A hot water recirculating pump rushes warmed water through a piping system from a water heater, ensuring that hot water is always available at the consumption point, be it for a morning shower or evening dishes.

Because they are made for use with potable water,  recirculating pumps are made of lead-free, corrosion-resistant materials such as brass and stainless steel.

Recirculating Pump Animation

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Recirculators can be installed near a water heater or near a point of use fixture. They are available in timer-driven and "on-demand" designs.

Dedicated Return Line Systems

Water heater-based recirculator installations are generally found in buildings with dedicated return line systems where hot water pipes branch out from a main supply line to individual fixtures. This is a system common to new buildings.

A recirculation pump can be sized for this type of system using the following formula:

Water flow     qc= Φ/ΔT x 4200

qc = the circulating water flow [m3/s]

Φ = heat loss from the circulation system [kW]

ΔT = the water cooling, normally 5°C determined at the farthest consumption point [°C]

Our team of application engineers is available to assist you in sizing a recirculating pump for your system.

Point of Use Systems

In buildings without dedicated hot water return lines, recirculator pumps can be installed at a point of use fixture, such as a kitchen or bathroom faucet, making hot water available to that fixture very quickly.

Timer Driven Systems

A timer driven hot water recirculator can be set to run during periods of peak hot water usage. During these times, a homeowner can set the pump to run and maintain hot water through the pipes. The pump can be timed to shut off when demand dwindles.

This type of system minimizes energy usage and produces hotter water due to the pre-heating of pipes by recirculated hot water.

On Demand Systems

On demand systems are user-activated pumps that rush hot water from the water heater to the hot water side of the point-of-use fixture and send cold water into the cold water side. They can be activated with the push of a button or with an optional wireless remote transmitter/receiver.

This type of pump is energy efficient because it only runs when needed and minimizes construction costs as it makes return line installation unnecessary.

If you would like to eliminate waiting for hot water and want to minimize water waste, a reciculator may be right right for you.

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