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PumpProducts.com is the leading distributor for Goulds submersible pumps. Goulds water pumps are among the most reliable pumps in the industry and are known for their efficiency and durability.

PumpProducts.com carries a wide variety of Goulds submersible pump series such as the e-GS series, GS series, HS series, L series, 100H series, 150H series, 225H series, n5G series, and 7G series. This collection of Goulds submersible pumps is sure to meet the requirements of a diverse array of applications.

PumpProducts.com also carries Goulds submersible motors designed for use with Goulds submersible well pump ends. These quality CentriPro motors come in a variety of design options, including a canned design that protects against thermal fluctuation and an encapsulated design with a robust sealing system. Each motor is designed for a long service life and for use in a variety of commercial and agricultural applications. The pump end is not included.

Motors come in 2 or 3 wire variations. 4” diameter, 6” diameter and 6”-10” diameter motors are available. Check specific products listings for appropriate control box pairings.

Goulds submersible pumps are built for dependable operation and long service life. The casing is corrosion resistant stainless steel, the impellers are Noryl and the diffusers are Lexan for excellent abrasion resistance, with all non-metallic parts being non-toxic and FDA compliant. The floating impeller stack provides superior sand handling and durability, while proprietary engineering polymer bearing provides additional abrasion and wears resistance. The enclosed upper bearing is mounted in a durable Noryl bearing spider for excellent abrasion resistance. The discharge head also includes a built-in stainless steel check valve.

Goulds submersible well pump packages featured here include a submersible pump, a 4” Centripro motor and a control box. The control box is required for control of the pump. These pumps require a well with a diameter of 4” or larger.

For help sizing out and selecting the pump you need or if you have any other questions regarding your Goulds submersible pump, call 1-800-429-0800 to talk to a trained pump specialist.