent story of a Thai soccer team comprised of young children being rescued from a cave). So when something tragic happens that may slow the production of pumps, we get to see the important role pumps play in our everyday lives, even without us noticing most of the time. Simply stated: events like the Wrightsville fire remind how much we need pumps and how vital they are to making sure that our society runs like clockwork. PumpProducts.com would like to thank the firefighters who reported to the scene and all who made sure the sun set on June 1st with everyone at the scene being safe. Pump Products applications engineers are standing by to help you find the right pump, as well as to provide price quotes, availability and shipping information. Call our toll free number 1-800-429-0800.

  • Happy Columbus Day from PumpProducts.com!

    October 8, 2018

    It can be fun to find new things, like finding a new place to eat or finding that model of Goulds Well Pump that's perfect for your application. The last time I got excited about finding something was when I found an old pair of socks under my bed that had been lost for weeks. I can’t imagine how Christopher Columbus must have felt when he finally spotted land after sailing across the vast Atlantic in 1492. Columbus Day commemorates the landing of the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria in America all those years ago. Of course, Columbus originally thought he landed in Asia but after a quick check on Google Maps, discovered he was actually in the previously mostly unexplored by Europeans continent of America (we have to give some props to Leif Erikson). His voyages were sponsored by the Spanish crown and he originally made landfall in the Bahamas. Not much later he found Cuba and Hispaniola, which he thought to be China and Japan respectively. Columbus Day fun fact: it’s a common misconception that most people back in 1492 thought the earth was flat. In reality, most Europeans knew the world was round, they were just not aware of the existence of the Pacific Ocean. It was thought that the Atlantic Ocean stretched in between Europe and Asia. Columbus Day fun fact #2: it took Columbus three journeys back and forth until he realized he had “discovered” a new continent. Brief history of Columbus Day in America The first observance of Columbus Day occurred in 1792 as many cities across the nation celebrated the 300th anniversary of Columbus’ voyage. However Columbus Day did not become a federal holiday until 1937. Certainly not a day without it's controversies, many Americans now celebrate the second Monday in October as Indigenous People’s Day. Although now a federal holiday, Columbus Day is still inconsistently celebrated across the United States. Some states observe the holiday and even give kids the day off of school while other states, such as Hawaii and South Dakota, just ignore the holiday all together. Regardless, Columbus Day or whatever it's referred to as, should be a day where ethnicity and cultures are honored and celebrated. This holiday is the perfect opportunity to come together and share what makes our cultures unique. Even though Columbus Day has certainly become one of the more peculiar dates on the calendar, many Americans, no matter where they or their ancestors were born or have emigrated from, typically celebrate Columbus Day with parades or street fairs. Columbus Day has also grown to be a day where Italian heritage in particular is celebrated since Columbus himself was Italian. This day is also the perfect opportunity to visit PumpProducts.com and take a look at our wide inventory of pumps, parts, and accessories. If Columbus had seen our pumps and prices, he may have tried to discover America a couple years earlier. Pump Products applications engineers are standing by to help you find the right pump, as well as to provide price quotes, availability and shipping information. Call our toll free number 1-800-429-0800.  

  • Happy July 4th from Pump Products!

    July 3, 2018

    The United States should consider itself lucky. Last year for my birthday I got a pair of socks. Every year America gets fireworks, parades, and a hot dog eating contest. Ok, well maybe I could do without the hot dog eating contest. Every July 4th we traditionally celebrate this great nation we live in with picnics, parades, and barbeques. July marks the very beginnings of summer and that means steaks sizzling on the grill and the smell of chlorine from a pool permeating through the air. It’s a time for awkward family reunions and late night colorful explosions in the sky. July 4th is also a popular time to take a trip or curl your toes into the sand and watch the waves wash up on the beach. No matter what, Independence Day is a day to enjoy and perhaps most of all, a welcome day off from work (don’t tell my boss I said that). What kind of Independence Day blog would this be without a quick history lesson Though the voting for independence actually took place on July 2nd, Independence Day specifically refers to the date in 1776 when the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration was signed in Philadelphia by 56 delegates though the first, and perhaps most recognizable signature was John Hancock. It’s common knowledge of course, that the original 13 colonies seceded from Britain because of their terrible fish and chips. Or maybe it was, as the saying goes, taxation without representation. Either could be true.        But of course, everyone knows the best way to get pumped up for Independence Day and be patriotic is to buy a red, white, or blue pump. Pumps are almost as American as apple pie and are truly the gift that keeps on giving. PumpProducts.com sells the highest quality pumps made right here in the good ol’ US of A.  So browse our website while munching on your hotdog and waiting for the sky show to begin. Fun Facts: Calvin Coolidge was the only president born on the 4th of July About 150 million hot dogs are consumed during the 4th of July weekend $675,000,000 is expected to be spent on fireworks this year (New York City has the biggest fireworks display in the country) Congress declared July 4th as an official holiday in 1870 as part of a bill to officially recognize other holidays, Christmas being one of them. The oldest, continuous Independence Day celebration in the United States is the 4th of July Parade in Bristol, Rhode Island; it began in 1785. Happy 243rd Birthday America from all of us at Pump Products! Pump Products applications engineers are standing by to help you find the right pump, as well as to provide price quotes, availability and shipping information. Call our toll free number 1-800-429-0800.