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Paco Split Case Pumps: Horizontal Split Case Pumps and Their Applications

Almost all of us hardly give much thought to pumps…until we need one!

When you consider buying a new horizontal split case (HSC) pump, you may be wondering things like: What exactly are HSC pumps, and what are they used for? Which brand might be the best option for your project? And what are the benefits of purchasing a Grundfos Paco split case pump? Are they worth the hype?

As pump experts, we put this article together to help you understand what HSC pumps are so that you’re better equipped to choose the right one for your project. We’ll also take a quick look at some of the most popular Paco pumps for sale on the market today.

Grundfos pumps, including the Paco split case pumps line, are some of the most widely recognized, highest quality pumps in the industry. This will help you benchmark your purchase against some of the best in the business!

Horizontal Split Case Pumps and Their Applications

There are a few defining characteristics that make a horizontal split case pump. But first, let’s talk split case pumps in general.

Split Case Pumps

Split case pumps are centrifugal pumps that have a split case design. This means that their casing is split into two compartments versus the one chamber you typically find with centrifugal pumps. The location of the impeller dictates, whether it is a horizontal or vertical split pump.

Horizontal Split Case Pumps

The horizontal version of split case pumps typically has the suction and discharge nozzles housed within the bottom compartment of the casing. These two nozzles are side by side in the casing, with the impeller shaft located between two bearings. This design is simple, but it’s made for handling tougher conditions like high-flow scenarios.

HSC pumps are also energy-efficient, durable, and long-lasting, and less cost throughout their life to maintain.


Paco 98880673 Horizontal Splitcase KP Series Model 20951


Applications of Horizontal Split Case Pumps

Horizontal split case pumps, like the two best-in-class Paco Pumps models we talk about below, are used for clear water and other low-viscosity fluids only. While their design is rugged, highly viscous materials might gum up an HSC.

So, they are not well suited to push thicker liquids or those that contain solids. Typically, HSC pumps are used in high head (or high flow rate) scenarios where water is pressurized. But they are not suited for extremely pressurized situations like with fire pumps. They are also not good for use in pipelines. However, they have many useful applications. Let’s take a look at some specifics.

Paco Pumps at a Glance

Grundfos, the maker of the Paco pumps, has grown exponentially since its founding in 1945. The company now employs nearly 20,000 people and has headquarters based in Texas. While originally founded in a basement in Denmark, Grundfos has expanded a great deal to encompass over 83 companies serving 56 countries around the globe. They are known for their quality and smart pumping solutions.

This now massive organization centers around sustainability. Per their website, they say, “Sustainability is in everything we do. We improve water and energy efficiency for the greater good, and we believe in our duty to make a difference locally and globally by solving the issues close to us all.”

The Paco line of pumps from Grundfos is extremely popular with professionals in the water transfer industry. Paco Horizontal Split Case Pumps in the KP Series (notably the Paco 98880673 Model 20951 and the Paco 98880735 Model 40127) are horizontal split case pumps. These two high-performance models have excellent energy efficiency, low life-cycle costs, and can handle tough water pumping scenarios with proficiency.

The most common applications for these Paco pumps are

• Public waterworks

• Public water supply

• District cooling/heating plants

• Cooling systems

• Process cooling

• Irrigation

• Industrial

• HVAC Your Online Paco Pumps Distributor

When you’re looking for the best deals on Paco split case pumps, check out our full-service website. You can also give our highly skilled customer service specialists a call with any questions you may have, from choosing a type of pump to making sure you buy the right size.

We specialize in pumps, and we’re among the largest online distributors with Paco pumps, one of the most consistently highly rated centrifugal split case pump lines for sale on the market today. We are distributors for the specific pumps mentioned in this article, as well as replacement parts and accessories. also happens to offer the guaranteed lowest prices! We’re YOUR Paco Pumps distributor!