Myers MW50 Series Sewage Pumps Buyers Guide & Review

The Myers MW50 series of sewage pumps are constructed of the most durable combination of materials to withstand the harshest sewage environments. The non-clog impeller can pass up to 2” solids. This series provides the flow and head required for residential and light commercial applications. Models are available for manual operation with external controls, or automatic operation with a tethered, piggyback mechanical float switch. Typical applications include sewage, high capacity sump, effluent, domestic wastewater and septic pumping applications.

  • Enclosed design for high-efficiency pumping
  • Eliminates possibility of jamming between impeller and volute
  • Passes full 2” solids
  • Original performance can be restored if wear occurs by replacing volute seal ring
  • Oil-filled motor for maximum heat dissipation and continuous bearing lubrication
  • High-torque, permanent split capacitor (PSC) motors; no starting switches or relays to wear out
  • Field-tested, wide-angle, mercury-free piggyback mechanical float switch provides maximum drawdown (automatic models only)
  • Long, flexible type 6 seal provides high-pressure sealing with improved seal face protection by location
  • Lower ball bearing eliminates sleeve bearing wear and significantly reduces motor wear
  • Low-amp draw from the efficient PSC motor means less heat build-up

myers mw50 series sewage pumps

Model Comparison Chart

Model Discharge (NPT) HP Voltage Phase GPM Max. Head
MW50-21 2″ 1/2 230 1 132 27′
MW50-11 2″ 1/2 115 1 132 27′
MW50-21P 2″ 1/2 230 1 132 27′
MW50-11P 2″ 1/2 115 1 132 27′

myers mw50 series sewage pumps curves


myers mw50 series sewage pumps dimensions


myers mw50 series sewage pumps troubleshooting


myers mw50 series sewage pumps replacement parts


myers mw50 series sewage pumps diagram

Myers MW50 Series Sewage Pump Manual
Myers MW50 Series Sewage Pump Brochure

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