Grundfos CM

Pump Products is proud to announce distributorship of several new multistage centrifugal pump lines from Grundfos Pumps: the CM series, the CME Plus series and the CR series. Grundfos is one of our most trusted manufacturing partners and Pump Products has had a long and successful relationship with the company. Grundfos pumps are famous in the industry for technical sophistication, reliability and consistent high performance.

The CM series pumps were created with compactness, flexibility and performance reliability in mind and are typically used in washing, cleaning, temperature control, water treatment and irrigation applications. Each pump is of a horizontal, multistage close-coupled design and runs quietly. One of the special features is the Grundfos proprietary mechanical shaft seal technology which eliminated the common problem wherein the seal faces stick together. In addition, these pumps are low maintenance, service friendly and have a wide performance range within the series.

The CME Plus series is, as the name suggests, an upgrade of the standard Grundfos CME pump. The CME Plus comes pre-wired and is used to provide constant water pressure in domestic applications. No more worrying about your water pressure fluctuating! The easy interface also allows the user to personalize the water pressure simply by pressing a button, while the stop function saves water if water usage drops past a certain point.

CR series pumps are also multistage pumps that include a pump, motor and integrated Vertical Frequency Drive (VFD). These pumps are perfect for industrial processing systems, washing and cleaning, pumping acids, filtration systems, pressure boosting, water treatment, HVAC and irrigation. Compact with specially engineered functionalities, complete CR units (pump, motor, VFD) are tested together in the factory before shipping.

“Grundfos engineering really pushes the envelope, it’s amazing to see the new stuff they add to pumps,” according Pump Products specialist Christian. “I think our customers are going to be really excited for these pumps.”

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