Happy July 4th from PumpProducts.com!

It’s that time of the year again. The smell of steak cooking over hot coals, the delayed pop of a firework echoing through the sky, and the majestic fizzy sight of day beers all herald the start of summer. It’s time to dust off those fireworks you’ve been saving and get ready for the fourth of July!

Uncle Bobby has disappeared from the family BBQ for the last half hour but everyone knows where he is. You remember what happened last year. This is where PumpProducts.com comes in. That new Zoeller WasteMate 260 series sewage pump sitting in your basement will ensure last year’s horrors are not repeated. Or maybe you want to set up a slip and slide for the kids? In that case Inspector Pumphead would recommend the Goulds GT10 irrigation pump.

Pumps are almost as American as apple pie and are truly the gift that keeps on giving. PumpProducts.com not only sells the highest quality pumps made right here in the good ol’ US of A, but is also your one stop shop for all motors, repair parts, and accessories as well.

Pump Products - Some facts for July 4th
The United Pumps of America

Some weird July 4th facts to impress your family while Uncle Bobby is missing:

• Americans eat 155 million hot dogs on July 4th.

• Three presidents have died on July 4th (Jefferson, Adams, Monroe) while only one (Coolidge) can call the day his birthday.

• John Hancock was the only individual to actually sign the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776.

• On the second Independence Day (1778) George Washington celebrated by doubling the rum rations to his soldiers. This is a tradition I like to carry on.

• The printed version of the Declaration was called the Dunlap Broadside; 200 were made but only 27 are accounted for. Maybe Nicolas Cage has something to do with that…

From all of us at PumpProducts.com, Happy Independence Day!

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