Jul 19

Inspector Pumphead Comes Alive

Inspector Pumphead steps to the mic

1969: Man walks on the moon. 1971: man walks on the moon… uh, again. Then for a long time, nothing happened. Until now. Get ready for a seminal moment in American history, one that you will remember for the rest of your life. 

I’ve been through a lot of crazy adventures in my life as Inspector Pumphead. Therefore, there have been so many seminal moments… 

In 1968, I argued before the U.S. Supreme Court that not allowing my company to transport pumps across state lines was an illegal restraint of trade – and I won, thus changing the face of pump distribution forever. I am the man who introduced the booster pump to Japan, the chemical resistant pump to Bolivia and the concept of indoor plumbing to Antarctica. I remain an editor-at-large for the International Pump Review of Books where I have championed such critically acclaimed works as The Piping CorrectionsThe Sound and the Fury (of Your Plumbing System) and A Portrait of the Plumber as a Young Man.

Along with some of my friends from other countries, I helped found the International Plumbing Games™, which is now one of the most popular athletic events in the world and draws in over a billion television viewers every four years.

It’s been quite a wild ride and I treasure every memory. Still, before now, I have always preferred to maintain the veil of mystery. I usually let my trained disciples, the Application Engineers, speak to you. Until NOW!

That’s right, I, Inspector Pumphead speaks!

This is a moment that will be long remembered in American history. Why break my silence now? With Pump Products expanding at an exponential rate, I decided now was the perfect time to interact more fully with our customers. We have the momentum of a runaway freight train and we don’t plan on stopping.

To get it started, this brief video introduces our top six brands or the “Super 6” as I call them.

Goulds Water Technology, provider of the IRRI-GATOR pump as well as a wide variety of other pump types. Also known for the 2″ submersible well pumps.

Zoeller, the makers of the Mighty Mate and the Aquamate.

Liberty, probably best known for the Omnivore series grinder pumps.

Berkeley, known for delivering years of trouble free, efficient operation in the most challenging water transfer projects and residential water applications.

Myers, offers top quality sewage pumps designed for various applications.

Sta-Rite, manufactures some of the best selling centrifugal pumps.

These great brands are well known throughout the pump industry for reliability, precision engineering and performance. Responsive customer service is also important to all of our manufacturing partners, as well as to Pump Products. I’ll be doing more videos soon. That’s the Pumphead way. Strap yourself in and get ready for the ride.

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Jul 14

Inspector Pumphead Previews the British Open!

Inspector Pumphead’s got a powerful drive!

It’s time for golf’s British Open! Held at the Royal Birkdale Golf Club in Southport, England, this major tournament is steeped in history and tradition. In addition to being the oldest of the Majors, it is also the only one of the major championships to be held outside of the United States. The British Open is also often called the Open Championship. So, who will win? 

This Open is typically known for producing windy conditions. High rise dunes at the Birkdale course will also be challenging. The conditions suggest that aggressive golfers who can take advantage of the high winds and slow greens can actually benefit. Historically, older golfers have had much success and outperformed expectations at the Open.

For now, however, the odds makers are favoring two youngsters, Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy. They are two of the most dominant golfers of the past few years, however both are coming off of U.S. Open disappointments when they (and others) made headlines for missing the cut. It will be interesting to see how they respond to the adversity.  In golf, the mental setbacks are often more challenging than the physical ones.

Burgeoning superstar Jordan Spieth has also emerged from his recent struggles and is the third favorite to take the Open. Spieth is one of the most popular younger players on the tour and comes armed with a boatload of endorsements to boot. It will be interesting to contrast his performance with those of Johnson and McIlroy.

As mentioned above, older players generally find some success at this particular tournament, so it won’t just be the young guns making noise. Sergio Garcia is still riding the emotional wave from his breakthrough Masters win. Rickie Fowler, Jason Day and Adam Scott are… still around. And after missing out on the past few Majors, fan favorite Phil Mickelson is back to compete. All in all, it should be a wild and fun tournament.

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Jul 05

Inspector Pumphead Talks Wimbledon!

Wimbledon is underway and Inspector Pumphead has some thoughts on this grand tennis tournament.

Inspector Pumphead fires up a monster serve

Probably the most well-known and prestigious of all the Major tennis tournaments, Wimbledon takes place every summer in London. This event is famous for its fast grass courts, all-white dress code and the consistent attendance of prominent celebrities, including members of the Royal Family. Both the men’s and women’s finals are some of typically the highest rated tennis broadcasts all year, despite the time difference between the UK and the US.

