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  • Upgrade Your Home with Myers and Grundfos Booster Pumps

    March 19, 2021

    You require a booster pump to increase the pressure of liquid or gaseous fluids. However, the construction details of the booster pump will vary depending on the fluid it works upon. A water booster pump depending upon the specification, will work upon water to increase the rate of flow. If it is a gas booster pump, it will increase the pressure on gas and boost its flow. There is a minor difference between a booster pump and a pressure pump. The difference is in size. Myers MPB Series The MPB booster pumps series are high-pressure serviceable booster pumps known for durability. The Myers Booster Pumps have well-designed scientific features to make the pump operate continually without causing any damage to the bearings or other pump hydraulic components, including its mechanical seal. The scientific design of the floating impeller ensures that there are minimum thrust loads. Myers 7MPB50-02 If you are looking for the most durable booster pump, go for any series of Myers Booster Pumps. This booster pump available at Myers promises the most durable machine available anywhere. If you are looking for a booster pump to operate continually, it will serve your purpose without a breakdown. The thrust loads minimize in it with its SignaSeal impeller design. Despite the continuous operation, no damage results to the pump hydraulic components, including its mechanical seal and motor bearings. Myers 7MPB50-02, MPB Series, High-Pressure Booster Pump Myers 20MPB100-02 This highly durable booster pump has a cast iron motor adapter and base to resist maximum corrosion. The positive impeller drive is available with its single-piece threaded shaft. While its maximum working pressure is 315 PSI, its maximum inlet pressure is 80 PSI only. The suction lift can go up to a maximum of 15 feet (4.57 m) only. It is recommended that it should not be used for a prolonged duration with liquids above 140° F. It has cast iron discharge and stainless steel shell of 300 series. This pump is impeccable in the highest quality of performance and efficiency, ultra-smooth in operation, perfect balance, and the most efficient sand handling features. The high performance of this pump comes from its staging system that uses precision-molded acetyl impellers floating independently. The other high-performance feature in this pump is the polycarbonate diffuser that makes it highly resistant to abrasion and corrosion and capable of the ultimate performance. Several other features adding strength and durability to this pump include stainless steel body and shaft of 300 series, Carbon/ceramic, Buna-N mechanical seal, and Buna-N-O rings. A rotor of the pump gives the pump a perfect balance as it is die-cast under high pressure. You get dynamic balance, high efficiency, and uniform performance with it. The bearings in it are shielded and permanently lubricated. They have been tested extensively to not only give a quiet and smooth operation but also extended life. Myers Booster Pumps have several applications, such as reverse osmosis, filtration, car wash. No matter what pressure washing you need. Whether it’s agricultural, commercial, or residential, Myers Booster Pumps are designed to serve you well. Grundfos MQ Series The Grundfos MQ Series pumps are self-priming multistage centrifugal pumps. The Grundfos Booster pump is suitable for residential water pressure pumping. The two models available in it are MQ3 – 35 and MQ3 – 45 that require pipe connection NPT1. Grundfos 96860172 The Grundfos 96860172 is a compact pressure boosting pump that is easy to install. It is a compact flow-based all-in-1 pump. This plug-and-play boosting system is bound to give you peace of mind. This pump is best suited for rainwater and potable water pumping. You will find its optimal efficacy in domestic water supply applications, whether on farms or gardens, homes, cabins, and cottages. You will discover its smart operation as it begins to work reliably once you install it. It can be installed as easily as a toy. Grundfos 96860172, Model MQ3-35, Pressure Boosting Pump Here are some of its features to understand why it is smooth, efficient, smart, and easy to handle. It is a complete system with nearly zero or utmost low noise. There are built-in protective functions in it. It is compact and easy to install as it requires no accessories, and its reset is automatic. Grundfos 96860201 Grundfos 96860201pump shares most of its features with Grundfos 96860172. More precisely, it is to be used in similar settings, that is, domestic water supply applications. This pump comes as an all-in-1 unit. It includes the pump along with motor, pressure and flow sensor, diaphragm tank, and controller and check valve. Grundfos 96860201, Model MQ3-35, Pressure Boosting Pump This pump has several built-in safety features to ensure a long life of this pump. The safety features provide protection against overload conditions, excessive temperature, and dry running. It is a self-priming pump that does not require priming except at installation. Myers and Grundfos company overview Myers company manufactures a wide range of residential plumbing products, including regular pumps and accessories, effluent, sump, sewage, and water well. The company has engineered self-primers, solids handling pumps, grinder pumps, and reciprocating pumps in industrial, commercial, and municipal markets. Grundfos is the last manufacturer of a wide variety of pumps in the world. The company has a global presence with its base in Denmark. The annual production of the company exceeds 16 million pump units. Pump Products' company Pump Products is the largest national distributor that needs no introduction. 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  • What is a Circulator Pump and Why are they Important?

