Sep 06

Pump Products is Now Carrying See Water Inc. Pump Controls

See Water SSP-3

Pump Products is proud to announce a new distributing partnership with See Water Inc., a premier distributor of controls, alarms, switches and other accessories for pumping systems. Located in Riverside, CA, See Water Inc. was founded in 1995 by Ron MacDonald when he realized there was a need in the market for a pump control that could work in oil containment areas and elevator sump pits.

The Oil Smart pump control was the first step, and See Water, Inc. has since expanded to a variety of pumping accessory products for wastewater, HVAC and utility pumping systems (among others).

Pump Products currently carries See Water liquid level alarms, control panels and float switches designed for use in conjunction with sewage and sump pumps.

See Water alarms are designed for easy installations and comes equipped with external terminals for floats and alarm status indication. The HLA liquid alarm models are “plug and play” for simple and fast installation. These alarms are specifically used to detect dangerous water levels and most packages include a narrow angle float switch. Visible indicators include a green power-on indicator and a red LED alarm light. Audible indicators include an 85 decibel sound. Also included is an automatic reset when the liquid level reverts to normal levels. Alarms are rated for NEMA indoor/outdoor enclosures.

Control panels are available in simplex and duplex configurations for use in conjunction with either single or three phase pumps. Triplex control panels are also available specifically for use with three phase pumps. See Water control panels are designed for quick installation and simple maintenance; in stand-by mode they are designed to use minimal power. Most control packages will include the control box, integrated electronic control, alarm and a float switch (some packages have up to three float switches).

Individual float switches from See Water are also available for separate purchase. See Water float switches are normally open, with wide/narrow angle and piggyback options are available.

All in all, See Water Inc. is a fine manufacturer of pump control systems and accessories and Pump Products is proud to distribute these products to customers in need.

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Sep 04

Happy Labor Day from Pump Products!

Inspector Pumphead is putting away his tools in honor of Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day from Inspector Pumphead and Pump Products! We all sincerely hope you’re enjoying your day off, because you’ve earned it.

Labor Day is typically thought as the unofficial “end of summer” and the start of autumn and the new school year (technically the first day of fall is Sept. 22).

The three day weekend offers one last chance for a summer getaway, family barbecue or just a chance to not worry about work. Many school districts across the country start the school year on the Tuesday after Labor Day specifically to boost internal tourism to places such as amusement parks.

Labor Day weekend often signals the start of football season as well. This year, college football kicked off with the massive Florida State vs. Alabama game on Saturday, while the NFL traditionally kicks off the Thursday after Labor Day.

Apparently, it is also an important day in the fashion world as well, as it is considered gauche or déclassé to wear white after Labor Day. I wouldn’t know – I always have on my white lab coat, even when I’m plumbing!

But aside from the association with beach trips, barbecues and sports, Labor Day actually has a fascinating and important history. People often think the weekend is about actually doing labor, as the name suggests. It is actually meant to be a celebration of trade unions and the labor movement, and by extension, all the workers of the world.

If you are a longtime follower of our holiday blogs, you know that the history of American holidays often follow a similar path with many disparate groups holding commemorations according to their own calendar. Inevitably, external forces push toward a more unified holiday date.

The history of Labor Day is no different. In the 1880s and 1890s, many in the labor movement began advocating for such a day on the U.S. calendar and May 1 was a popular choice. But then-President Grover Cleveland feared that a celebration in early May would be too strongly associated with the Haymarket Affair which took place on May 3-4, 1886.

The Haymarket Affair started when workers in Illinois gathered in Haymarket Square in Chicago to strike for an eight-hour workday. Several strikers were killed by police and the next day a bomb was thrown into a crowd, killing both protesters and police. Several anarchists were eventually tried and convicted of the crime.

So naturally, Cleveland wanted to distance the new labor day from Haymarket. But he still needed the support of the unions, so he supported the creation of a September Labor Day in 1887. Oregon was the first state to make Labor Day a public holiday but it did not become a federal holiday until 1894 after the Pullman Strike. That strike was started by the American Railway Union against the Pullman Company, the railways and the federal government to protest reduced wages and unfair working conditions.