This year will continue the recurrent themes for both the men’s and women’s draw. On the women’s side, the absence of Serena Williams widens the potential field considerably. In the men’s draw, the veteran’s crew continues to hold sway, as the likes of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are favorites to fend off the younger crew.

It should be an interesting draw. Let’s dive into some of these factors in the preview.

Golden Oldies

Tennis has long been known as a young man’s (or woman’s) game, it was much more common to see a 17-year old wunderkind win a major tournament than a player over 29. Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe, perhaps the two biggest icons of the 70s/80s tennis boom, both won their last Major tournaments at 25 years old and that was not a particularly unusual fact.

But now, many of the top players in the world are dominant well into their 30s. In fact, the entire top five is part of the thirty-something crowd:
–Andy Murray, 30

–Rafael Nadal, 31

–Stan Wawrinka, 32

–Roger Federer, 35

–Novak Djokovic, 30

It’s pretty remarkable and the first time in the history of tennis rankings that this has happened. There could be a variety of explanations as to why older players are surviving. This Wall Street Journal story digs into some of the factors. Perhaps the most pertinent explanation includes the advances in sports nutrition, awareness of injury prevention methods and the recuperative techniques. These are valuable tools that help older players maintain their edge.  With elite older players combining their knowledge and experience with a retained athleticism, it is more difficult than ever for younger players to break through the ranks.

It will be fascinating to see if young guns such as Dominic Thiem, Kei Nishikori and Nick Kyrgios can dethrone their idols.

Questions in the Women’s Draw

When the dominant Serena Williams is not playing, the field is considered wide open. World no. 1 Angelique Kerber would ostensibly be the favorite but she has been struggling as of lately and will probably lose her top ranking. Simona Help and Karolina Pliskova are in play as are crowd favorites Caroline Wozniacki and Coco Vandeweghe.

Despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that there aren’t as many big names in the women’s draw, it could be even more interesting than the men’s side.

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Jul 03

Happy Independence Day from Pump Products!

Happy Independence Day from Pump Products! It’s more than just a classic 90s scifi action movie starring legendary actors Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum. It is also perhaps the most sacred and uniquely American of all holidays, a date that every child learns at an early age. It is a day to gather with family and friends and celebrate our freedom as a sovereign nation.

Inspector Pumphead is ready to light some fireworks

The date of course, celebrates the original thirteen colonies breaking away from Great Britain to form a new nation. Specifically, the date marks official congressional approval for the written Declaration of Independence which occurred at the Continental Congress in Philadelphia. Interestingly, independence was technically declared on July 2 of that year, while most of the actual signing took place on August 2, 1776.

As we know, conflict had been brewing long before the Continental Congress convened in the hot summer months of 1776.  The American Revolutionary War would not end until September of 1783 with the signing of the Treaty of Paris. Nevertheless, July 4 is the date that has stuck in the cultural memory and the date that has become an important federal holiday.

Whatever the particular dates, Independence is a focal point of national pride and the fact that it takes place during the summer also associates the day with all manner of outdoor activities, such as cookouts, picnics, baseball games, parades and watching fireworks.


July 4 was immediately recognized as a seminal, earth-shaking moment. As early as 1777, celebrations were held to commemorate the anniversary of the Declaration. In Philadelphia, celebrations would be easily recognizable to a modern audience: a parade was held, fireworks were lit and food was plentiful.

Various types of celebrations were held over the years, but the day did not actually become a paid federal holiday until 1938.

Did You Know?

While the singers of the Declaration all have historical significance as “Founding Fathers” the only two signatories who would go on to become President were John Adams (in 1797) and Thomas Jefferson (in 1801).

The man who derives the most fame from the signing is probably John Hancock whose signature quite literally looms large on the page. Because of the obvious visibility of Hancock’s signature, “Sign your John Hancock” was for a time a popular colloquialism.

Traditions and Customs

As with any holiday, performing certain rituals is an important part of the observance. The practice allows people to fully immerse themselves in the holiday spirit and feel connected to the people of the past.

–Watching the fireworks
–Grilling outside
–Having a family reunion where your weird cousin fights with your drunk uncle
–Spontaneously singing the national anthem and/or “God Bless America”
–Shooting some British people with a musket (Just kidding! This is a joke. Pump Products is not liable if you decide to shoot a British person.)