    February 16, 2021

    Do you have to wait for the water to warm up each time you take a shower Are you concerned about the amount of water and money you’re wasting by ‘waiting’ If so, you will be interested in learning more about B&G Circulator Pumps and Taco circulator pumps. What is a Circulator Pump In general, this is a pump that circulates air, fluid, and other materials in a closed-circuit system. Circulator pumps are a small system often used in home water systems. These small machines are sealed and operate on centrifugal pumping, using minimal horsepower. Because the water doesn’t have to be pushed out of the tank with this pump, it doesn’t need much energy to operate. Working in a closed-loop, Taco Circulator Pumps circulate materials in a closed-loop. The water, air, fluid, material, etc., is always ready for reintroduction into the main route. For instance, a circulator pump is often used in houses to ensure the hot water keeps circulating. This decreases the time you have to wait for the water to exit the tap. Without a pump, the hot water in your tap will stall and become cold as soon as it’s shut off. The next person who steps in for a warm shower will have to wait for a while before the water becomes hot again. This is not an environmentally-friendly practice because you’re literally wasting water. In addition, you’re wasting your time and money. Circulator pumps like Taco circulator pumps are gaining in popularity. You will find these pumps in new businesses and homes. Pumps are also used in manufacturing lines and systems because they maximize operation functions and efficiency. Why are they important There are many benefits of installing a circulator pump. These are: 1. Convenience They provide on-demand hot water. This is a useful necessity, not just in homes but in restaurants and hotels as well. On-demand hot water is a boon on very cold days when you don’t want to wait around in your bathroom for the water to turn warm. The circulator pump delivers instant hot water as soon as the faucet is opened. This is its top advantage. 2. Saves Water Interestingly enough, because B&G Circulator Pumps instantly deliver hot water, you’re actually preventing water wastage. Once the pump is installed, you no longer have to wait for the water to heat up or reach the desired temperature. This is a helpful feature if you live in an area where there is a water shortage. Circulator pumps can save a lot of water, leading to saving both time and money. 3. Easy to Install It’s very easy to install Taco circulator pumps because you probably already have the necessary tools. Most circulator pump models are made for regular home plumbing systems. You also don’t need special permits to add a pump to your existing water heater. 4. Easy to Use Circulator pumps are logical to use and operate. There are no complicated steps involved. 5. Selection Some of the leading brands in circulator pumps are B&G Circulator Pumps and Taco circulators. They have many options and features to choose from. Features and Benefits of Bell & Gossett 102226 Circulator Pumps Bell & Gossett HD Series Circulating Pumps are at the forefront when it comes to applications in domestic hot water circulation and hydronic heating. Currently, over 10 million units are installed. HD Series pumps are powered by a 1/3 HP motor with a 115/230 dual voltage. Bell & Gossett 102226 Model HD3 Series HD Circulator Pump The HD Series 100 features an oil-lubricated, 3-piece design for easy service in the field. It has a seal, shaft, and bearing that are housed in an assembly that can be replaced or fixed easily. The motor is oil-lubricated and provides dependable yet quiet service. It needs only annual lubrication. CSA and UL listing are standard in this series. These pumps are available in both cast iron construction for space heating purposes and bronze body construction for pumping potable, domestic water. Features and Benefits of Taco 0010-F3-1IFC Taco circulator pumps are maintenance-free, cartridge style. Made from durable cast iron construction, this series is reliable and versatile for the HVAC system. The Integral Flow Check is able to minimize installation expenses when zoned with “00” circulators. This inhibits gravity flow and reduces installation costs. This model is easy to service and has an easily replaceable cartridge. This self-lubricating model has no mechanical seal and quiet operation. It can be used in a variety of applications such as indirect water heating, radiant heating, hydro-air fan coils, etc. Taco 0010-ZSF3, Series 0010, SS Priority Zoning Circulator The Taco 0010-ZSF3 range is ideal for light commercial and residential water use. This particular model has the Priority Zoning circulator and a built-in transformer, priority switch, and relay. There’s no mechanical seal and features efficient yet quiet operation. Made from stainless steel, this model is unmatched when it comes to low maintenance and reliability. This model is suitable for indirect water heaters, portable hot water systems, radiant heating, etc. B&G Overview Bell & Gossett is part of the Xylem brand. The company is a leading manufacturer and specialist in pumps, heat exchangers, accessories for HVAC and Pump systems, flow switches and boiler controls, and flow balancing. Their Applied Water Systems brand has served the water industry for many decades. Taco This company is a part of Taco Comfort Solutions. The company specializes in high- efficiency indoor cooling, plumbing, heating, and comfort systems. Their products and expertise are aimed at saving customers money, resources, and time while improving environmental conditions. Pump Products is a leading stockist and distributor for pump parts, pumps, and electric motors. We have extensive experience in pump and motor sales and replacement parts. Our experts thoroughly research and choose top quality motors, pumps, and parts to bring to our customers. Shop at Pump Products today.

  • Goulds and Barnes Grinder Pumps Grind Pumping Concerns to a Halt

    January 11, 2021

    If you are planning to buy a grinder pump, you have the best option with Goulds Grinder Pumps and Barnes Grinder Pumps. These pumps will grind your pumping concerns to a halt. Your real concern is probably sewage particles. These particles can be big or small, but they will continue to cause you a headache with overflowing sewage and obstructed flow if they are not ground finely. If you have Barnes and Gould grinder pump such as OGV Grinder Pump, you will sleep peacefully. These pumps use Slicerator™ technology. The application of this pump ensures that sewage particles are ground into a fine slurry. This 2 HP pump is powered enough to head to 126 feet and flows to 58 g.p.m with a discharge of 1.25 inches. Barnes 110649 This model, known as the OGVH2022L Grinder Pump, can turn sewage particles into a fine slurry. The technology used here is OmniGrind Plus. This two-stage technology is patented. This model will work successfully in commercial and domestic settings and can also be successfully deployed for light industrial use. Barnes 110649 Model OGVH2022L OGV Series Grinder Pump The pump damage usually caused by cavitation is virtually eliminated with its design feature of a recessed vortex impeller. The mechanical seal life of this pump is extended significantly with minimal shaft deflection. The impeller made of cast iron is robust enough to resist corrosion. You will have no reason to complain of frequent jams with the application of a slicerator grinder in the pump. There cannot be any wiring mistake because the grinder pump comes with a quick-connect power cord. The basin package is pre-wired and tested from the factory. Depending on your need, this grinder pump is available in several horse powers beginning with 2 HP. On the upper end, you have the 7.5 HP model, and in between, you have two models of 3HP and 5 HP. The double mechanical seal ensures a long life and a clean environment. Barnes 110651 Barnes 110651 is a Model OGVF2022L grinder high-head pump in the OGV series. The function of this pump is to reduce sewage particles into a liquid slurry. The work of this level of perfection is made possible with the application of the OmniGrind Plus technology, which is a patented two-stage technology. The pump finds its ideal applications in light industries, commercial, and residential settings. Barnes 110651 Model OGVF2022L OGV Series Grinder Pump The damage from cavitation is eliminated with the vortex impeller design. The pump is designed with additional features to extend its mechanical seal life. The shaft support design makes this life extension possible with its robust and unique 3-bearing support design that can minimize the shaft deflection. The impeller of the pump is corrosion-proof because it is made of cast iron. The issues relating to jams are taken care of by the exclusive slicerator grinder. The wiring mistakes often seen are also eliminated as this pump uses a quick-connect power cord. The pump has a pretested and pre-wired basin package available from the factory. The pump under this model comes in a range of horsepowers from 2 HP to 7.5 HP. The other two models are of 3 and 5 Horse Powers. The pump is designed to work smoothly and efficiently for a long without causing environmental damage due to its double mechanical seal. Goulds 1GD51G2AA This Goulds 1GD51G2AA model of submersible grinder pump belongs to the 1GD series. It has a dual seal. This pump is powerful enough to smash commercial and domestic raw sewage solids that may be as big as 3 inches. It is quite useful for applications where gravity doesn’t help the outlet, such as high head sewage applications. It is perfect in its application wherever you may need pressure sewage systems. Goulds 1GD51G2AA 1GD Series Grinder Pump The impeller is semi-open and multi-vane made of silicon bronze for strong mechanical seal protection. The grinder cutter mechanism in this pump features an anti-roping design with the tough cutter mounted to the motor shaft to give it force and strength. If the first side wears out, the cutting ring can be reversed. In other words, the excellence of the design and material used in its construction ensures an extended life while minimizing its maintenance. The efficiency of the pump ensures to its maximum with the use of heavy-duty cast iron volute. Goulds 1GD51G3AA The Goulds 1GD51G3AA pump model is capable of pulverizing sewage waste solids up to 3 inches. It works perfectly in several settings, including domestic, commercial, and light industrial. It is designed for maximum efficiency with heavy-duty volute type cast iron and dual mechanical seal. The pump is especially useful where the gravity system doesn’t work. It is also the best pump to have for pressure sewage. Goulds Company The Goulds Pump Company is the industry leader in fluid solutions. The company is recognized for its innovative water technology. Barnes Company Barnes Pumps are known for their quality and durability. Many of this company’s pumps run for nearly three decades before being replaced. Pumps Products Pumps Products is the nation’s leading supplier of pumps and parts. We stock all major brands, including Goulds, Zoeller, Liberty, Armstrong, Paco, Bell & Gossett, Berkeley, Grundfos, Taco, and Myers, among many others.