The strike eventually turned violent and resulted in the deaths of 30 workers (with many more wounded) at the hands of the U.S. Marshals and the Army. Eugene Debs, the main organizer of the strike, was sentenced to prison. In an effort to bring about a sense of reconciliation with the trade unions, President Cleveland and Congress designated Labor Day as an official federal holiday soon after the strike.

This fascinating history is rarely brought up when Labor Day rolls around. But now you know! So while you’re enjoying your day off, don’t forget to raise a glass to the workers who fought and died for your labor rights such as lunch breaks, weekends, the eight hour workday and this unique federal holiday in September.

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Aug 28

Inspector Pumphead Previews the U.S. Open!

It’s time for The U.S. Open of Tennis! In addition to being the tennis Major of North America, the U.S. Open is also one of the most important sports events to take place in Queens and is critical to the borough, especially if the Mets stink (so, usually).

Inspector Pumphead’s been practicing for the U.S. Open!

Every year, the final major of the year is held at the Billie Jean King Tennis Center complex, with the main court featuring at Arthur Ashe Stadium. All the biggest matches, including both the men’s and women’s final, are held at Arthur Ashe. With its fast hard courts and vibrant crowd (often including many New York-based celebrities), the U.S. Open easily distinguishes itself from the more formal Wimbledon and the slow clay court based French Open.

This year’s draw promises to provide some interest. Roger Federer’s magical comeback mystery tour rolls along, as the now 36 year old continues to defy tennis history and known sports biology by continuing to play at an elite level. Part of the secret is simply rest of course, as Federer has withdrawn from more tournaments to stay fresh. Still, the fact that he is the favorite heading into the Open at his age is a marvel. Tennis used to be ruled by prodigies in their late teens and early 20s. No longer.

Federer has tough draw and could potentially have to get through other bright lights such as Nick Kyrgios, Dominic Thiem and longtime rival Rafael Nadal just to reach the semifinals. While Nadal has not been in quite the same form as Federer over the past few tournaments, he does have the easier path and might be the safer bet. With Andy Murray sitting out due to injury, Nadal and Federer will supply most of the veteran star power. It will be interesting to see if any of the young guns can step up to the challenge. Also keep an eye on relative newcomer Alexander Zverev.

Over on the women’s side, all eyes are on Maria Sharapova who is returning to the game after a 15-month drug suspension.  Sharapova only made it as a wildcard and the U.S. Open will be her first major back.  Long layoffs can be killer for tennis players, so it will be interesting to see how she plays. Even with her time away from the game, Sharapova is still the biggest woman star and will draw the lion’s share of the attention.

Garbiñe Muguruza is coming off her Wimbledon win and has been playing the best tennis of her life all year. The smart money is still on Muguruza, but top seed Karolina Pliskova, Angelique Kerber and Simona Halep (who opens against Sharapova) are all lurking. It should be quite a corker.

All in all, the U.S. Open is one of the premier tennis events in the world and in one of the greatest cities in the world. Don’t pass up the chance to go to a match if you’re in the area!

Aug 16

Pump Products Now Distributing Darley Fire Pumps

Darley HEF11H Dolphin

Pump Products is proud to announce its latest manufacturing partnership with Darley Pumps. Darley is a manufacturing company specifically known for making fire pumps and other quality products often used by fire departments and other first responders. According to the company’s mission statement, Darley’s mission is “to passionately serve the world’s first responder and tactical communities by providing high quality, safe and innovative products with unmatched commitment and service.”

Pump Products currently carries engine driven “floating” pumps from Darley. Floating pumps are portable pumps built into a buoyant floating structure. These pumps sit on the surface of a water source and can quickly build up capacity and head. The portability and mobility is especially important in areas where a fire hydrant or other connection to city water may not be readily available. These pumps can be put in a barrel, fountain, swimming pool or other nearby bodies of water and be made ready to fight fire. Naturally, these pumps can also be used for general dewatering and water transfer applications.

