The Advantages of having a Sta-Rite Booster Pump

Low water pressure is a very real problem for both residences and businesses alike. Water pressure, not to be confused with water flow at the tap, is simply the force that propels water through the piping system to reach fixtures in the building. People desire high water pressure for many different reasons and there are as many different ways to try to achieve it. One way is using a water pressure booster pump.

Water pressure results from several variables, including the height of the water reservoir, the elevation of the property or premise, the number of people occupying the premise that consume water as well as their consumption rates and the number of water fixtures (sink, toilet, etc.) within the premise.

Booster Pumps can be found in both residential and commercial properties, in large homes and small homes, in corner stores and big factories, in farms and in car washes. Some use boosters simply for comfort, while others rely on them to run a business or even for drinking water. Sta-Rite is one of the leading manufacturers of booster pumps. Let’s take a brief look at what sets Sta-Rite apart from the competition.

One of Sta-Rite’s most popular booster pump models is the Sta-Rite HP10C3-02. This model is from the HP Series. Common applications associated with this pump include commercial or agricultural pressure washing, booster and spray systems, filtration and reverse osmosis, HVAC, and general purpose pumping.

Sta-Rite’s Cast Iron HP Series High Pressure Boosters are among the most durable booster pumps available.  The SignaSealTM floating impeller design minimizes thrust loads allowing for continuous operation without damage to motor bearings, mechanical seal, or pump hydraulic components. The HP10C3-02 is capable of 10 GPM, a total head of 260′, a max suction lift of 15′, and a maximum working pressure of 315 PSI. The motor that runs at 1/2 HP and 208-230/460 volts. These pumps are not suitable for domestic water applications.

Sta-Rite HP10C3-02

The proven SignaSeal staging system utilizes a ceramic wear surface that, when incorporated with Sta-Rite’s “true” independent floating impellers, dominates with 1st-in-class performance, superior sand handling and thrust management staging system.

Some Features & Benefits

  • Proven SignaSeal staging system utilizes a ceramic wear surface that dominates with 1st-in-class performance.
  • Superior sand-handling and thrust management staging system
  • Precision-molded acetal impellers for perfect balance.  Ultra-smooth for highest performance and efficiency
  • Precision-molded diffusers offer superior performance with high resistance to corrosion and abrasion
  • Precision lapped and highly polished carbon-ceramic mechanical shaft seal with stainless steel parts guarantees continuous water lubrication also has wide variety of repair parts for the HP series. So if your pump breaks down, you can get it back up and running in no time flat.

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