  • How too much Condensation can lead to Big Headaches

    November 30, 2020

    Pumps are used for different purposes. A condensate pump is used specifically for pumping the water/condensate produced in the process of heating or cooling in an HVAC. Water or condensate needs to be flushed out of a steam system, condensing boiler furnace, and refrigeration. Refrigerators, air conditioners, and other appliances will need the condensate pump to remove the water build-up from the system. There are several condensate pumps from different companies available in the market. Some of these known for their quality and efficiency are Bell & Gossett Pumps, B&G Condensate Pump, and Liberty Condensate Pumps. Features and benefits of B&G Model LS The B&G LS condensate removal pumps rely on advanced technology for its energy-efficient operation. These pumps use a permanent magnet and the ECM technology or electronically communicated motor technology. The condensate pumps in this series are specifically designed for difficult operations where gravity removal of condensate fluid is not possible. The LS condensate pumps with ECM Motor and ABS housing are designed to save energy. Its operation is trouble-free, and it generates a very low level of noise. The LS condensate unit can address condensate from different sources. It can work on condensates from evaporators, air dehumidifiers, air conditioning, cooling, and refrigeration systems. It works efficiently with gas and oil condensing boilers with a maximum heating capacity of 682.400 BTU/h and a minimum pH value of 2.7 or more. These pumps are easy and ready to install and are fully automatic. Their low energy consumption, small footprint, and long, quiet operation are some noteworthy features. Bell & Gossett 6098B0000 Model LS Condensate Removal Pump Bell & Gossett 6098B0000 Model LS Condensate Removal Pump uses permanent magnet and ECM or electronically commutated motor technology to remove condensate. The LS condensate from Bell and Gossett are specially designed to be used in applications where condensate fluid removal is not possible. Bell & Gossett 6098B0000 Model LS Condensate Removal Pump This condensate pump guarantees trouble-free operation for years. It creates a minimal level of noise in comparison to other similar pumps while saving energy. It comes with several features, including condensate removal for air cooling/conditioning systems and condensing boilers. There is a control to start and stop the pump and it drains condensate into a pressure hose. Indicator lights indicate the status of the unit. If there is a problem, the alarm is relayed. With its low energy consumption, its footprint is small. It is fully automated, and it is easy to install. Liberty LCU-20 series Condensate Pumps The Liberty LCU-Series condensate pumps are from Liberty that runs on 115 or 230 volts. These pumps are designed to remove condensate from several different types of appliances. They can efficiently handle condensate from ice machines, dehumidifiers, A/C equipment, and high-efficiency furnaces. A safety switch is available in models LCU-20S, LCU-20ST, and LCU220S. You get a three-year warranty on all Liberty condensate pumps. LCU-20S Automatic Condensate Removal Pumps The LCU-20S is a product of the Liberty Company. This condensate removal pump comes with a safety switch, 115v motor, and a 1/30 HP. It works efficiently in several applications that require condensate removal. Some of them include drinking fountains, dehumidifiers, beverage machines, A/C equipment, high-efficiency furnaces, and other applications. Liberty LCU-20S Automatic Condensate Removal Pump Other than the safety switch already built-in, this fully automatic pump has a removable check valve. It is quiet in operation and is thermally protected. It has a stainless steel shaft and a threaded and barbed discharge connection. This high impact ABS condensate pump can be wall-mounted. It has three intake holes, and its OD outlet is 3.8”. LCU-SP20S Automatic Shallow Pan Condensate Removal Pump This is an automatic shallow pan condensate removal pump. It is the Liberty pump model LCU-SP20S with 115v and 1/30 HP motor. It is capable of removing condensate from furnaces of high efficiency. This pump functions efficiently in several other applications, including dehumidifiers, beverage machines, drinking fountains, ice machines, A/C equipment, and several more. Liberty LCU-SP20S Automatic Shallow Pan Condensate Removal Pump This fully automated pump works quietly and is thermally protected. Its other features include a stainless steel shaft and a removable check valve. The discharge connection of this condensate pump is barbed and threaded. It has three intake holes while its OD outlet is 3/8”. B&G and Liberty Company Overview Bell & Gossett is a well-known manufacturing company that makes valves, pumps, heat exchangers, plumbing accessories including HVAC and wastewater, and applications involving steam and heat transfer. Liberty Pumps is a leading U.S. company headquartered in Bergen, NY. The company manufactures pumping products for wastewater removal with applications in commercial and residential settings. Pump Products Pumps Products is recognized as the nation’s top pumps and pump parts supplier. The company sells direct to contractors, industrial and commercial market as Master pumps distributor. The company distributes the highest quality motors and pumps at the lowest prices.