Current pumps available include the HEF11H Dolphin, the HEF10.5BS Dolphin and the 2BEF-BS Porpoise. Each of these pumps are self priming and built to supply high volumes of water very quickly. Pumps include either Honda or Briggs & Stratton high performance motors and attached fuel tanks with a recoil rope start. Anodized aluminum or alloyed aluminum make them light enough for two people to easily move or displace.  All in all, these pumps are a good option for a local/volunteer fire department or if you are in a location removed from city water and where fire is a concern, such as at a farm.

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Aug 10

Inspector Pumphead Previews the PGA Championship!

It’s time for the last Major golf tournament of the year, the PGA Championship. While this tournament may not have the history and prestige of The Masters or The (British) Open, it still an important event for the top golfers to round out their Major season, while many young up-and-comers will look to make their mark.

Inspector Pumphead lines up his putt

This year’s Championship will take place at the Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, North Carolina. This is the club’s first hosted Major and the quality of the course has been questioned privately by some golfers and caddies, as is often the case with many first time venues. Of course, part of the challenge of golf is adapting to the challenges and vagaries of each specific course.

All eyes at this year’s tournament will be on British Open winner Jordan Spieth. Spieth is perhaps the most popular young golfer in the world, and his win at the Open may have quelled any doubts about his ability to bounce back after the adversity he experienced last season. The PGA Championship represents the chance for Spieth to complete the career Grand Slam (winning all four Major tournaments) at only 24 years old. If successful, he would complete the Slam at a younger age than Jack Nicklaus as well as Tiger Woods, too.

Could Rory McIlroy be the one standing in his way? Many of the betting crowd are predicting a collision course between the two bright young stars. McIlroy is in an interesting place; still good and respected, but not quite as dominant as some in the golf community think he is capable of being. Could the PGA Championship have a rejuvenating effect on him, the way the Open seemingly did for Spieth? It will be fascinating to find out.

While Spieth and McIlroy may be the main draws, there is always plenty of intrigue at any Major – one merely has to go back through the history of golf to find instances where the favorites falter and someone surprising or unexpected rises to take the place. Could that happen this year? The only way to find out is to watch!

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Aug 01

Pump Products Continues to Expand Line of A.Y. McDonald Products

A.Y. McDonald 6195-003 SludgeMaster

Pump Products has greatly expanded its stock of products from partner company A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co.  A.Y. McDonald’s is one of the most reputable manufacturers of pumps, parts and accessories in the U.S.  Pump Products web administrators have been hard at work to add new items to the online store catalog. 

One of the most prominent new additions is A.Y. McDonald’s well known line of jet pumps. These include standard shallow well pumps (for wells with water tables of 25 ft. or less), multi-stage jet pumps for extra power and convertible jet pumps which can service both shallow and deep wells. Of course to convert the jet pump between applications, you need the proper fittings and Pump Products carries ejector packages for both shallow and deep wells.

Other new products include the DuraMac booster system package for light commercial and irrigation use. The system can shut the pump down when no flow is detected. A.Y. McDonald’s “Super Booster” series centrifugal pumps are also popular items among customers. 

Folks, the only thing we don’t sell from A.Y. McDonald’s is Happy Meals. But we can give you happy deals – on pumps!

Of course it’s a lot of hard work adding new products to the website which is why dedicated staff members pour over technical manuals, decipher charts and graphs and take the time to communicate with the manufacturer.

“We’re happy and excited to introduce more A.Y. McDonald’s pumps to customers and give them the right information for their application” according to Pump Products web associate Jackie. “I especially love looking over the curves and writing out the specs.”

Pump Products will continue to add more products from a wide variety of the top manufacturers in the business to better serve customers in the residential, commercial and industrial markets.

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Jul 19

Inspector Pumphead Comes Alive

Inspector Pumphead steps to the mic

1969: Man walks on the moon. 1971: man walks on the moon… uh, again. Then for a long time, nothing happened. Until now. Get ready for a seminal moment in American history, one that you will remember for the rest of your life. 

