PumpProducts.com is now carrying Several New Brands from Crane Pumps

PumpProducts.com now has an even wider array of brands and products designed to help meet your pumping needs. Enter Burks, Crown, Deming, and Prosser brands. These new acquisitions are just another step in making PumpProducts.com your number one destination when it comes to pump and part needs.

Let’s take a brief look at each brand and what sets them apart from other competitors on the market.


Burks Pumps offers a variety of pump designs and configurations that are suitable for a wide range of pumping applications. Each Burks pump is quality built for long life and factory tested for assured performance. One of the unique designs includes the GB series of End Suction, Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps. There is also the Burks CR series of Regenerative Turbine pumps which offer a unique pump engineered for high pressure, low flow applications.

Along with the GB and CR series, we also carry the reliable GV series of Condensate Pumps. The Burks GV series is designed for automatic return of hot water condensation from radiators, coils, etc. to low- and high-pressure boilers, or for return of water and other liquids to the overhead tanks of industrial gravity circulating systems.


Crown Pumps are engineered to last. Crown has a wide assortment of pumps designed for wastewater (Solids Handling) and construction dewatering (Centrifugal).

The most popular series is the B Self Priming Series and the Solids Handling Self Priming Pump Series. Crown pumps prides itself upon saving customers hard earned dollars through maximizing pump efficiency operations and with lower costs plus the ease of serviceability. Crown pumps offers unexcelled pumping performance to 4,400 Gallons Per Minutes (GPM) (1000 m3/h) and a Head to Feet of 184 feet. (56m) while handling solids up to 3 inches in diameter.


Deming Pumps are one of the most diversified and complete industrial brand lines for pumping equipment. Often noted for their unparalleled durability, efficiency, and low maintenance cost, Deming products range from end suction general service & process pumps, ANSI horizontal Inline and vertical inline pumps, horizontally split double suction single stage and two stage pumps, submersible, vertical column sump pumps as well as horizontal & vertical solids handling pumps for many applications. Deming pumps can be applied anywhere fluid must be safely and efficiently transferred.


Prosser Dewatering Pumps are small but powerful portable electric submersible pumps. These compact, lightweight units are quiet and will operate in any position. They can be easily staged for higher head applications. The unique in-line design assures a cool running motor with heat transferred to the pumped liquid. Prosser pumps can operate continuously in 104°F (40°C) temperature water and within a range of 5 to 9PH.

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