  • Save Your Plumbing with These Toilet Pump Systems

    October 23, 2020

    A toilet pump system is a foundation for an instant bathroom, and it consists of a self-contained tank unit and pump. It is a free-standing sewage ejector system. It can be installed in a garage or a basement or in any other room. It is especially useful where a permanent bathroom is either not needed or is not practical. Features and benefits of Barnes Basement Genie, Zoeller Qwik Jon Barnes Sewage Pump or Barnes Basement Genie can be installed anywhere you want it installed. It accommodates a humidifier or shower, vanity, and a toilet and is excellent for basements. It can be used with many toilet styles, and it fits almost anywhere, such as room additions, factories, warehouses, and family rooms.  The basement genie basin can be installed on any level surface, free-standing without the need to destroy the concrete surface. Alternatively, the tank and piping can be hidden behind the wall. Barnes 102147 Model BGBSEV412 is also known as Basement Genie Sewage Pump. You can identify it as Barnes 102147. The package includes a SEV412VF Pump with a horsepower of ½ and runs on 115 Volts and 1 Phase. Its discharge is 2" NPT. The package includes hardware and 2" check valve, 3/8" foam lid gasket, rubber cord grommet, cast-iron closet flange, 2" rubber gasket, and 2" straight discharge flange. Barnes 102147 Model BGBSEV412 Basement Genie Sewage Pump There are several other features that Barnes 102147 and Barnes 102148 share. Barnes 102148 Barnes 102148 is also known as model BGBSE411. This basement Genie Sewage Pump Package includes a SE411VF Pump with 4/10 horsepower and runs on 115 Volts and 1 Phase. It has an NPT discharge capacity of 2 inches. There are several advantageous features of the package. It is easy to install even where gravity flow is not available. It comes in a white finish of polyethylene material. The assembly will be required. Barnes 102148, Model BGBSE411, Basement Genie Sewage Pump The pump is capable of 2 inches solids spherical handling. Its maximum flow is 120 GPM, and the maximum head is 25 feet. Zoeller 204-1000 Zoeller sewage pump, also known as Zoeller 204-1000, is a lavatory and shower unit. This economical sewage is designed to be installed or freestanding. You can install this Zoeller Qwik Jon Ultima anywhere you want.                 Zoeller 204-1000, Qwik Jon 204 Ultima Grinder Pump and Tank          It is equipped with the dual cutting action of over 70,000 cuts per minute to make the pump ultimately reliable without the threat of clogging. Its installation is easy because it is a preassembled pump. Concrete floors need not be destroyed, and it can accommodate a shower, bathtub, or a lavatory. It reduced the construction cost and is perfect for workshops, cabins, and basements. It features a 1" discharge that can be reduced to ¾ inches. It can be installed either behind a wall or free-standing and can pump in any direction. The pump features an automatic level control switch and the motor is protected against thermal overload. The screws, bolts, and handle are stainless steel material. It functions smoothly under the maximum temperature of 130°F or 54°C. The tank features a white finish, built-in check valve, and is lightweight made from durable material. The tank along with lid and gasket are included. There is a mini grinder pump of 0.5 HP and a back-flow device. The discharge is 1 inch, and the vent is 1 ½ inch. Zoeller 017374 Zoeller 017374 is a replacement pump with discharge. This model is N-202. It includes the tank and the mini-grinder pump. The ADA compliant toilet has an elongated bowl. Zoeller 017374, N202 Replacement Pump The thermoplastic mini-grinder pump is non-corrosive. The pump reliability is enhanced with the dual cutting action capable of over 70,000 cuts per minute to enhance the pump’s reliability. The pump is tested 100% after assembly. Its horsepower is ½, along with 60 Hz and 115 V. Zoeller 202-2000 Zoeller 202-2000 is Qwik Jon elongated toilet bowl. It is designed for freestanding. It comes with built-in installation and is an economic sewage system. Qwik Jon elongated toilet bowl is ADA compliant with a comfortable height. It can be conveniently used in manufacturing facilities, pool houses, garages, workshops, cabins, and basements. Zoeller 202-2000, Qwik Jon 202 Ultima Elongated Toilet Bowl However, it is an only bowl, not the complete system. You may require a grinder pump (Z2021000) and a tank (Z202300) additionally. Barnes & Zoeller company overview Barnes Pumps are the most dependable products in the market. These pumps are known to have been in continual operation for three decades before getting replaced. The qualities of reliability and dependability have persisted since the brand was founded in 1895. The US-based Zoeller company is among the oldest family-owned manufacturers of pumps and systems. The company is known for its quality, dependability, and commitment. Pump Products' company Pump Products is a nationwide distributor and discount supplier of electric motors, pumps, and generators. The company arranges direct shipment from manufacturers if they do not have an item ordered. Their overnight delivery ensures you get what you need when you need it.

  • Armstrong & Bell & Gossett HVAC Pumps are the Professional’s Choice

    September 10, 2020

    A pump and a circulator may look the same, but their applications are different. Whether it is a pump or a circulator, they are designed to create a pressure differential to move liquids. However, their applications differ. Circulator pumps like Armstrong circulating pump, Bell & Gossett circulating pump, or Bell & Gossett circulators are used to circulate liquids, gases, and slurries in a closed circuit. These pumps can also be used to move water in a hydronic cooling or heating system. Builders, manufacturers, and consumers have all benefited from advanced features, technology, and design of the circulator pumps. The innovative features also help the environment. The newer ways have been developed for multiple benefits, including the impact, cost, efficiency, and benefits. These benefits may be found in Armstrong circulating pump, Bell & Gossett circulating pump, or Bell & Gossett circulators. Armstrong circulating pump, Bell & Gossett circulating pump or Bell & Gossett circulators function to circulate air or fluid within a closed system, even as they part of the bigger system. These pumps are tightly sealed small centrifugal pumps to be found in a household water system. They use little energy and just a small fraction of a horsepower to run. Features and Benefits of Armstrong and Bell & Gossett HVAC Pumps Armstrong circulating pumps, Bell & Gossett circulating pump, or Bell & Gossett circulators have become quite popular pumps to be used in new buildings and businesses. They are also used in the line and manufacturing systems because of their easy-to-use and beneficial features. Efficiency and optimization of these pumps can be valuable to your operations functions without affecting your pre-existing plumbing system by the creation of self-sufficient and comfortable flow. These pumps are designed to save your time and money while you can continue with other tasks without a botheration. Features and benefits: Armstrong H Series & B&G e-60 Series Circulator Pumps Circulator pumps have several applications. You may want to use these pumps for heating and cooling of any hydronic system. It is also useful in multi-stage zoning and other applications like general industrial services. The Armstrong H-series has been used for decades by HVAC professionals. It is easy to maintain in its standard three-piece design and is durable and cost-effective. These pumps are now quite popular among professionals as maintenance-free pumps. This feature comes from permanently lubricated ball bearings. The construction design also ensures easy servicing of these pumps without disconnecting pipes. The large-sized stainless-steel shaft gives it the strength. The maximum delivery of water ensures with its balanced centrifugal impeller. This pump's extended life operation comes from the use of long-lasting material in its proven seal design. The replacement of wear components is easy with its three-piece and back pull out design. Features and benefits: Armstrong 174034MF-013, Model H-32, Cast Iron In-Line Pump This Armstrong Model H-32 pump is highly suitable for several applications, including multi-stage zoning, hydronic cooling or hearing, and general industrial applications. This pump has been in use for decades now and well appreciated for its efficiency and durability by HVAC professionals. Its design is the standard three-piece. Its body is radially-split. It has a centrifugal impeller and an oversized shaft. Armstrong 174034MF-013 Model H-32 In-Line Pump This pump attracts the users' interest because of its maintenance-free design, an attribute that comes from permanently lubricated ball bearings. The efficiency of water delivery comes from its balanced centrifugal impeller. It is easy to service this pump without having to disconnect the pipes. The extended operating life of this pump is a feature of long-lasting material used in its construction. The worn components are pulled out easily thanks to its back-pullout design. Features and benefits: B&G e-60 series and Bell & Gossett 1EF011LF, e601S, e-60 Series, In-Line Centrifugal Pump The B&G Series e-60 is designed for clean water applications, including potable water and HVAC. It is a three-piece centrifugal pump and is mostly used in residential and commercial applications. Series e-60 offers some of the best advantages with its long life and easy serviceability. It operates quietly. Its maintenance-free bearing and strong mechanical seal are the features that will give you a worry-free plumbing solution. Bell & Gossett 1EF011LF e-60 Series In-Line Centrifugal Pump This pump is exemplary in hydraulic efficiency. The mechanical seal is unitized and upgraded. The permanently lubricated pump and bearings require no re-greasing. The design feature ensures space-saving along with in-line mounting. Armstrong company overview Armstrong Fluid Technology is the leader in the industry. It has a large number of products and building services, including heating, cooling, fire safety, wastewater, plumbing, and more. The company also undertakes performance management under building services to determine building performance. B&G company overview Bell & Gossett is a Xylem brand. The company is a leading manufacturer of pumps and related products like valves, accessories for HVAC application, wastewater, and plumbing. The company under the brand name Xylem has served the water market for decades. Pump Products company overview Pump Products is a leading distributor of pumps, pump products, pump parts, and motors across the nation. The company brings the best motors and pumps to the market for their clients based on intense research. The company guarantees the best products at the lowest price.

