Sump pumps are perhaps the most important tool for combating basement flooding. These pumps usually sit in a basin or pit where the excess groundwater accumulates before being exported. (There are a variety of methods to do this; perhaps the most thorough is the French Drain). With the April rainy season descending on most of the U.S., now is the perfect time to consider your sump pump options so you can avoid the time and money problems that flooding can create.

Of course, there are as many sump pump on the market as there are pump manufacturers. Goulds is one of the most reputable pump manufacturers, known for consistent, high quality construction, engineering and performance. The sump pumps are no exception. Goulds (owned by Xylem, Inc.) also features top notch technical phone support. Pump Products currently carries three main subtypes of Goulds sump pump: the LSP03/LSP07 Series, the STS21/STS31 series and the SPBB/SPBB2 battery backup sump pumps.

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STS21/STS31 Series

STS21 and STS31 series sump pumps are both durable and lightweight, constructed with a corrosion resistant stainless steel casing for added protection from groundwater. These pumps are compact, portable and can be used for dewatering applications in additional to basement flooding applications. Each pump of this series can handle 3/16" spherical solids. A vertical mounting pipe and a vertical float switch are included with the pump. Pump Products currently carries the STS21V.

STS21/STS31 Performance Curve

LSP03/LSP07 Series

The LSP03 and LSP07 series pumps are built with corrosion resistant stainless steel construction to withstand the corrosive effect of too much groundwater. These pumps are lightweight, compact and portable. Although basement pumping is the primary function, they can also be moved and used for other dewatering applications.

The main difference between this series and the STS series is the LSP pumps can: 1) reach higher heads and flow rate capacities 2) can handle up to ⅜” spherical solids and 3) have a wider variety of float switch types available. “AV” models include a vertical float switch, “A” models include a built-in switch and “AT” models include a replaceable piggyback float switch. Pump Products currently carries the LSP0311,  LSP0311F, LSP0311A, LSP0311AT, LSP0311AV, LSP0311AF, LSP0311ATF, LSP0712F, LSP0711F, LSP0712AF, LSP0711AF, LSP0712ATF and LSP0711ATF

LSP03/LSP07 Performance Curve

SPBB and SPBB2 Battery Backup Sump Pumps

The Goulds Battery Backup is a good supplemental option for your system if you are worried about losing power. It operates on a battery that kicks on if there is a power failure and ensures that your pit or basin does not overflow. The SPBB series pumps are self-charging and include indicator lights on the charger. Battery box, check valve, float and pipe fittings are included, but the battery is sold separately.

Discharge height and GPH will determine the battery life, while an alarm alerts you when the pump is operating but the battery won’t charge. Pump Products currently carries both the SPBB and the SPBB2.

Here is a diagram of a typical installation with the battery backup placed above the primary pump in the basin.

SPBB/SPBB2 Performance Chart

STS21/STS31 Brochure
LSP03/LSP07 Brochure
SPBB/SPBB2 Brochure
STS21/STS31 Manual
LSP03/LSP07 Manual
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