I’ve been through a lot of crazy adventures in my life as Inspector Pumphead. Therefore, there have been so many seminal moments… 

In 1968, I argued before the U.S. Supreme Court that not allowing my company to transport pumps across state lines was an illegal restraint of trade – and I won, thus changing the face of pump distribution forever. I am the man who introduced the booster pump to Japan, the chemical resistant pump to Bolivia and the concept of indoor plumbing to Antarctica. I remain an editor-at-large for the International Pump Review of Books where I have championed such critically acclaimed works as The Piping CorrectionsThe Sound and the Fury (of Your Plumbing System) and A Portrait of the Plumber as a Young Man.

Along with some of my friends from other countries, I helped found the International Plumbing Games™, which is now one of the most popular athletic events in the world and draws in over a billion television viewers every four years.

It’s been quite a wild ride and I treasure every memory. Still, before now, I have always preferred to maintain the veil of mystery. I usually let my trained disciples, the Application Engineers, speak to you. Until NOW!

That’s right, I, Inspector Pumphead speaks!

This is a moment that will be long remembered in American history. Why break my silence now? With Pump Products expanding at an exponential rate, I decided now was the perfect time to interact more fully with our customers. We have the momentum of a runaway freight train and we don’t plan on stopping.

To get it started, this brief video introduces our top six brands or the “Super 6” as I call them.

Goulds Water Technology, provider of the IRRI-GATOR pump as well as a wide variety of other pump types. Also known for the 2″ submersible well pumps.

Zoeller, the makers of the Mighty Mate and the Aquamate.

Liberty, probably best known for the Omnivore series grinder pumps.

Berkeley, known for delivering years of trouble free, efficient operation in the most challenging water transfer projects and residential water applications.

Myers, offers top quality sewage pumps designed for various applications.

Sta-Rite, manufactures some of the best selling centrifugal pumps.

These great brands are well known throughout the pump industry for reliability, precision engineering and performance. Responsive customer service is also important to all of our manufacturing partners, as well as to Pump Products. I’ll be doing more videos soon. That’s the Pumphead way. Strap yourself in and get ready for the ride.

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Jul 14

Inspector Pumphead Previews the British Open!

Inspector Pumphead’s got a powerful drive!

It’s time for golf’s British Open! Held at the Royal Birkdale Golf Club in Southport, England, this major tournament is steeped in history and tradition. In addition to being the oldest of the Majors, it is also the only one of the major championships to be held outside of the United States. The British Open is also often called the Open Championship. So, who will win? 

This Open is typically known for producing windy conditions. High rise dunes at the Birkdale course will also be challenging. The conditions suggest that aggressive golfers who can take advantage of the high winds and slow greens can actually benefit. Historically, older golfers have had much success and outperformed expectations at the Open.

For now, however, the odds makers are favoring two youngsters, Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy. They are two of the most dominant golfers of the past few years, however both are coming off of U.S. Open disappointments when they (and others) made headlines for missing the cut. It will be interesting to see how they respond to the adversity.  In golf, the mental setbacks are often more challenging than the physical ones.

Burgeoning superstar Jordan Spieth has also emerged from his recent struggles and is the third favorite to take the Open. Spieth is one of the most popular younger players on the tour and comes armed with a boatload of endorsements to boot. It will be interesting to contrast his performance with those of Johnson and McIlroy.

As mentioned above, older players generally find some success at this particular tournament, so it won’t just be the young guns making noise. Sergio Garcia is still riding the emotional wave from his breakthrough Masters win. Rickie Fowler, Jason Day and Adam Scott are… still around. And after missing out on the past few Majors, fan favorite Phil Mickelson is back to compete. All in all, it should be a wild and fun tournament.

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Jul 05

Inspector Pumphead Talks Wimbledon!

Wimbledon is underway and Inspector Pumphead has some thoughts on this grand tennis tournament.

Inspector Pumphead fires up a monster serve

Probably the most well-known and prestigious of all the Major tennis tournaments, Wimbledon takes place every summer in London. This event is famous for its fast grass courts, all-white dress code and the consistent attendance of prominent celebrities, including members of the Royal Family. Both the men’s and women’s finals are some of typically the highest rated tennis broadcasts all year, despite the time difference between the UK and the US.

This year will continue the recurrent themes for both the men’s and women’s draw. On the women’s side, the absence of Serena Williams widens the potential field considerably. In the men’s draw, the veteran’s crew continues to hold sway, as the likes of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are favorites to fend off the younger crew.