  • Little Giant Booster Pumps are Perfect for Heavy Duty Boosting

    August 18, 2020

    The name “booster pump” makes it pretty obvious what this pump will do. It will increase or boost the low water flow. It works by increasing the water pressure, which increases the water flow. More water pressure means water moves faster through a pipe. Little Giant inline 400 is the Little Giant’s new pressure boosting system known as Little Giant Inline 400 booster system. The physical mechanism and the principles of physics used by any booster pump are the same. Most booster pumps are centrifugal pumps. They use impellers to draw the fluid, and as the fluid passes through the volute and the impeller, the pressure of the fluid is boosted. However, there are features and benefits of Little Giant inline 400 booster system that differentiates it from others. Features and Benefits There are two categories of Little Giant booster pumps: A little Giant Inline 400 series and Inline CP series. Little Giant Inline 400 booster system series is designed for city water and irrigation boosting system, while the Inline CP series is a constant water pressure system. The system uses an advanced electronics system to provide a consistent water regulation system. Little Giant 90411101 This model of Little Giant Inline CP Series finds its application, whether you require consistent or boosted water pressure. It finds its application in the home, including private and municipal applications. It can also be used in sprinkler systems and for commercial wash down systems and farming systems. Little Giant 90411101 Inline Constant Water Pressure System Advanced electronics are used in it to ensure a constant water pressure system with consistent pressure regulation. The motor of the pump is matched to the system’s real-time demand. There is a long-life pressure sensor that is highly accurate in the Little Giant 25LGIL1100N4 to monitor the demand for water pressure constantly. Inline Constant Water Pressure System and Little Giant 92061503 Little Giant Inline 400 Series is a guarantee that this compact and economical pump will meet all your water boosting needs. Its design is symmetrical that supports a hassle-free installation without interfering with the current plumbing configuration. Little Giant 92061503 Inline 400 Pressure Boosting System This model of Little Giant inline 400 booster system is the most trustworthy pump anywhere in the market because it uses Franklin Electric pump and motor that is a guarantee of quality. You get the pressure no matter when you need it because the system uses simple flow-based controls. There is a protective cap for external use. It is nearly soundless in its operation. Its inlet and outlet are both 1" American National Pipe Tapered Thread. The system is highly protected against over-temperature, and dry run. It is also protected against over or under voltage, while its power rating is 0.246kW, and its horsepower is 1/3. The maximum water temperature for this model is 120 °F (48.89 °C). You will find this model Little Giant inline 400 useful in various applications whether you need to boost the city water pressure or you need to pressurize water from a tank. It can boost your irrigation system. It is also useful when you need to re-pressurize after filtration. Inline 400 Pressure Boosting System and Little Giant 92061504 This model of Little Giant Inline 400 has nearly the same features as in the Little Giant 92061503. In other words, it is compact and economical, and it can meet all your pressure boosting needs. Its design is symmetrical, which facilitates its installation, and it can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The price of the two is also the same. The only difference is in the voltage. While the Little Giant 92061503 has a voltage of 115, that of Little Giant 92061504 is 230. You will, of course, select either of the two Little Giant Inline 400 series, depending on your voltage requirements. You will get the best product available in the market because this series of pumps has the best and the most trustworthy Franklin Electric Pump and Motor. Inline 400 Pressure Boosting System There are several advantages of the Inline 400 pressure boosting system, as already indicated above. While most of the pressure boosting pumps have a short life, this series has been manufactured with the vision of long term durability and efficiency. If you need a constant and consistent uninterrupted water flow in your home and other similar applications, you will not find an alternative to Little giant inline 400 series anywhere. Little Giant company overview Little Giant Pumps is the name of the brand of products manufactured by Brennan Equipment & Mfg. Inc., USA. The company has more than100 years of history that is a testimony to its manufacturing excellence. The company has an extensive line of innovative industrial storage and material handling solutions. Little Giant products have a high reputation for their durable and quality products. Pump Products' company Pump Products is a well-known name as the largest distributing company of branded pumps, pump parts, and electric motors. The company has been in the business of selling pumps and its accessories for a very long time. This extensive experience has aided the company to offer the highest quality products at the lowest prices to its customers.

  • How do these Paco End Suction Centrifugal Pumps Differ?

