Nov 07

Pump Products Now Carrying Grundfos SQ Series Submersible Well Pumps

Pump Products is proud to announce that the company is now distributing a new product line from Grundfos Pumps, the Grundfos SQ series submersible well pumps.

Grundfos SQ submersible well pump

The introduction of the SQ series marks the expansion of a longstanding and fruitful partnership. Pump Products currently carries many other products and lines from Grundfos.

The SQ series is an innovative, premium pump series specifically designed to simplify the installation process and improve the overall reliability of your well pump system. Each SQ pump includes several special features precision engineered by the Grundfos team to increase performance.

These 3″ submersible pumps can operate both continuously and intermittently for domestic water supply, light commercial water supply, irrigation and tank applications in 3″ or larger diameter wells,

SQ pumps come close coupled to an innovative motor design that uses permanent magnet technology and a Grundfos motor to electronically control the motor speed. This allows for several features such as constant pressure, control, soft-start and integrated dry-run protection. The smart motor communicated via a status box through the power leads so it is not required to run additional wires down the well.

The motor design also protects against overvoltage, undervoltage and voltage fluctuation, ensuring a longer performance life. The motor is also uses a low amperage making it possible to connect more appliances to the same fuse group. The pump design features floating impellers that are not fashioned to the shaft for increased wear resistance and protection against upthrust. Overload protection and temperature protection are also included.

All in all, Grundfos SQ series well pumps are an advanced high quality option for the discerning consumer. The quality performance, engineering and long life are sure to make this a popular well pump.

“I don’t think a lot of U.S. distributors carry this line, so we’re really excited to have the opportunity,” application engineer Nick said. “Grundfos makes a quality product so I’m sure our customers will be happy.”

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Oct 31

Happy Halloween from Pump Products!

Happy Halloween from Inspector Pumphead and all of us at Pump Products!

Inspector Pumphead wants to suck… your blood!

Now, if you’re a childless young-ish adult, you may have already had your Halloween celebrations on Saturday.  You may have Instagrammed your ironic, edgy or topical costume to gain a paltry amount of “likes” before waking up in a hungover haze on Sunday.

However, Halloween is really a holiday designed to let little kids eat candy and it is today, October 31. But what is the history behind Halloween?


Most historians generally agree that the strongest historical influence for Halloween is the various pagan folk festivals celebrated by the Celts. Many of these festivals marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the “darker half” of the year or winter.

Rituals and games associated with the future and death were popular. People often went house-to-house in a costume, singing songs in exchange for food. This was known as “mumming” and is the precedent for trick-or-treating. Later celebrations were influenced by the European Christian celebration of “All Hallows’ Eve,” in which the faithful would often dress as saints or martyrs in an act of commemoration.

The spirit of that holy commemoration is now represented by people dressing up like The Joker.

Halloween Creep

Do you feel like people have been talking about or celebrating Halloween since basically late September? You’re not alone in noticing the proliferation of what has been termed “Halloween Creep” after the similarly named concept “Christmas Creep.” The website Consumerist took note of the phenomenon last year when a reader wrote in about seeing Halloween decorations for sale in July.

Of course, after today, expect to see Christmas decorations and hear “All I Want for Christmas Is You” everywhere you go. It’s part of the relentless, insatiable march of capitalism where we must be given things to buy and consume. So enjoy I guess.

Popular Costumes for 2017

Besides your standard variety of zombies, witches, werewolves, or vampires, look for a lot of Pennywise the Clown from It or variations thereof. Also: Belle (from Beauty and the Beast), Wonder Woman, Donald Trump and anything from Stranger Things and Game of Thrones. People really like dressing up as their favorite characters from popular culture. Who knew?

Think About This


Fun Fact

According to USA Today, Americans will spend close to $15 billion USD on Halloween this year. The spending includes costumes, candy and decorations. That’s bigger than the GDP of Jamaica, and most of that spending will be done by millennials. Darn millennials – get your priorities in order!

Happy Halloween! Enjoy your candy responsibly and don’t forget to book a dentist appointment.

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Oct 24

Inspector Pumphead Previews the World Series!

The leaves are falling, the wind is blowing and the night darkness seems to come earlier and earlier everyday. You know what that means: it’s fall and also time for MLB’s World Series, also known as the Fall Classic.