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Jun 26

Awesome Pump Products Cookout has Pump Fans Raving

Pump Products held a cookout and customer appreciation event at its Westwood location on Friday, June 23. The purpose was to have a good time and eat good food with other businesses and members of both the pump community and the local community. The event was generously sponsored by Thermco, which serves as the manufacturing representative for all Armstrong products in New Jersey.

Despite some clouds and light drizzle, an enthusiastic crowd turned out for the celebration. Pump Products’ master chef Giuseppe manned the grill, turning out delicious hot dogs (with sauerkraut!) and cheeseburgers. Chips, potato salad, macaroni salad, cookies, candy bars (with Pump Products wrapping!) and other treats were also readily available. The event also featured a rare appearance from Inspector Pumphead himself!

Inspector Pumphead took time out of his busy schedule to drop by

“The food is really great… really tasty and top-notch,” said Pump Products videographer Mike. “It was also great to see the Inspector out and about, I know he’s really busy, so it’s great that he came.”

Look at the flick of the wrist

The reps from Thermco also displayed several new products and answered questions about them, including a Generac Motor and a pump from Armstrong’s Design Envelope 4300 series. The design envelope style makes this pump compact and light. This advanced vertical in-line pump includes iECM motor technology that is more energy efficient than most pump motors. The smaller motor size and in-line design also make the pump less costly to install, since it does not need inertia bases, housekeeping pads or other flex connectors. The pump also takes up minimal floor space.

Armstrong Design Envelope Pump


In addition to the displays, the Thermco reps also discussed best practices for distribution and customer service with Pump Products’ application engineers.

Thermco reps answered questions while enjoying some delicious food

“It was great to get some facetime with the Thermco reps” according to Pump Products application engineer Christian. “It really gave me an understanding of the thought process behind certain policies and that will help me help customers going forward.”

In turn, customers and reps got the chance to pick the brains of Pump Products application engineers. That kind of face-to-face interaction is invaluable and simply can’t be replicated over the phone or through email. The insight gained from that interaction will surely help improve and streamline future transactions.

All in all, it was a wonderful event that allowed Pump Products to show the best of itself. More events like this are planned for the upcoming months – stay tuned!

We even have our own candy bar

Pump Products applications engineers are standing by to help you find the right pump, as well as provide price quotes, availability and shipping information. Call our toll-free number 1-800-429-0800.


Jun 16

Happy Father’s Day From Pump Products!

Father’s Day is coming up this weekend. A day often overlooked because it is not as popular as Mother’s Day and is packed between Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. Still, even if your family doesn’t tend to make a big deal of Father’s Day (Grandpa Pumphead always said the best gift was to “leave me alone”) it is still celebrating and getting a present for dear old dad. 

Inspector Pumphead manning the grill

Of course, as I always say, there’s no better gift than a good pump. May i suggest a sump pump from Goulds or Liberty? There nothing dads love more than motioning to a piece of mechanical equipment and saying “Got it for a good price too!” That is why you absolutely must consider one of our sump pumps.

Here’s some other stuff you can buy or participate in for Father’s Day:

Grilling: Dads love doing this, particularly the ones who like to overcook or undercook everything.

Camping: If you’re an outdoor person I guess but maybe just watch TV.

Watch the U.S. Open: If your dad is an avid golfer, in which case I am so sorry.

Go out to eat at a nice restaurant: This is a neutral option that probably won’t upset anybody.

Go hunting: If you prefer to catch your own meat.

Play a game of catch: If you like baseball, nostalgia and/or Field of Dreams.

Give him a nice bottle of scotch: He deserves it after raising you.

Whatever you end up doing, be sure to show some appreciation for the man who raised you, fed you and put clothes on your back. It’s a day that sometimes gets overlooked, but it doesn’t deserve to be. Have a good Father’s Day!

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Jun 15

Inspector Pumphead Previews The U.S. Open!

Inspector Pumphead tours the course!

It is time for golf’s U.S. Open! One of the big four “Major” Tournaments of the golf scene, this year’s edition will take place the Erin Hills course in Erin, Wisconsin. Most of the biggest names in golf will be heading to Wisconsin to try to earn the $12 million purse, the largest in the tournament’s history. 