    July 27, 2020

    Paco centrifugal pumps are a special pump with a casing where the suction comes in at one end, and the discharge comes out on top. End suction pumps, in particular, are the most common types of centrifugal pumps. A huge variety exists in terms of size, design, and material of construction offered by manufacturers. Paco centrifugal pumps are a top-of-the-line, single-stage, end-suction pumps, known for durability, quality, and performance. There are up to 32 sizes available in the expanded selection. Why do most companies prefer the PACO line of end centrifugal pumps Firstly, their pumps boast a mechanical design that is geared towards reduced maintenance and minimal downtime. These pumps feature a pull-out design that makes servicing and maintenance a breeze. Secondly, with low life-cycle costs, minimum shaft deflection, and compensated double-volute design, this line of pumps the industry leader. Features and Benefits of Paco Centrifugal Pumps Type LC Series (close coupled end suction pump) Paco CLose Coupled End Suction LC Series Model 10707 Features and Benefits of Paco Close Coupled End Suction LC Series - Registered fit excludes the need for machine tolerance stacking - The closed coupled design offers space savings and compact construction - Permanent rigid alignment prolongs the bearing life and seal - Balanced and trimmed impellers reduce noise and vibrations - Francis Vane Impeller Design reduces NPSH requirement and increases efficiency - No grouting required - Easy installation - NSF61/50 Certifications are available Type LCS Series (split-coupled Paco centrifugal pumps) Paco Split Coupled End Suction LCS Series Model 12709 Features and Benefits of Paco Split Coupled End Suction LCS Series: - No baseplate grouting required - 35% smaller footprint than the frame-mount design - The lighter weight provides ease of installation - No alignment and servicing ease provided by an axially split coupling - The motor and pump don’t require alignment - The mechanical seal is easy to replace without removal of the drive and motor in the spacer coupling - Increased efficiency and extended pump life offered by Vesconite case wear rings - Durability and support aid provided by a structural steel base - The reliable and rigid mounting surface provided by a machined and heavy-duty cast motor bracket - Double Volute Design lowers life cycle expenses, increases efficiency, and prolongs bearing and seal life - Back pull out design enables easy maintenance without troubling the piping - Large seal chamber enables several seal customization and configurations - Francis Vane Impeller Design reduces NPSH and increases efficiency - Variety of motor enclosures provides design flexibility - integrally case diffuser vane minimizes turbulence and the need for suction guides Type LF Series (frame-mounted Paco centrifugal pumps) Paco Frame Mounted End Suction LF Series Model 10707 Features and Benefits of Paco Frame Mounted End Suction LF Series: - Double volute design increases efficiency, prolongs seal and bearing lifespan, and lowers life cycle expenses - NSF61/50 Certified - Footed bearing frame for easy maintenance - Back pull-out design for disruption-free maintenance - Permanent seal on life bearings reduces maintenance arising from environmental contaminants - Footless volute enables discharge orientation flexibility - Several options for motor enclosures provides design flexibility - Fabricated base plate and machined mounting surfaces help in alignment - A large sealed chamber enables various customization options and seal configurations - Francis Vane Impeller Design reduces NPSH and increases efficiency - Integrally cast diffuser vane reduces the need for suction guide and turbulence - Bronze case wear rings increases efficiency and extends pump life - Balanced and trimmed impellers reduce vibration and noise, & increase bearing life Industrial Applications Paco centrifugal pumps are used in several industries, including industrial, agriculture, wastewater, plumbing, HVAC, water utility, and pressure boosting. The Paco centrifugal pump line-up offers advanced features as a standard to ensure optimum reliability and performance. These features are capable of meeting specialized requirements. Innovative impeller and pump designs produce high operating efficiency of up to 91%. This makes the PACP selection of centrifugal pumps the intelligent choice. If your company is looking for a centrifugal pump that offers extended life, minimal maintenance costs, reduced operating costs, quieter operation, maximum reliability, and lower start-up costs, then consider Paco centrifugal pumps. Get in touch with Pump Products today. PACO Pumps Overview             Since 1907, PACO Pumps has been manufacturing, designing, and distributing superior pump products. Our product offerings range from general service to effluent/sump, sewage/non/clog, and special services. We offer the world’s finest and most comprehensive line of centrifugal pumps, all manufactured and sold by Grundfos CBS Inc. About Pump Products Pump Products is the nation’s leading discount pump supplier and pump distributor. We supply top-of-the-range pumps, controls, parts, and electric motors at competitive market rates. Our product range offers solutions for industrial, residential, and commercial pump applications. You may access our pump inventory catalog online or by speaking to us directly. We're proud distributors of some of the leading brands in the pump product industry!

  • Improve the Performance of your HVAC System with Wilo Star Series Circulators

    June 25, 2020

    Circulator pumps like the Wilo Star series circulating pumps circulate slurries, liquids, and gasses in a closed circuit. They are also useful in moving water in a hydronic cooling or heating system. Features and benefits of Wilo Star Circulating Pumps Wilo star series circulating pumps have applications in hot water heating systems, cold water, air-conditioning systems, and several others, including solar, geothermal, and water/glycol concentrations up to 50%. Its maximum flow is 38 GPM, and the Maximum head is 33 feet. Its features include several benefits, such as it is ultra-quiet, has a powerful starting torque. has quick connecting wiring and reliable wet rotor technology. Some important technical data includes the maximum temperature range of 14°F to 230°F (-10°C to 110°C), the maximum Amb temperature of 104°F (40°C), the electrical connection of 1~115v, and maximum working pressure of 140 PSI (10 Bar). The materials used in its construction are hard, tough, and durable to give it a long life such as cast iron volute, engineered composite impeller, stainless steel shaft, carbon impregnated bearing, and steel terminal box. Wilo star series circulating pumps are best in energy saving and perfect for heating, air-conditioning, and cooling. In terms of energy efficiency, the Wilo-Stratos ECO is a test winner with a grade of 1.3. It consumes 23% less energy than the runner up. Wilo 4090765, Model Star S 21FX Circulating Pump Wilo is a premium brand with its industrial, water management, and building services applications. The technology may be complex, but the company designs its Wilo star series circulator pumps in a user-friendly manner. They are simple to use in addition to being energy efficient with high performance. Wilo 4090765, Model Star S 21FX Circulating Pump is a wet rotor circulator pump with a flanged connection that is flange is parallel to shaft. The speeds are pre-selectable so as to adjust the capacity on “S” versions. Its cast-iron body works efficiently in various settings like air-conditioning systems, cold-water systems, industrial circulating systems, and hot-water heating systems of all kinds. Wilo 4090765 Model Star S 21FX Circulating Pump It is suited to be installed in any position with its horizontal shaft. The terminal box can be in multiple positions, including 3-6-9-12 o’clock. For load adjustment (S types only), there are three pre-selected speed stages. The motor protection is not required because there is impedance protected motor. Both the sides of the terminal box have cable entry. For a simple electric connection, there are quick connection spring clips. It comes with a steel terminal box that fits all competitors’ models. Its starting torque is powerful. The wet rotor technology used in it is highly reliable. It is ultra-quiet and automatically vented. Circulating 1-3 SPEED pumps The star series pumps in 1-3 speed categories have pre-selectable speeds. There are pumps with circulators speed 1-3, and there are recirculation pumps. They are efficient for use in large buildings that feature a variety of applications. They house intelligent networking and sophisticated technology. One of the foremost needs in these buildings is the provision of optimal air-conditioning. Circulating 1-3 speed pumps make it possible to supply optimal air-conditioning to these buildings due to excellent Wilo technology. The technology is capable of providing domestic hot water and a pleasant indoor climate. Wilo technology excellence further ensures the maximization of potential savings with its efficient operation. The technology is highly recommended no matter what kind of property you have, including office spaces, hotels, or any other administrative or commercial properties, or even single-family houses. Wilo Company Wilo company being a pioneer in the pump industry they have their foot-print in all areas of water movement technology. The company has continually set benchmarks with its products, developments, systems, and services with the support of its international team of experienced creative employees focused on the development of innovative systems. The company takes customers’ comprehensive needs into account from an early stage. Pumps Products Pumps Products is the nation's biggest pumps and parts online supplier. The company stocks a variety of pumps with all major brands, including Wilo pumps. Pumps Products has the highest quality pumps, parts, controls, and electric motors available at the lowest prices.  Wilo pumps can be purchased directly from the company, whether you are a contractor or a consumer. You can select your product from the company's Online Wilo Pump & Parts Catalogue. You are also free to call Wilo Customer Support Counter at 1-800-429-0800.

