Oct 23

PumpProducts.com Now Carrying Baldor Motors

Baldor Enclosed Motor

Baldor Enclosed Motor

PumpProducts.com is proud to announce that we are now carrying general purpose motors from Baldor Motors. Baldor is considered to be one of the finest and most reputable motor manufacturers in the country, long renowned for precision engineering, rugged quality construction and overall reliability. Baldor has long set the standard for motors in the US and the partnership with PumpProducts.com will ensure quality wares for all customers for years to come. When you install a pump with a Baldor motor, you know that product will last. 

Baldor Motors can be used with a wide variety of mechanical appliances, such as fans, conveyors, gear reducers and of course, the mighty pump, the king of all appliances. A wide range of the leading pump brands that we carry, such as Goulds, Taco and Bell & Gossett. The Baldor motors give your pump the necessary power to operate your specific pumping application. Whether you are boosting water pressure, recirculating hot water or irrigating your front lawn, Baldor motors let pumps work their wondrous magic.

PumpProducts.com currently carries three main motor configurations from Baldor and the company will work to add more motors for a wide variety of applications in the future.

Single Phase Enclosed

Baldor Single Phase Enclosed Motors are available from 1/12 HP through 15 HP in TEFC designs, where only single phase power is utilized. Standard foot mounted configurations are available, as well as C-Face foot mounted and C-Face footless. These motors are offered in 1/4 HP through 5 HP as Super-E Premium Efficient motors.

Three Phase Enclosed

Three Phase Enclosed motors are available in totally enclosed cast iron and industrial steel brand for harsh applications.

Three Phase Open

Three phase enclosed motors are available in totally enclosed cast iron and industrial steel band for harsh applications. The Super E Motors (EM & CEM) provide NEMA Premium efficiency and are designed as standard to be invert ready with wide variable torque speed ranges.

PumpProducts.com is rapidly expanding its stock of motors, generators and other mechanical appliances besides pumps. But do not think for one second that we will let the quality of our pump service lag. We will always emphasize excellent pump distribution service. Except we will now bring you that same care and customer service for motors and generators as well.

It is an exciting new era for pumps, motors and generators at PumpProducts.com and we want our customers to come along for the ride!

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Oct 17

Hundreds of Firefighters Respond to the Massive Fire in Wrightsville

On June 1st, the town of Wrightsville, Pennsylvania was shaded not underneath a blanket of clouds but by ash colored plumes of smoke rising from an industrial fire at the Donsco Incorporated facilities.

Hundreds of firefighters from every corner in York County assembled to combat the blaze. The fight lasted hours. Workers knelt, knees close to scraping against the foundry floor, in order to keep their noses and mouths just underneath the enveloping smoke. They escaped the building as organized as 100 people can be during a real fire drill.

One worker told the story of being lost amidst the smoke and only finding his way out when a flashlight cut through the dark clouds, like a lighthouse reaching out to lost ships.

Thanks to the bravery of local firefighters and the emergency preparedness of the Donsco employees, no one was seriously injured. Though the fire was referred to as “one of the largest fire losses in Wrightsville history,” according to fire chief Chad Livelsberger, facilities can always be rebuilt. Three fire fighters and one Donsco employee were checked for heat exhaustion and dehydration but nothing serious beyond that.

The flames originated when molten iron was being poured and splashed onto tanks of flammable fluid. After a few hours of fighting off the fire, firefighters set up a perimeter and pushed the public and news media back for fear of an explosion. Luckily no such catastrophe occurred.

You might be asking, “But why make particular mention of this fire?”

Shot from the Donsco fire (courtesy of WGAL.com)

Donsco represents an important step in the process of pump manufacturing.

Donsco Incorporated (according to their website) is North America’s leading single source of machined iron castings. Many of these iron castings end up on pumps manufactured by brands such as Goulds and Liberty. These pumps in turn, end up at the PumpProducts.com warehouse before getting shipped out to customers all across the country.

After terrible things happen, sometimes things are put into perspective. Call it the ripple effect or whatever you want but we get the chance to see how one thing affects another.

People rely on pumps. Industry and infrastructure depend heavily on pumps. How would sewage be dealt with if we didn’t have pumps? Pumps have even saved lives (i.e. the recent story of a Thai soccer team comprised of young children being rescued from a cave). So when something tragic happens that may slow the production of pumps, we get to see the important role pumps play in our everyday lives, even without us noticing most of the time.