Inspector Pumphead is ready to take in the World Series

The best-of-seven series is always a special part of the American sports calendar and has produced some of the most seminal and memorable moments in sports. After a 162 game regular season and two playoff rounds, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros have emerged triumphant as the representatives of their respective leagues.

For the Dodgers, “The Best Team Money Can Buy,” this World Series appearance was a long time coming. The well-heeled team has cultivated a (perhaps unfair) reputation as a bunch of overpaid chokers as they flamed out to arguably less talented teams. This year, however, the boys in blue have powered past any doubts, dismissing the Arizona Diamondbacks in the NLDS and then making the defending champion Chicago Cubs old news in the NLCS.

It’s been a long wait for loyal Dodgers fans, who have been waiting since 1988 to see their team in the World Series. That’s right – one of the proudest, richest franchises in baseball hasn’t been to the game’s biggest stage in over a quarter century.  That was the year of the “I don’t believe what I JUST saw!” Kirk Gibson home run to boot.

The Astros have been to the World Series more recently (2005) but that was a completely different organization with a different identity – they were still in the National League. Houston has had an interesting trajectory the last few years. The organization intentionally put bad teams on the field in an effort to stockpile high draft picks. Then armed with young stars, Houston went from bad to good very quickly. Amazingly, the rebuild is right on schedule; Sports Illustrated even ran a cover story in 2014 predicting that the Astros would win the World Series this year. And after thumping the Boston Red Sox and narrowly surviving in seven games against the Yankees, they look ready to fulfill the prophecy.

MLB’s postseason format has often resulted in wild card teams and regular season underachievers reaching the World Series. But we have two juggernauts clashing this year. Indeed it is the first World Series to feature two 100-win teams since 1970. It should be quite a show.


In the postseason, the Dodgers have largely been driven by the hot bats of Justin Turner and Yasiel Puig. Turner is a former Mets castoff while Puig has gone from future star to malcontent washout to solid contributor in the span of a few years. Turner and Puig have perhaps taken some of the pressure of young Dodgers’ stars like Corey Seager, Cody Bellinger and Chris Taylor.

The Astros are powered by likely MVP and fan favorite, Jose Altuve. The 5’6″ Altuve’s diminutive stature, in comparison to other major leaguers, has always been the source of entertainment, but recently it’s his dominant play that’s drawing more attention. He’s backed up by budding Puerto Rican superstar Carlos Correa. George Springer, Alex Bregman, Evan Gattis and Josh Reddick round out things for Houston.

Edge: Push


Two of the best pitchers of recent generations are the headliners. Clayton Kershaw (Dodgers) keeps cementing his claim as maybe the greatest, most dominant pitcher of all time. Justin Verlander (Astros) has shown remarkable resilience, returning to form after it looked like he was past his best at the tail end of his stint with the Detroit Tigers. His clutch game seven performance against the Yankees, in the ALCS, was key to the Astros hopes.

These two superstars won’t matchup until a possible game 5 or later if at all; same goes for second line stars Yu Darvish (Dodgers) and Dallas Keuchel (Astros). But which pitcher starts isn’t as important these days; it’s all about bullpen management now. Here, the Dodgers have a clear edge: Kenley Jansen might be the best closer in basebal,l and the other bullpen stalwarts (Tony Watson, Brandon Morrow, Tony Cingrani, Josh Fields) are pretty good as well. Houston has no such answer and their starters have generally thrown more pitches, and pitched more innings, than other postseason teams’ starters.

Big Edge: Dodgers

The Pumphead Pick: Dodgers in Seven

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Oct 18

Pump Products Now Distributes Fill-Rite Fuel Transfer Pumps

Fill-Rite FR1210G

Pump Products is proud to announce that it is now a distributor of Fill-Rite transfer pumps. Fill-Rite transfer pumps are particularly well-known throughout the pumping industry for excellent engineering, construction and performance.

As the name suggests, fuel transfer pumps are designed to carry fluids commonly used to fuel motor operated vehicles. Pump Products carries both AC and DC fuel transfer pumps. These pumps are able to transport a wide range of fuel types, depending on the model type. Pumps to transport diesel, biodiesel up to B20, kerosene, E15, gasoline and antifreeze are available (please be sure to check product descriptions for specific ratings).

