Little Giant is well known for its pumps dedicated to ponds, fountains and other outdoor water features.

The core purpose of these pond pumps is to keep water the water in your pond circulating consistently. Stagnant water can often lead to algae and bacteria forming; when water is stagnant it absorbs more sunlight which helps algae reproduce using the photosynthesis process. Circulating the water causes a natural filtration effect and is critical to maintaining the overall health of the pond ecosystem, including any plants or fish. Pond pumps should be rated for continuous use.

In addition to general water circulation, some pond pumps can also be used for more elaborate aesthetic applications, such as waterfalls, fountain displays, streams and tabletop water displays. Keep in mind that some of these displays may require additional fittings or accessories to produce the desired display effect.

Pump Products distributes the following Little Giant pond pump series: the PE series, the PES series and the WGP dual discharge series for waterfalls. The following pumps feature a unique 3-year warranty serviced by Little Giant.

Little Giant PE Series Pond Pumps

PE series pumps are submersible direct drive pumps built for continuous use. “Direct drive” simply means that the motor shaft is directly attached to the impeller, thus the pump can produce greater starting torque and high pressures than magnetic drive pumps (such as the PES series).

The PE pumps are built for straightforward applications such as the circulation of ponds and fountains. Each model is low head (about 7 ft. maximum) and with a lightweight, compact design can fit in virtually any manmade pond system. Ideal for smaller scale pond systems. Pump Products carries the 566608, the 566611 and the 566612.

Little Giant PES Series Pond Pumps

PES series pumps are submersible magnetic drive pumps designed for continuous use. As the designation suggests, these pumps use magnetic force to move. The motor and the impeller are separate components; when the motor rotates a magnet on the motor housing moves another magnet attached to the impeller. The advantage of the magnetic drive pump, as opposed to direct drive pumps (such as the PE series) is that relatively little energy is consumed. This can lead to significant savings in the long run. Since the motor and impeller are separated, the risk of leakage is reduced as well.

These pumps are ideal for continuous water circulation in a pond or fountain system. They can also be used in small to midsized applications requiring low head and high flow, such as tabletop water fountains. Each model also includes a built-in adjustable flow control valve for increased control. Pump Products carries the 566720, the 566721 and the 566722.

Little Giant WGP Series Pond Pumps

WGP series pumps are continuous use, direct drive pumps that are designed for high head water feature applications, such as waterfall displays (even advertised by Little Giant as “waterfall pumps”). These versatile pumps can be installed either horizontally or vertically, depending on your application needs.

Most impressively, WGP series pumps feature a dual discharge design that allows the pump to perform two functions simultaneously. For instance, one port can pump out to a waterfall or fountain, while the other port circulates water. Each pump includes a barbed elbow adapter to connect to piping and a discharge cap to cover one port when it is not in use. Pump Products carries the 566407 and the 566409.

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