Simply stated: events like the Wrightsville fire remind how much we need pumps and how vital they are to making sure that our society runs like clockwork.

PumpProducts.com would like to thank the firefighters who reported to the scene and all who made sure the sun set on June 1st with everyone at the scene being safe.

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Oct 08

Happy Columbus Day from PumpProducts.com!

It can be fun to find new things, like finding a new place to eat or finding that model of Goulds well pump that’s perfect for your application. The last time I got excited about finding something was when I found an old pair of socks under my bed that had been lost for weeks. I can’t imagine how Christopher Columbus must have felt when he finally spotted land after sailing across the vast Atlantic in 1492.

Columbus Day commemorates the landing of the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria in America all those years ago. Of course, Columbus originally thought he landed in Asia but after a quick check on Google Maps, discovered he was actually in the previously mostly unexplored by Europeans continent of America (we have to give some props to Leif Erikson). His voyages were sponsored by the Spanish crown and he originally made landfall in the Bahamas. Not much later he found Cuba and Hispaniola, which he thought to be China and Japan respectively.

Columbus Day fun fact: it’s a common misconception that most people back in 1492 thought the earth was flat. In reality, most Europeans knew the world was round, they were just not aware of the existence of the Pacific Ocean. It was thought that the Atlantic Ocean stretched in between Europe and Asia.

Columbus Day fun fact #2: it took Columbus three journeys back and forth until he realized he had “discovered” a new continent.

Brief history of Columbus Day in America

The first observance of Columbus Day occurred in 1792 as many cities across the nation celebrated the 300th anniversary of Columbus’ voyage. However Columbus Day did not become a federal holiday until 1937. Certainly not a day without it’s controversies, many Americans now celebrate the second Monday in October as Indigenous People’s Day. Although now a federal holiday, Columbus Day is still inconsistently celebrated across the United States. Some states observe the holiday and even give kids the day off of school while other states, such as Hawaii and South Dakota, just ignore the holiday all together.

Regardless, Columbus Day or whatever it’s referred to as, should be a day where ethnicity and cultures are honored and celebrated. This holiday is the perfect opportunity to come together and share what makes our cultures unique. Even though Columbus Day has certainly become one of the more peculiar dates on the calendar, many Americans, no matter where they or their ancestors were born or have emigrated from, typically celebrate Columbus Day with parades or street fairs. Columbus Day has also grown to be a day where Italian heritage in particular is celebrated since Columbus himself was Italian.

This day is also the perfect opportunity to visit PumpProducts.com and take a look at our wide inventory of pumps, parts, and accessories. If Columbus had seen our pumps and prices, he may have tried to discover America a couple years earlier.

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Jul 03

Happy July 4th from Pump Products!

The United States should consider itself lucky. Last year for my birthday I got a pair of socks. Every year America gets fireworks, parades, and a hot dog eating contest.

Ok, well maybe I could do without the hot dog eating contest.

Every July 4th we traditionally celebrate this great nation we live in with picnics, parades, and barbeques. July marks the very beginnings of summer and that means steaks sizzling on the grill and the smell of chlorine from a pool permeating through the air. It’s a time for awkward family reunions and late night colorful explosions in the sky.

July 4th is also a popular time to take a trip or curl your toes into the sand and watch the waves wash up on the beach. No matter what, Independence Day is a day to enjoy and perhaps most of all, a welcome day off from work (don’t tell my boss I said that).

What kind of Independence Day blog would this be without a quick history lesson? Though the voting for independence actually took place on July 2nd, Independence Day specifically refers to the date in 1776 when the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration was signed in Philadelphia by 56 delegates though the first, and perhaps most recognizable signature was John Hancock. It’s common knowledge of course, that the original 13 colonies seceded from Britain because of their terrible fish and chips. Or maybe it was, as the saying goes, taxation without representation. Either could be true.       

But of course, everyone knows the best way to get pumped up for Independence Day and be patriotic is to buy a red, white, or blue pump. Pumps are almost as American as apple pie and are truly the gift that keeps on giving. PumpProducts.com sells the highest quality pumps made right here in the good ol’ US of A.  So browse our website while munching on your hotdog and waiting for the sky show to begin.

