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  • Pump Products Has the Pond Pump to Create The Water Feature of Your Dreams

    July 4, 2014

    Pond envy. Who among us hasn't cast an eye on a friend's water garden and not felt a pang of it Unlike a Maserati or a luxury suite at the Super Bowl, a backyard water feature is within easy reach. At Pump Products we have a selection of premium pond pumps  -- the centerpieces of every water feature -- at prices that won't leave you tapped out. Laying out, digging, lining and building up your water feature can be a demanding process. Once you've invested all that effort, you'll want to ensure the smooth running of your water feature by selecting the right pump. (more…)

  • How To Troubleshoot A Sump Pump

    March 30, 2013

    With all the media attention that preceded Hurricane Sandy, most East Coast homeowners put testing their basement sump pumps high on their pre-storm to-do lists. Those who didn’t, and experienced flooding as a result of pump failure, probably wish they had. Identifying a pump problem in advance could spare a homeowner thousands of dollars in water damage. The following is our step-by-step how-to list. Open the pit that the sump pump sits inside and clear away any debris. Pour several buckets of water into the pit. This should cause the pump to turn on and run with an even humming sound. If it doesn’t turn on, or you hear a grinding sound, you should make arrangements to have it repaired. Pump Express Service techs are manufacturer trained to repair sump and dewatering pumps of all makes and models. Check the discharge line for leaks. A leaking line should be replaced as soon as possible. (more…)