  • Red Lion Sewage Pumps are Perfect for Your Application

    June 16, 2020

    Sewage and untreated wastewater need to be transported, and Sewage pumps perform this task. Municipal wastewater treatment plants most commonly use these pumps. Other than municipal wastewater treatment plants, buildings and private homes also use them, especially when these buildings and private homes due to the natural slope of the terrain cannot be connected to the municipal sewer. Red Lion sewage pumps are ideal for high volume sewage and effluent application. A Sewage pump is needed in homes with basement toilets. It is also required in homes that lack gravity supported sewage drains. A Red Lion sewage pump can lift flushable waste out to the main sewer line from the sewage basin. Red Lion company's sewage pumps can handle the demanding and tough tasks such as the lifting up of waste that are flushable up to 2" diameter. These pumps handle these tasks efficiently. It can be installed within half an hour using that may be commonly found in households. In case you are planning a new installation, you must determine the size of the pump you require. You need to decide which type of discharge pipe may be needed for the installation. The size can be determined by taking into account the discharge drains that drain into the main basin and the distance that waste needs to be lifted. In case you are going to replace an already installed sewage pump, you need to identify your pump size. The required horsepower can be found out from the identification plate. Most often, the horsepower remains unchanged. It is the same as your old pump. You also need to determine what type of discharge pipe you want and what's going to be its size.. It is important to measure the sewer line even as these standard lines measure 2 inches in diameter, or they can be larger. Next, find out the material your line is made of. It could be copper, galvanized steel, ABS, or PVC. Features and Benefits of Red Lion Sewage Pumps Red Lion sewage pumps are perfect for your application. These pumps are designed to handle high volume sewage and effluent applications. The automatic submersible cast iron sewage pump could be the ideal choice for you if you need a pump for high-volume sewage, effluent, and wastewater. Red Line sewage pumps are designed clog-resistant and capable of passing 2" diameter solid waste. The material used in their construction – heavy-duty cast iron – is designed to offer you the most reliable service possible over the last years or decades.  The tethered float switch can be highly reliable for an automatically operated basin that is 18" diameter or bigger. Red Lion 14942748, Model RL-WC50TA, Sewage Pump This pump is recommended for the best pump to be used in basins or lift stations. It works most efficiently when performing the task of pumping out the wastewater, effluent, and sewage, and every other form of liquid waste that is noncorrosive and non-explosive. This automatic submersible Red Line Sewage pump made of cast iron has several features. It is designed for overload protection with PSC dual bearing motor and can handle solid or semi-solid waste up to 2" in diameter. It comes piggybacked with a tethered float switch. A 10 feet power cord is attached to it. However, it is not considered suitable for pond use. It works efficiently in several kinds of facilities that need high volume wastewater, effluent, and sewage applications. For instance, it can be highly efficient and reliable in laundry facilities, leaching facilities, and parking lots. Red Lion company overview The Red Lion brand heritage establishes the company as a global leader in the systems and components that involve the task of moving water. As an innovative company, Red Lion invests in research and developments, taking into account the customers' views and needs. Along with its long innovative product portfolio, the company offers unparalleled service to its customers as solutions to their challenges relating to water pumping. Red Lion has a business strategy to keep them ahead of their competitors. Training differentiates them from their competitors. They have a team of factory-trained experts who provide in-store training at clients' locations. This training is free of charge. The training material the clients receive can be referred to when they need it. stocks a wide variety of Red Lion Pumps. Our extensive collection includes Red Lion Sprinkler Pumps, Red Lion Shallow Well Pumps, Red Lion Trash Pumps, Red Lion Jet Pumps, and many more! Red Lion Pumps are among the most reliable and durable pumps in the industry. Pump Products' company Pump Products is among the largest nationwide distributors of pumps and pump parts & electric motors. The company has extensive experience in the sales of pumps and motors and their parts. Their team of experts is focused on the sole task of researching and selecting the best motors, pumps, and parts so that their customers have access to efficient and dependable products. The company offers the lowest price guarantee available anywhere.

