Inspector Pumphead is ready to carve the turkey – and your face!

Happy Thanksgiving from Pump Products! Thanksgiving, also known as “Turkey Day” and “The Day of Tolerating Your Relatives”, is my personal favorite holiday of the year.

Why you ask? Simply because it is not overly commercialized, it is not sanctimonious or boring, and it does not require you to shell out money for overpriced wares for people you don’t even like. You just show up, maybe bring a casserole, and some whiskey, eat and hang out with your family. It’s a very simple and straightforward celebration.

Thanksgiving is not inherently political either. Sure people joke about getting in fights with your relatives over politics, but overall there is no political meaning to the holiday itself. Of course, many people use the holiday to reflect on the brutal treatment of Native American tribes over the last few hundred years, but hey, at least the original Thanksgiving was peaceful and symbolized the potential for friendship, however much that potential ended up being wasted.

Since Thanksgiving doesn’t saturate everyday life with annoying songs, jingles, decorations and ads,it is basically just a long weekend. That’s why I’m going to spend mine relaxing, eating, and throwing the ‘ol “pigskin” around with my son (if the ex-Mrs. Pumphead lets me see him!). I’ll probably also make some time doing a little plumbing and water system work, because that’s just what I do!

So enjoy! And watch our staff video below:

What do you like most about Thanksgiving? What’s your favorite food or family tradition? Let us know in the comments.

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