It should be an interesting draw. Let’s dive into some of these factors in the preview.

Golden Oldies

Tennis has long been known as a young man’s (or woman’s) game, it was much more common to see a 17-year old wunderkind win a major tournament than a player over 29. Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe, perhaps the two biggest icons of the 70s/80s tennis boom, both won their last Major tournaments at 25 years old and that was not a particularly unusual fact.

But now, many of the top players in the world are dominant well into their 30s. In fact, the entire top five is part of the thirty-something crowd:
–Andy Murray, 30

–Rafael Nadal, 31

–Stan Wawrinka, 32

–Roger Federer, 35

–Novak Djokovic, 30

It’s pretty remarkable and the first time in the history of tennis rankings that this has happened. There could be a variety of explanations as to why older players are surviving. This Wall Street Journal story digs into some of the factors. Perhaps the most pertinent explanation includes the advances in sports nutrition, awareness of injury prevention methods and the recuperative techniques. These are valuable tools that help older players maintain their edge.  With elite older players combining their knowledge and experience with a retained athleticism, it is more difficult than ever for younger players to break through the ranks.

It will be fascinating to see if young guns such as Dominic Thiem, Kei Nishikori and Nick Kyrgios can dethrone their idols.

Questions in the Women’s Draw

When the dominant Serena Williams is not playing, the field is considered wide open. World no. 1 Angelique Kerber would ostensibly be the favorite but she has been struggling as of lately and will probably lose her top ranking. Simona Help and Karolina Pliskova are in play as are crowd favorites Caroline Wozniacki and Coco Vandeweghe.

Despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that there aren’t as many big names in the women’s draw, it could be even more interesting than the men’s side.

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Jul 03

Happy Independence Day from Pump Products!

Happy Independence Day from Pump Products! It’s more than just a classic 90s scifi action movie starring legendary actors Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum. It is also perhaps the most sacred and uniquely American of all holidays, a date that every child learns at an early age. It is a day to gather with family and friends and celebrate our freedom as a sovereign nation.

Inspector Pumphead is ready to light some fireworks

The date of course, celebrates the original thirteen colonies breaking away from Great Britain to form a new nation. Specifically, the date marks official congressional approval for the written Declaration of Independence which occurred at the Continental Congress in Philadelphia. Interestingly, independence was technically declared on July 2 of that year, while most of the actual signing took place on August 2, 1776.

As we know, conflict had been brewing long before the Continental Congress convened in the hot summer months of 1776.  The American Revolutionary War would not end until September of 1783 with the signing of the Treaty of Paris. Nevertheless, July 4 is the date that has stuck in the cultural memory and the date that has become an important federal holiday.

Whatever the particular dates, Independence is a focal point of national pride and the fact that it takes place during the summer also associates the day with all manner of outdoor activities, such as cookouts, picnics, baseball games, parades and watching fireworks.


July 4 was immediately recognized as a seminal, earth-shaking moment. As early as 1777, celebrations were held to commemorate the anniversary of the Declaration. In Philadelphia, celebrations would be easily recognizable to a modern audience: a parade was held, fireworks were lit and food was plentiful.

Various types of celebrations were held over the years, but the day did not actually become a paid federal holiday until 1938.

Did You Know?

While the singers of the Declaration all have historical significance as “Founding Fathers” the only two signatories who would go on to become President were John Adams (in 1797) and Thomas Jefferson (in 1801).

The man who derives the most fame from the signing is probably John Hancock whose signature quite literally looms large on the page. Because of the obvious visibility of Hancock’s signature, “Sign your John Hancock” was for a time a popular colloquialism.

Traditions and Customs

As with any holiday, performing certain rituals is an important part of the observance. The practice allows people to fully immerse themselves in the holiday spirit and feel connected to the people of the past.

–Watching the fireworks
–Grilling outside
–Having a family reunion where your weird cousin fights with your drunk uncle
–Spontaneously singing the national anthem and/or “God Bless America”
–Shooting some British people with a musket (Just kidding! This is a joke. Pump Products is not liable if you decide to shoot a British person.)

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