All Fill-Rite pumps are heavily constructed to meet the highest standards of chemical resistance. According to the Fill-Rite website:

“Built into every fuel transfer pump, chemical transfer pump and meter is over 50 years of experience – and the pride and workmanship associated with the moniker “Made in USA.” We use only the most durable materials to insure long life and dependability. Fill-Rite […] branded products deliver superior performance time and time again, regardless of the application or installation.

If you’ve owned one of our AC or DC fuel transfer pumps before, you know the satisfaction of using the best. If you haven’t used a Fill-Rite product before, we invite you to put us to the test.”

Some of the Fill-Rite pump packages Pump Products carries also include the attendant accessories necessary for fuel pumping such as hoses, automatic or manual nozzles and mechanical meters. Many of the pumps are portable and include carry handles as well. Be sure to consult specific product listings for details.

“A lot of people have called up in the past looking for a good fuel transfer pump and I’m excited to be able to direct our customers to a quality brand like Fill-Rite,” Pump Products application engineer Lee said.

Pump Products application engineers are standing by to help you find the right pump, as well as to provide price quotes, stocking availability and shipping information. Call our toll free number 1-800-429-0800 to speak to an expert today.

Oct 09

Happy Columbus Day from Pump Products!

Happy Columbus Day from all of us at Pump Products! If you’re one of the lucky ones to have the day off, congratulations! I sincerely hope you’re spending it doing errands or relaxing on the couch and not… you know, pillaging and murdering.

If you find that statement confusing or shocking, allow me to explain.

Inspector Pumphead exploring the high seas!

As the famous children’s mnemonic goes, “In 1492/Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” According to popular myth, Europeans in the 15th century assumed that the world was flat and the only route to Asia – and its many treasures, such as spice and gold – was to sail East. Columbus proposed that a western route to Asia could be found and through nerve and daring, eventually found his way to America, thereby discovering that the world was round.

In reality, most of the educated populace of the time understood that the earth was a globe.  While Columbus is the discoverer of the landmass of “America” in the popular imagination, in reality he first landed in what would today be called the Bahamas and later the island of Hispaniola. Perhaps those islands are technically grouped with North America in continental classifications, but most people today would think of “The Caribbean” as its own entity.

Moreover, Columbus was probably not the first European explorer to land in the general vicinity. Norse explorer Leif Erikson landed in North America in approximately 1001 – nearly 500 years before Columbus!

Columbus is not really a man worth celebrating. He and his men were absolutely brutal to the native tribes they encountered. Scores were enslaved, women were raped and many were straight up murdered, with some explorers actually hunting natives for sport. Smallpox and other diseases were introduced to the New World, killing many more. In all, conservative estimates place the death toll at over 3 million and many historians have to come to label Columbus’s expedition a genocidal act.

So uh, why do we celebrate this guy again? As with many holidays, customs and rituals, the answer is political. The anniversary of the 1492 landing had been celebrated at various points, but it was the work of Italian-American activists, such as the Knights of Columbus, that really kick started the movement in the early 1900s. The activists were looking to consecrate a day to celebrate an Italian role model, for assimilation purposes and to combat the anti-Italian and anti-immigrant bigotry that was prevalent in American society at the time.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt declared Columbus Day a federal holiday in 1934 after much lobbying. Today, many businesses and school districts celebrate with a day off. Columbus Day Parades are also popular in many municipalities.

Today, as a clearer picture of Columbus the man emerges, the holiday has become somewhat controversial. Many municipalities choose to celebrate Indigenous People’s Day in honor of those who suffered and lost so much to Columbus and colonialism. It will be interesting to see what changes, if any, occur with the holiday as more people come to understand what they are celebrating.

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Oct 03

Inspector Pumphead Previews the MLB Playoffs!

Happy October sports fans! It’s time for some baseball, the grand old game and the true gentleman’s pastime! 

Inspector Pumphead hits a homer!

Specifically, it’s time for the MLB playoffs in the run up to the World Series later this month. The AL Wild Card Game is tonight, while the NL Wild Card game is tomorrow (Wednesday). If you’ve seen those incessant commercials, you know that “OCTOBER. MEANS. BASEBALL.” The baseball regular season is long (162 games!) and grueling but waiting for the playoffs is the hardest part.

But now, the playoffs are here and that means every pitch, every hit and every out means so much more. 10 teams enter and only one team will emerge victorious.

A quick reminder on the format of these games, which are the same in both leagues.  A one game wild card playoff will determine which team advances to the LDS to play the league’s top seed, while the other two division winners face off. The winners of the LDS advance to the LCS and the winners of the LCS advance to the World Series. Each LDS is a best of five, while both the LCS and World Series are best of seven.