Fun Facts:

Calvin Coolidge was the only president born on the 4th of July

About 150 million hot dogs are consumed during the 4th of July weekend

$675,000,000 is expected to be spent on fireworks this year (New York City has the biggest fireworks display in the country)

Congress declared July 4th as an official holiday in 1870 as part of a bill to officially recognize other holidays, Christmas being one of them.

The oldest, continuous Independence Day celebration in the United States is the 4th of July Parade in Bristol, Rhode Island; it began in 1785.

Happy 243rd Birthday America from all of us at Pump Products!

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Jun 15

Happy Father’s Day! ~ From PumpProducts.com

The third Sunday in June is Father’s Day, or as it’s referred to in my household, leave-dad-alone day. Is  there a better way to celebrate fathers everywhere than by sharing a small collection of my favorite dad jokes? Probably, but here are a couple jokes anyway that you’ll probably hate yourself for laughing at:

-I have a fear of elevators, but I’ve started taking steps to avoid it.

-I’m reading a book about anti-gravity. It’s impossible to put down.

-Reversing the car really takes me back.

-Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon? Great food, no atmosphere.

-Want to hear a joke about construction? I’m still working on it.

-When does a joke become a dad joke? When the punch line becomes apparent.

-How long does it take to make butter? An echurnity!

-What do you call someone who dresses up like a noodle? An impasta!

Now that we’ve gotten those out of the way, let’s talk about some awesome manly-alpha-male gifts you can get for your dad for Father’s Day. You could always go with something traditional and boring like a fishing pole or an autographed baseball. Or maybe (I’m just throwing this out there) you could get him a shiny new pump! PumpProducts.com carries the best pumps in the industry from the most trusted names like Goulds and Liberty. You’re dad will be so excited, trust me. Pumps truly are the gifts that keep on giving!

There was one more joke I wanted to tell about a piece of paper but I probably shouldn’t….it’s tearable.

Oh and Happy Father’s Day!!

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Jun 13

Happy Flag Day from Pump Products!

June 14th is the day we celebrate Old Glory. While not a federal holiday, Flag Day marks the anniversary of that day in 1777, when the Continental Congress adopted the stars and stripes through the First Flag Act.

Though the flag’s design has officially changed 27 times over the course of its history, the stars and stripes have come to symbolize the liberty and freedom that form the foundation of American ideals. The current iteration of the flag has been in service since 1960, which is the longest duration of any design.

It’s common knowledge that there’s one star for every state and one stripe for each original colony but many people aren’t as familiar with what the colors symbolize. Red represents hardiness and valor; white represents purity and blue symbolizes vigilance and justice.

Started by a Wisconsin school teacher in 1885, Flag Day is usually celebrated with parades and people proudly displaying red, white, and blue above their homes. Looking at all the different versions of the flag that have existed, is like taking a trip down memory lane for America. The various designs detail the history of the country and what had to be achieved in order for the United States to become what it is today.

There’s a saying about parades and how everyone enjoys them. Flag Day acts as a sort of precursor to July 4th. Sights and smells of barbecues and pool parties start to become more common, reminding us that summer is in full swing. June 14th also coincidentally marks the birthday of the United States Military as well.

If you’d like to be patriotic on Flag Day and celebrate, there are a few rules of etiquette to follow when displaying your flag:

-Flags are traditionally only supposed to be displayed in public from sunrise to sunset.

-After sunset, it can stay up but needs to be illuminated.

-Flags cannot be displayed during rain, snow, or wind storms, unless it is an all-weather flag.

-The flag should be raised briskly and lowered ceremoniously.

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Jun 04

PumpProducts.com Adds More Grundfos Centrifugal Booster Pumps

grundfos cr pump

Grundfos CR Series Centrifugal Booster Pump

PumpProducts.com is proud to announce that it has greatly expanded its selection of Grundfos centrifugal booster pumps to better service the domestic, commercial and industrial pump market. Grundfos centrifugal pumps are built with the famed Grundfos precision engineering, efficient pumping design and quality parts built to last.

“Grundfos is well-known in the industry for making sophisticated pumps that operate in a smooth and simple manner,” according to PumpProducts.com application engineer Lee. “I’m glad we’ll have a lot of variety to offer to our customers, who often have demanding applications.”

Centrifugal booster pumps are versatile pumps that use centrifugal force to move fluid in a wide variety of application settings. To that end, PumpProducts.com is now offering a wide variety of Grundfos centrifugal pump series.

