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ABOUT Grinder Pumps is the leading distributor for Goulds grinder pumps. Goulds water pumps are among the most reliable pumps in the industry and are known for their efficiency and durability. carries a wide variety of Goulds grinder pumps to meet the requirements of a range of applications. Goulds grinder pumps are easy to install, built to last, and designed for continuous operation.

Goulds Water Technology grinder pumps are designed for transporting domestic and commercial raw sewage. Some models can handle small quantities of plastic, rubber, cloth, paper or other non-abrasive solids. Check specific product detail pages for more information. carries several Goulds grinder pump series, guaranteed to meet the needs of your application. These series include the AGS, GA, GD, and RGS series. Discharge sizes for these series range from 1-1/4” to 2”. Maximum heads range from 41’ to 180’ while maximum flows fall between 41 GPM to 200 GPM.

The AGS grinder pump series features a powerful axial grinder and semi-open impeller technology to easily slice through the solids, flushables and trash found in the modern wastewater stream without roping or clogging. This technology reduces waste to a fine slurry, resulting in minimal downtime and service issues. The Goulds RGS grinder pump series and Goulds GD grinder pump series are both designed for high head sewage applications where a gravity system is not practical and is ideal for pressure sewage systems. The Goulds GD grinder pump series is capable of grinding domestic and commercial raw sewage with a maximum solid capability of 3 inches in size. also carries Goulds grinder retrofit kits. These kits are all-in-one grinder units designed to replace existing grinder pump systems. Goulds grinder retrofit kits are designed specifically for high head residential/domestic sewage applications with a drop-in core style.

Goulds Water Technology is one of Xylem’s global brands that have served the market for several decades. Goulds helps to meet the world’s most critical water challenges by engineering a broad portfolio of products and services to create efficient systems and sustainable solutions to pumping problems.

For help sizing out and selecting the Goulds grinder pump you need, call 1-800-429-0800 to talk to a trained pump specialist.