See here for the full TV schedule and how to watch:

Let’s dive into the previews.

AL Wild Card Game: Minnesota Twins @ New York Yankees

Since 2002, the Twins have played 123 games against the Yankees… and have won 33 of them. In case you’re not good at math, I can tell you that is not a very good record.

Still, anything can happen in a one-game situation so it wouldn’t be too surprising to see the Twins win. Minnesota is one of the best stories of this MLB season, having performed one of the largest turnarounds in sports history after going 59-103 in 2016. The Twins are the first team to ever reach the postseason after losing at least 100 games the previous year.

As for the Yankees? The team won 91 games in what was supposed to be a rebuilding year. Aaron Judge has become a Paul Bunyon-esque figure and the brightest young star in the game. Judge who is quite good at smashing the ball, having hit 52 home runs (or “dongers”) over the course of the season, also recorded a staggering 127 walks.

Everyone knows the famous New York saying “eyy, I’m walkin’ here!”, and that was Judge this season.


Cleveland Indians vs. Wild Card Winners

Cleveland has set the modern baseball record of consecutive games won during this season with 22. The Indians also have perhaps the best pitching staff in recent memory. They are heavy favorites to win the AL.

Houston Astros vs. Boston Red Sox

The Astros might just be the most overlooked 101-winning team in MLB history. Houston’s hot start at the beginning of the season was overshadowed by the Dodgers’ even hotter start. The Astros leveled off and continued to play good baseball throughout the season but by then all the attention was on Cleveland’s winning streak. With MVP favorite Jose Altuve leading the way, the Astros have chance to retake control of the narrative.

The Red Sox are mostly known for having the most obnoxious fan-base in baseball. Everyone else is hoping for Boston to lose quickly and make way for better, more interesting teams.

NL Wild Card Game: Colorado Rockies @ Arizona Diamondbacks

Pity the poor Rockies and Diamondbacks. Both franchises are relatively new, and despite numerous on-field successes, have struggled to capture the imagination of the greater baseball public. In 2017, both teams were two of the best in the NL – but played in the West and were left in the dust by the Dodgers juggernaut. Now they play each other in a one game, do or die scenario where the winner gets the privilege of playing the sacrificial lamb to, who else, the Dodgers.

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Wild Card Winners

The best team that money can buy, had one of the wildest MLB seasons in recent memory. The team roared out of the gate and just would not stop winning. By mid-July they were 66-29 and already drawing comparisons to some of the most dominant teams in history, such as the ‘84 Tigers, ‘84 Mets and ‘98 Yankees. At one point, they had won a ridiculous 44 out of 51 games.

Then in late August, it happened. The Dodgers lost one game, the another and then another after that. Over a two-and-a-half week stretch, the Dodgers lost 16 of the 17 games, which included 11 in a row at one point. It looked like they were in danger of free fallin’ out into nothing.

It was one of the worst stretches in franchise history and the Dodgers suddenly looked like one of the worst teams in the majors. It was baffling and although the team eventually straighten out the ship and finished a more than respectable 104-58.  This losing streak cast a pall over what was once an unreservedly joyous season and it has to linger in the back of the mind for weary Dodgers fans.

Chicago Cubs vs. Washington Nationals

Hey remember these guys? 2016 sure was fun!

After the historic and long awaited World Series triumph, the Cubs seemed to be suffering from a bit of a hangover. And who could blame them? They won the franchise’s first championship in over a 100 years, so of course a little “basking in the afterglow” would happen. Still, the team deserves credit for holding off the Brewers and reestablishing themselves as the class of the NL Central. Now they can pursue another championship without all the historical baggage.

And the Nats? As always, injuries seem to be holding them back from reaching their true potential. After missing much of the season, Bryce Harper is reportedly back for the playoffs and Max Scherzer’s hamstring injury apparently isn’t a big deal… but man, is there a bigger bummer of a team or what? Washington has had “name” talent for so many years but the organization has never been able to put it all together in the same year to make a defining run. It’s hard not to feel like the window has closed.

Anyway, we will have to wait and see who takes the title.  Go Yankees!

