Bell & Gossett AutoCirc Series Re-Circulation Pumps Buyers Guide & Review

Bell & Gossett AutoCirc series circulators are engineered with a high efficiency ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) technology, specifically designed for standard water heaters. These circulators are lead free and come assembled with a timer, cord and plug. Models in this series feature a fixed thermostat that automatically turns the pump ON when water temperature in the hot water line reaches a certain degree and turns it OFF when water temperature reaches a lower degree, ensuring hot water availability only seconds behind. When the pump is OFF, a built-in auto closure device prevents any other hot-to-cold line or cold-to-hot line mix.


  • Silent during operation
  • Requires only one pump and one installation for all fixtures on the hot water plumbing line
  • Does not require a return line
  • Saves money and thousands of gallons of water annually
  • Built in 24-hour timer which allows the selection of system operating periods to suit family usage
  • Built-in fixed thermostat
  • Comes complete with a 6 ft. long power cord
  • Designed for potable water applications
Bell & Gossett AutoCirc Series Re-Circulation Pumps

Model Comparison Chart

Model Connection Size Height Width Voltage Max Pressure (PSI) Max Working Temp (F)
e3-4_/BDPQC 1-/2″ 8″ 4-1/2″ 115 145 203
e3-4_/BDPRC 1/2″ 8″ 4-1/2″ 115 145 203



Bell & Gossett AutoCirc Series Re-Circulation Pump Brochure
Bell & Gossett AutoCirc Series Re-Circulation Pump Instructions

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