Happy Valentine’s Day from Pump Products! I sincerely hope you remembered to buy chocolates, flowers or a singing telegram for that special someone in your life!

As for me, I’m alone on this day, as I have been every Valentine’s Day since the former Mrs. Pumphead walked out, taking my son and my dog. I’ll have to settle for joylessly scrolling through Instagram, resenting the over-the-top displays of happiness from smug couples. If that sounds like you, don’t fret! You know what’s better than having a significant other on Valentine’s Day? Having a pump!

In the video above, our pump specialist Lee spends a romantic day of fun and frivolity with a Taco 007 circulator pump! Watch Lee and Taco share deep conversation, enjoy a day at the park and take a nice long walk. What else does one need in life? A pump will never forget your birthday, a pump will never get in a fight with your family and a pump won’t take you for granted.  Most importantly, pumps make sure you get water, which leading scientists now say you need to live. So forget your romance woes and buy a pump.

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