Generally, the U.S. Open has had a reputation as perhaps the most rigorous and challenging Major, regardless of the course. The ethos of the event is to push all golfers to truly test their limits and push themselves. The course it Erin Hills is supposed to be both long, wide and soft. Which golfer will step up this time?

Unsurprisingly, Dustin Johnson and Jordan Spieth come in as heavy favorites, despite neither winning the Master’s. They have been two of the most dominant golfers in the world over the past few years. Sergio Garcia became a sentimental favorite for winning his first Major at Augusta, despite years of questions about his ability by the golf media. Can he do it again? Rory McIlroy, the Scottish wunderkind, is still lurking.

Dustin Johnson (29-4)

Jordan Spieth (9-1)

Jason Day (11-1)

Rory McIlroy (12-1)

Jon Rahm (18-1)

Rickie Fowler (18-1)

Fan favorite Phil Mickelson will notably be absent due to a conflict with his daughter’s graduation ceremony. And of course Tiger Woods will be absent; the man who is still the world’s most famous golfer has been in the news more for his legal troubles than anything to do with the sport. It’s a real shame for the man who once dominated the sport so thoroughly. Many predicted that by 2017 Tiger would have owned the record for most Majors won, surpassing the great Jack Nicklaus.

In fact, this will be the first Major tournament to feature neither Mickelson nor Woods since 1994! We are truly witnessing a changing of the guard and shift in golf’s future.

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Jun 14

Happy Flag Day from Inspector Pumphead!

Inspector Pumphead loves the flag

Today, June 14 marks Flag Day, one of the more underrated holidays on the American calendar. It is a day to celebrate the that venerable symbol of American beauty, power and freedom, the Star-Spangled Banner. It’s not an official federal holiday – chances are you’re reading this it at work – but it has an interesting history of its own that deserves recognition nonetheless. 

Flag Day specifically celebrates the adoption of “Old Glory” as the official flag of the United States which occurred on June 14, 1777, a little less than a year after the Declaration of Independence. Flags are of course, an important emblem for a people or a country. They (ostensibly) represent something essential about the people who fly it.

In the case of the American flag, the symbolism is famously quite straightforward: the 13 stripes represent the original 13 colonies while the 50 stars represent the current 50 states. Red is meant to represent courage and valor, white represents a sense of purity and innocence and blue represents “vigilance, perseverance and justice.”

Of course, not everyone likes the design of the flag and would prefer an older version:

But now the flag, the colors and the stripes are a foundational part of American iconography. These symbols inspire reverence and devotion. You can argue that every country loves its flag. But have you ever noticed that other nations’ sports teams will often wear colors that have nothing to do with the national flag? American sports teams are always decked out in stars and stripes. We love the flag.

The flag has also been used in unexpected ways. Here’s a sampling of different art works that have been inspired by the flag. It is fascinating to see the different ways that people interpret the classic piece of American iconography. All these photos were taken from the wonderful “eflags” blog. The person who runs the blog aggregates different flag artworks from around the web. Visit the site for more!

Danh Vō – Pao Soft (2010)

Gold leaf on cardboard

Brandon Carleton – Untitled, Sioux City, Iowa (2015)

B.F. Perkins – Mailbox (1985)

Linda Hinrichs – Title unknown (1986)

Glass beads and metal tubing

Jasper Johns – Two Flags (Whitney Anniversary) (1980)


James Cross – Title unknown (1986)

Acrylic on fabric

Gail Rosenbloom Kaplan – American Flag (date unknown)


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Jun 12

Pump Products Is Now Carrying Davey Water Products

Pump Products is proud to announce our newest manufacturing partnership with Davey Water Products USA. Originally founded in Australia by Frank W. Davey, the company is one of the renowned and respected water product manufacturers “Down Under.” Pump Products is excited to grow the business stateside. In addition to pumps, Davey also manufactures tanks, controllers and chlorinators for pools.

Currently, we carry the Davey pressure controls and booster pumps as non-stock items. The Torrium 2 pressure controls are intelligent systems that incorporate several layers of pump protection, including an inbuilt surge arrestor and automatic “cut-out” protections to prevent overheating. They can sense when the pump’s pressure falls to 80% of the previous shut-off pressure. The Davey BT pressure boosting system includes the robust BT stainless steel centrifugal pump and the Torrium 2 water pressure controller together.

For more information on the Davey pumps or any other products, be sure to call and speak to one of our application engineers today at 1-800-429-0800.