  • Easy Installations with Tank Alert EZ Series Alarms from SJE Rhombus

    April 30, 2020

    SJE Rhombus Tank Alert from SJE Rhombus is a CSA certified indoor and outdoor alarm system. The alarm system monitors liquid levels in products lift pump chambers, holding tanks, sewage, sump pump basins, agricultural water tanks, and other kinds of varied water applications. It also offers audio and visual warning notifications of any potential threatening liquid level conditions. It can be used as both a high and low-level alarm system. SJE Rhombus Tank Alert Alarm Features and benefits of installing SJE Rhombus Tank Alert Alarm from SJE Rhombus The SJE Rhombus EZ Series Alarms from offers many useful features and benefits. The product is compact, practical, and incredibly useful. Here are some of its features: 1. As far as the looks go, the alarm comes with a two-color molded enclosure that offers a unique look to the product. The upper half of the alarm is translucent. This is the portion that illuminates when the alarm goes off. The Duo model also features a red LED for the first alarm, and amber LED for the second alarm. 2. The product features a special interlocking enclosure with a chamber for sound. This unique feature magnifies the sound of the alarm. It also stops the moisture from entering inside the body of the product. 3. The installation is rather simple and straightforward. The external mounting tabs are useful and practical in installing the alarm into any kind of product or pump. 4. The alarm is also equipped with a removable cover that offers better access for field firing. This additional cover easily protects the internal circuitry from water. 5. The SJE Rhombus Tank Alert alarm flaunts a watertight standard of TYPE 3 R on the enclosure. In addition to this, there are clearly highlighted indicator marks on the lower side of the alarm for placing cord entry locations. 6. One of the useful features of the Tank Alert Alarm from SJE Rhombus is that the alarm resets on its own. 7. In addition to the above, the product offers the following benefits too: A separate switch for the alarm test, also known as the horn silence.A separate green power on the LED indicator.Auxiliary contacts for all the remote devices.A 15 inch SJE Signal Master Control switch. This is equivalent to 4.57 meters.Additional float models for both high as well as low-level alarms. Purpose of Water Level Indicator and Its Uses A water level indicator is useful in determining if the level of water is high or low. The indicator is used to identify the level of water in a water container like an overhead tank. In addition to this, a water level indicator can also be used to turn on or turn off the water pump automatically. If the water level goes below the desired point, the level indicator can automatically refill the tank to get it back to the ideal point. There are many types of water level indicators like float switches, floatless level indicators, electronic water level indicators, water level controls, wireless water level sensors, spark plug water level indicators, swimming pool water level indicators, single point level indicators, and more. Depending on their utility, these can be used in homes, hotels, schools, factories, bore wells, swimming pools, open wells, sump pumps, etc. They can also be used in vehicles as fuel indicators. SJE Rhombus Company Overview SJE Rhombus has been a pioneer in manufacturing liquid level control systems since 1975. The company has created many practical water levels for wastewater and sewage industries in the United States of America and Canada over the years. SJE Rhombus has become synonymous with high engineering and providing the best to customers. The company puts great importance on quality and delivers nothing but the best. SJE Rhombus uses world-class techniques and practices to create some of the most useful and practical products in the market. The company delivers well on price, practicality, reliability, and compliance. All of their products come with a five-year warranty. About is a distributor of all kinds of pumps, electric motors, generators, and their internal parts. All products available on the website have been carefully screened and selected by a team of experts to deliver the best to customers. We ship all over the world and offer the best prices in the market. To sum it up Tank Alert Alarm from SJE Rhombus is a great product that offers many valuable benefits. The alarm uses a specialized design that protects its internal circuitry at the same time provides a removable cover that presents more access for field wiring. SJE Rhombus Tank Alert’s carefully designed body with a removable cover, automatic reset alarm, and Signal Master Control switch make the alarm system stand out in the market. The easy installation process also makes the alarm customer friendly and easy to use. If you want to buy the Tank Alert Alarm from SJE Rhombus, you can head on to

  • is a Berkeley Centrifugal Pump Distributor

    April 13, 2020

    As the popular saying goes, good help is hard to find. That is, unless you have a Berkeley pump taking care of your application. Berkeley Pumps are among the most reliable in the industry. Berkeley products are not only designed to pump your water efficiently, they're designed to meet your bottom line as well. Berkeley professionally engineered high-quality, centrifugal pumps are guaranteed to deliver years of dependable service. The term centrifugal pump refers to a broad category of pumps. These pumps can vary in size, capacity, and ability. They can be used for a wide variety of applications but are primarily used to move fluid (of course). You'll find centrifugal pumps in several forms, like standard end-suction, submersible, and self-priming. Centrifugal pumps primarily move fluid by using centrifugal force (hence the name) which generates the velocity necessary to move the liquid. The force is generated in tandem by the pump's volute and impeller. Fluid enters the pump through a suction nozzle, into the eye of the impeller. The impeller vanes catch the fluid and rotate it. The fluid exits the pump through the discharge. As the fluid leaves the pump it's under greater pressure than when it entered. That's basically how centrifugal pumps work in a nutshell. If you have an application in need of a centrifugal pump, look not further than the CP/CB series. The Berkeley CP/CB Series of Centrifugal Pumps is one of Berkeley's most popular Centrifugal Pump series. These pumps are well-suited for general water system and sprinkling pumping in homes, farms and light industry. These series are also outfitted with a heavy duty cast iron construction with either Noryl or brass impellers. Medium and high head models are available. Berkeley CP/CB Series The Berkeley CP and CB series pumps feature a heavy-duty motor with easy service design and four-position discharge. These series also feature: 1/3 through 2-1/2 HP: High head and medium head models, with heavy-duty motors, easy service design and four-position discharge.Drain Port: Provided for easy winterizing. Medium Head Models deliver up to 110' of head with capacities to 140 GPM.High Head Models: Deliver up to 140' of head with capacities to 90 GPM.Easy Serviceability: All models include replaceable wear ring and feature back pull-out design.CP Series with Noryl Impellers: Abrasion-resistant for normal applications with working temperatures to 140°F.CB Series with Silicon Bronze: JB pumps equipped with shaft seals rated for temperatures to 225°F.Max. Operating Pressure: 100 PSI About Berkeley: Since 1937, when Berkeley pumps were first used to irrigate the fertile fields of the San Joaquin Valley of Central California, up-through today's most challenging water transfer projects and residential water flow needs. As Berkeley has grown, so has its product line. Today Berkeley is an industry leader with the most comprehensive product lines available in the industry. Berkeley has the products you need to move and improve water efficiently and economically. For your convenience, Berkeley offers both water pumps and pressurized water storage tanks. Berkeley professionally engineered high-quality, centrifugal pumps deliver years of reliable efficient operation. When you’re looking for a new Berkeley Centrifugal Pump, Berkeley Parts, or Berkeley Accessories to help prevent water damage, look no further than We specialize in pumps, and we’re among the largest online dealers for Berkeley pumps, one of the world’s top pump brands. You can also give our talented customer service pros a call at 1-800-429-0800 and they’ll be sure to help you find what you’re looking for. also happens to offer the guaranteed lowest prices you’ll find on Berkeley products!