These series include:

CR Series: Pump and motor which includes a variable frequency drive (VFD) for use in industrial processing systems, pumping of acids and alkalis, filtration systems, irrigation and water treatment.

CR-H Series: Boosters for horizontal end suction design piping with a back pull out design for easy removal and service.

TP Series: For quiet, high efficiency boosting applications.

TPE Series: Vertical in-line pumps with a built-in frequency converter to offer the user his or her choice of controls. TPE pumps offer high efficiency operation and energy savings.

Many other series of Grundfos centrifugal pumps are being added to the PumpProducts.com online catalogue as well. Each series features pump models with a wide range of specifications to meet specific customer needs. Here’s a tip: use the handy sidebar filter tool to pick your pump based on your required horsepower, flow, head, voltage, discharge size or material construction – chances are there will be a Grundfos centrifugal to meet your needs. A plethora of options, truly a veritable feast for the discerning contractor, homeowner or general centrifugal pump fan.

“It’s definitely a good time to look into Grundfos centrifugal pumps for your water boosting, treatment, irrigation or HVAC applications,” Lee said.

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May 24

Pump Products Celebrates Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is a special time for all Americans. It’s represents a time to look ahead, into the coming summer, but also a time to reflect on the past. Perhaps more than anything, it’s a time to be thankful.

Every last Monday in May we remember and celebrate the lives of servicemen and women who have fallen in the line of duty. Originally known as Decoration Day, Memorial Day has been a tradition since near the end of the Civil War though the day didn’t achieve the status of federal holiday until 1971. The exact origins of the day and where it was first celebrated are unclear but Waterloo, New York was officially declared the birthplace of the day by Lyndon Johnson in 1966. It wasn’t until World War I that the holiday evolved into commemorating troops lost not only in the Civil War, but across all armed conflicts the United States has been a part of.

A popular symbol of Memorial Day, the red poppy, was inspired by a poem entitled “We Shall Keep the Faith” by Moina Michael:

Oh! You who sleep in Flanders fields,
Sleep sweet – to rise anew!
We caught the torch you threw
And holding high, we keep the Faith
With All who died

We cherish, too, the poppy red
That grows on fields where valor led;
It seems to signal to the skies
That blood of heroes never dies,
But lends a lustre to the red
Of the flower that blooms above the dead
In Flanders field

And now the Torch and Poppy Red
We wear in honor of our dead
Fear not that ye have died for naught;
We’ll teach the lesson that you wrought

Moina Michael was the first to wear the red poppy. One thing led to another and soon enough they were mass produced and became a universal symbol of remembering fallen soldiers.

Memorial Day weekend also signals the official start of summer vacation. Summer brings images of waves rolling over sizzling sand, ice cream dripping timidly down the side of a cone onto the sidewalk, and smoke rising from charcoal that’s busy cooking food for the family barbeque.

Memorial Day is a time to enjoy what our freedom affords us. So go to the beach, spend time with family and enjoy yourself. Most of all enjoy the sweet gift of having Monday off work.

Pump Products would like to salute all those who have served our country and preserved the freedom and liberty that we enjoy every day.

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May 11

Happy Mother’s Day from Pump Products!

Every second Sunday in May marks the day when we celebrate that special lady in our lives. Or if you’re like me, it’s a day of panic and guilt when you realize you haven’t gotten her a gift yet. Thank God for one day shipping!

Unlike people, pumps aren’t just dropped off by storks. Pumps have gone through various evolutions and designs throughout the course of human history. In the spirit of being topical, Pump Products is celebrating this year’s Mother’s Day by talking about the mother of all pumps!


I give you… the shadoof.  What is a shadoof you ask?  It is the earliest known ancestor of the pump. The shadoof was used by ancient Egyptians as early as 2000 BC. If the Archimedean screw pump is the aunty of modern pumps then I guess the shadoof is more like the grandma. It’s basically a long pole with a bucket hanging from a rope at the end of it. The bucket’s main purpose was to move water from bodies of water onto land for irrigation. Water could also be transferred between different bodies of H2O. In some cases waterproof animal skins were mustered since ancient people didn’t have access to advanced bucket technology. A counterweight, made of such substances as clay or stone, was attached to the shorter end of the stick, giving it a sort of see-saw like resemblance.

