Goulds Grinder Retrofit Kits Buyers Guide & Review

Goulds Pumps offers Grinder Retrofit Kits that are all-in-one grinder units designed to replace existing grinder pump systems. These grinder retrofit kits are designed specifically for high head residential/domestic sewage applications with a drop-in core style. The cutter systems is of an anti-roping design in which the two blade rotary cutter is threaded to the shaft. The stationary cutter ring is reversible for extended service.

The cutting system is paired with a silicon bronze semi-open, non-overloading two vane impeller. The impeller includes pump out vanes for mechanical seal protection and is balanced for smooth operation. The volute is cast iron and adaptable for a guide rail system. The motor shaft is 300 series stainless steel with short overhang for minimum shaft deflection, the mechanical seal is hardfaced silicon carbide for longer life and the upper and lower ball bearings provide precision parts positioning. The motor itself is fully submerged in an oil-filled chamber surrounded by high grade turbine oil for efficient heat dissipation, lubrication and protection. The oil and water resistant power cord is severe duty rated.

Included with the retrofit kit:

  • Junction box internally wired at the factory
  • Retrofit adapter with electrical connection pin plug
  • Stainless piping
  • Check valve
  • On/off floats and alarm

Goulds Pumps Grinder Retrofit Kits are retrofitable with the E/One 2000 Series and Extreme series pump stations and easily installed (please see the literature below for installation instructions).

Please note that the retrofit kit should only be installed in systems with a maximum pressure of 40 psi. Pressure needs should always be considered.


Model Comparison Chart

Model Discharge HP Voltage Phase GPM Max Head Cord
RGS2012E1S 1-1/4″ NPT 2 208/230 1 41 93′ 6′ Bare Leads
RGS2012E1E 1-1/4″ NPT 2 208/230 1 41 93′ 6′




Goulds RGS202E1S/RGS2012E1E Retrofit Kit Brochure
Goulds RGS202E1S/RGS2012E1E Retrofit Kit Specifications
Goulds RGS202E1S/RGS2012E1E Retrofit Kit instructions
Goulds RGS202E1S/RGS2012E1E Retrofit Kit FAQ

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