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Sep 06

Pump Products is Now Carrying See Water Inc. Pump Controls

See Water SSP-3

Pump Products is proud to announce a new distributing partnership with See Water Inc., a premier distributor of controls, alarms, switches and other accessories for pumping systems. Located in Riverside, CA, See Water Inc. was founded in 1995 by Ron MacDonald when he realized there was a need in the market for a pump control that could work in oil containment areas and elevator sump pits.

The Oil Smart pump control was the first step, and See Water, Inc. has since expanded to a variety of pumping accessory products for wastewater, HVAC and utility pumping systems (among others).

Pump Products currently carries See Water liquid level alarms, control panels and float switches designed for use in conjunction with sewage and sump pumps.

See Water alarms are designed for easy installations and comes equipped with external terminals for floats and alarm status indication. The HLA liquid alarm models are “plug and play” for simple and fast installation. These alarms are specifically used to detect dangerous water levels and most packages include a narrow angle float switch. Visible indicators include a green power-on indicator and a red LED alarm light. Audible indicators include an 85 decibel sound. Also included is an automatic reset when the liquid level reverts to normal levels. Alarms are rated for NEMA indoor/outdoor enclosures.

Control panels are available in simplex and duplex configurations for use in conjunction with either single or three phase pumps. Triplex control panels are also available specifically for use with three phase pumps. See Water control panels are designed for quick installation and simple maintenance; in stand-by mode they are designed to use minimal power. Most control packages will include the control box, integrated electronic control, alarm and a float switch (some packages have up to three float switches).

Individual float switches from See Water are also available for separate purchase. See Water float switches are normally open, with wide/narrow angle and piggyback options are available.

All in all, See Water Inc. is a fine manufacturer of pump control systems and accessories and Pump Products is proud to distribute these products to customers in need.

Pump Products application engineers are standing by to help you select the right pump, as well as to provide price quotes, stocking availability and shipping information. Call our toll free number 1-800-429-0800.

Sep 04

Happy Labor Day from Pump Products!

Inspector Pumphead is putting away his tools in honor of Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day from Inspector Pumphead and Pump Products! We all sincerely hope you’re enjoying your day off, because you’ve earned it.

Labor Day is typically thought as the unofficial “end of summer” and the start of autumn and the new school year (technically the first day of fall is Sept. 22).

The three day weekend offers one last chance for a summer getaway, family barbecue or just a chance to not worry about work. Many school districts across the country start the school year on the Tuesday after Labor Day specifically to boost internal tourism to places such as amusement parks.

Labor Day weekend often signals the start of football season as well. This year, college football kicked off with the massive Florida State vs. Alabama game on Saturday, while the NFL traditionally kicks off the Thursday after Labor Day.

Apparently, it is also an important day in the fashion world as well, as it is considered gauche or déclassé to wear white after Labor Day. I wouldn’t know – I always have on my white lab coat, even when I’m plumbing!

But aside from the association with beach trips, barbecues and sports, Labor Day actually has a fascinating and important history. People often think the weekend is about actually doing labor, as the name suggests. It is actually meant to be a celebration of trade unions and the labor movement, and by extension, all the workers of the world.

If you are a longtime follower of our holiday blogs, you know that the history of American holidays often follow a similar path with many disparate groups holding commemorations according to their own calendar. Inevitably, external forces push toward a more unified holiday date.

The history of Labor Day is no different. In the 1880s and 1890s, many in the labor movement began advocating for such a day on the U.S. calendar and May 1 was a popular choice. But then-President Grover Cleveland feared that a celebration in early May would be too strongly associated with the Haymarket Affair which took place on May 3-4, 1886.

The Haymarket Affair started when workers in Illinois gathered in Haymarket Square in Chicago to strike for an eight-hour workday. Several strikers were killed by police and the next day a bomb was thrown into a crowd, killing both protesters and police. Several anarchists were eventually tried and convicted of the crime.

So naturally, Cleveland wanted to distance the new labor day from Haymarket. But he still needed the support of the unions, so he supported the creation of a September Labor Day in 1887. Oregon was the first state to make Labor Day a public holiday but it did not become a federal holiday until 1894 after the Pullman Strike. That strike was started by the American Railway Union against the Pullman Company, the railways and the federal government to protest reduced wages and unfair working conditions.

The strike eventually turned violent and resulted in the deaths of 30 workers (with many more wounded) at the hands of the U.S. Marshals and the Army. Eugene Debs, the main organizer of the strike, was sentenced to prison. In an effort to bring about a sense of reconciliation with the trade unions, President Cleveland and Congress designated Labor Day as an official federal holiday soon after the strike.

