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As the popular saying goes, good help is hard to find. That is, unless you have a Berkeley pump taking care of your application. Berkeley Pumps are among the most reliable in the industry. Berkeley products are not only designed to pump your water efficiently, they’re designed to meet your bottom line as well. Berkeley professionally engineered high-quality, centrifugal pumps are guaranteed to deliver years of dependable service.

The term centrifugal pump refers to a broad category of pumps. These pumps can vary in size, capacity, and ability. They can be used for a wide variety of applications but are primarily used to move fluid (of course). You’ll find centrifugal pumps in several forms, like standard end-suction, submersible, and self-priming.

Centrifugal pumps primarily move fluid by using centrifugal force (hence the name) which generates the velocity necessary to move the liquid. The force is generated in tandem by the pump’s volute and impeller. Fluid enters the pump through a suction nozzle, into the eye of the impeller. The impeller vanes catch the fluid and rotate it. The fluid exits the pump through the discharge. As the fluid leaves the pump it’s under greater pressure than when it entered. That’s basically how centrifugal pumps work in a nutshell.

If you have an application in need of a centrifugal pump, look not further than the CP/CB series. The Berkeley CP/CB Series of Centrifugal Pumps is one of Berkeley’s most popular Centrifugal Pump series. These pumps are well-suited for general water system and sprinkling pumping in homes, farms and light industry. These series are also outfitted with a heavy duty cast iron construction with either Noryl or brass impellers. Medium and high head models are available.

Berkeley CP/CB Series

The Berkeley CP and CB series pumps feature a heavy-duty motor with easy service design and four-position discharge.

These series also feature:

  • 1/3 through 2-1/2 HP: High head and medium head models, with heavy-duty motors, easy service design and four-position discharge.
  • Drain Port: Provided for easy winterizing.
  • Medium Head Models deliver up to 110′ of head with capacities to 140 GPM.
  • High Head Models: Deliver up to 140′ of head with capacities to 90 GPM.
  • Easy Serviceability: All models include replaceable wear ring and feature back pull-out design.
  • CP Series with Noryl Impellers: Abrasion-resistant for normal applications with working temperatures to 140°F.
  • CB Series with Silicon Bronze: JB pumps equipped with shaft seals rated for temperatures to 225°F.
  • Max. Operating Pressure: 100 PSI

About Berkeley: Since 1937, when Berkeley pumps were first used to irrigate the fertile fields of the San Joaquin Valley of Central California, up-through today’s most challenging water transfer projects and residential water flow needs. As Berkeley has grown, so has its product line. Today Berkeley is an industry leader with the most comprehensive product lines available in the industry. Berkeley has the products you need to move and improve water efficiently and economically. For your convenience, Berkeley offers both water pumps and pressurized water storage tanks. Berkeley professionally engineered high-quality, centrifugal pumps deliver years of reliable efficient operation.

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