A shadoof is simple enough to use. A person just pulled on the rope, lowering the bucket into water and allowing the counterweight to raise the bucket. Shadoofs are even still in use in some countries today!

Are pump’s responsible for civilization? I’ll let you be the judge…but yes they totally are! The ability to move water made irrigation and farming more achievable which supported greater populations in the ancient world.

To get back to my main point though, which is you should probably get your mom something nice this year. Of course, nothing let’s your mother know you love her more than a brand spanking new pump or shadoof.  Actually you probably shouldn’t get her a shadoof. It’s probably more fun to say than to use. Plus you can find a good Goulds pump with a better GPM at PumpProducts.com.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there from everyone at Pump Products!

Apr 09

Scuba Dive & Learn How a Sewage Pump System Works With Inspector Pumphead

As the old adage from the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu says, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Or to paraphrase, a single flush of the toilet! Get ready to witness a journey into the sewage system, guided by Inspector Pumphead.  

Many people don’t want to picture what happens after they flush the toilet, which is perfectly understandable. It’s gross! But the expulsion of wastewater is one of the most important functions that underpins indoor plumbing systems. Understanding how a sewage pumping system works, can give you a greater appreciation of how water moves in and out of your house. This knowledge can also help you make better purchasing decisions in the future.

With Inspector Pumphead, you have the perfect figure to guide you through the darkness. In this adventure, the brave Inspector will take you through a sewage system. Goulds sewage pumps are some of the finest on the market and the Inspector has a lot of experience with that brand. Don’t worry we’ve left out the gross parts. Check out the video:

Not every home needs a sewage pump

First, you should understand when you would need a sewage pump. If you are connected to city sewer (as opposed to a septic tank system), your water flows to either a storm sewer or a sanitary sewer. As the names suggest, the storm sewer is where rainwater runoff is exported, while the sanitary sewer takes care of your wastewater.

If a home or building is at grade (ground level), then the wastewater travels by gravity to the sanitary sewer. If the city sewer line is located above your home sewer line or you have a basement toilet, you need to install a sewage pump. The sewage works to push or “eject” the sewage up towards the city line (you will sometimes see sewage pumps referred to as sewage ejectors).

Journey down through the sewage system

In the first part of the video, Inspector Pumphead flushes himself down the toilet. Using the mixture of science and mysticism he learned while studying at Carnegie Mellon, he is able to shrink himself and scuba through the pipes.

The piping is one of the most important parts of your system. Sewage pipes in modern homes typically use PVC plastic, which is tough, corrosion-resistant and relatively simple to install. Older homes often use cast iron sewage piping, which is rugged but susceptible to rusting over time. Just something to keep in mind when thinking about your sewage needs.

The pipes eventually deposit the sewage, and Pumphead, into the sewage tank or basin. The basin is important because it contains the sewage pump and acts as the depository for the sewage.  The water also has the effect of keeping the pump motor cool.

How does a sewage pump export your wastewater?

Once the wastewater is in the basin, it gets sucked up through the inlet at the bottom of the sewage pump. In the video, the homeowner has chosen a Goulds sewage pump. Powered by the pump’s impeller, the water. along with Inspector Pumphead, moves through the pump and out of the discharge outlet through more piping, which eventually leads to the city sewer line. Depending on where the basin is located, you might need extra piping, elbows, etc. to connect to the city sewer line.

Where does sewage wastewater go?

Have you ever wondered what happens to your wastewater after it leaves your house? Wastewater moves to a water treatment plant where it is aerated, filtered and disinfected to remove waste particles and other microorganisms. In a very thorough and complicated process, wastewater becomes clean “reclaimed water.” The reclaimed water is free to be reintroduced to the ecosystem, often used as groundwater, irrigation water or as a cooling agent.

If you find the idea of your wastewater going back into the environment gross, just know that most states have regulations against using reclaimed water in potable systems (washing, drinking, swimming) where humans will have contact with the water. Still, reclaimed water is generally safe to touch.

Lucky for us, Inspector Pumphead is able to use his extensive knowledge to escape the system before the water reaches the treatment plant. That’s how dedicated Inspector Pumphead is to helping you understand more about pumps and water systems – he’ll risk getting sent through a filtration system for you!

Do you have any ideas for future adventures you’d like to see starring Inspector Pumphead? Let us know in the comments and we can see if he is up to the challenge!

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