This fascinating history is rarely brought up when Labor Day rolls around. But now you know! So while you’re enjoying your day off, don’t forget to raise a glass to the workers who fought and died for your labor rights such as lunch breaks, weekends, the eight hour workday and this unique federal holiday in September.

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Aug 28

Inspector Pumphead Previews the U.S. Open!

It’s time for The U.S. Open of Tennis! In addition to being the tennis Major of North America, the U.S. Open is also one of the most important sports events to take place in Queens and is critical to the borough, especially if the Mets stink (so, usually).

Inspector Pumphead’s been practicing for the U.S. Open!

Every year, the final major of the year is held at the Billie Jean King Tennis Center complex, with the main court featuring at Arthur Ashe Stadium. All the biggest matches, including both the men’s and women’s final, are held at Arthur Ashe. With its fast hard courts and vibrant crowd (often including many New York-based celebrities), the U.S. Open easily distinguishes itself from the more formal Wimbledon and the slow clay court based French Open.

This year’s draw promises to provide some interest. Roger Federer’s magical comeback mystery tour rolls along, as the now 36 year old continues to defy tennis history and known sports biology by continuing to play at an elite level. Part of the secret is simply rest of course, as Federer has withdrawn from more tournaments to stay fresh. Still, the fact that he is the favorite heading into the Open at his age is a marvel. Tennis used to be ruled by prodigies in their late teens and early 20s. No longer.

Federer has tough draw and could potentially have to get through other bright lights such as Nick Kyrgios, Dominic Thiem and longtime rival Rafael Nadal just to reach the semifinals. While Nadal has not been in quite the same form as Federer over the past few tournaments, he does have the easier path and might be the safer bet. With Andy Murray sitting out due to injury, Nadal and Federer will supply most of the veteran star power. It will be interesting to see if any of the young guns can step up to the challenge. Also keep an eye on relative newcomer Alexander Zverev.

Over on the women’s side, all eyes are on Maria Sharapova who is returning to the game after a 15-month drug suspension.  Sharapova only made it as a wildcard and the U.S. Open will be her first major back.  Long layoffs can be killer for tennis players, so it will be interesting to see how she plays. Even with her time away from the game, Sharapova is still the biggest woman star and will draw the lion’s share of the attention.

Garbiñe Muguruza is coming off her Wimbledon win and has been playing the best tennis of her life all year. The smart money is still on Muguruza, but top seed Karolina Pliskova, Angelique Kerber and Simona Halep (who opens against Sharapova) are all lurking. It should be quite a corker.

All in all, the U.S. Open is one of the premier tennis events in the world and in one of the greatest cities in the world. Don’t pass up the chance to go to a match if you’re in the area!

Aug 16

Pump Products Now Distributing Darley Fire Pumps

Darley HEF11H Dolphin

Pump Products is proud to announce its latest manufacturing partnership with Darley Pumps. Darley is a manufacturing company specifically known for making fire pumps and other quality products often used by fire departments and other first responders. According to the company’s mission statement, Darley’s mission is “to passionately serve the world’s first responder and tactical communities by providing high quality, safe and innovative products with unmatched commitment and service.”

Pump Products currently carries engine driven “floating” pumps from Darley. Floating pumps are portable pumps built into a buoyant floating structure. These pumps sit on the surface of a water source and can quickly build up capacity and head. The portability and mobility is especially important in areas where a fire hydrant or other connection to city water may not be readily available. These pumps can be put in a barrel, fountain, swimming pool or other nearby bodies of water and be made ready to fight fire. Naturally, these pumps can also be used for general dewatering and water transfer applications.

Current pumps available include the HEF11H Dolphin, the HEF10.5BS Dolphin and the 2BEF-BS Porpoise. Each of these pumps are self priming and built to supply high volumes of water very quickly. Pumps include either Honda or Briggs & Stratton high performance motors and attached fuel tanks with a recoil rope start. Anodized aluminum or alloyed aluminum make them light enough for two people to easily move or displace.  All in all, these pumps are a good option for a local/volunteer fire department or if you are in a location removed from city water and where fire is a concern, such as at a farm.

Pump Products application engineers are standing by to help you find the right pump, as well as to provide price quotes, stocking availability and shipping information. Call our toll free number 1-800-429-0800.