Goulds WW05 Series Sewage Pumps Buyers Guide & Review

PumpProducts.com is now carrying WW05 Model 3872 Series. These sturdy pumps are specifically designed for use in residential wastewater systems and can also be used for dewatering for groundwater and general water transfer purposes.

The construction of these pumps is rugged with the volute casing made of glass-filled thermoplastic for superior strength and corrosion resistance. The impeller is glass filled thermoplastic as well and shaped into a full-vortex design, with pump out vanes to direct corrosive waste and solids away from the mechanical seal. The mechanical seal itself is a combination rotary (carbon) and stationary (ceramic) sealing faces encased by BUNA-N elastomers. The motor housing is made of cast iron for efficient heat transfer. The motor cover is cast iron and the fasteners are stainless steel.

Each of these Goulds Sewage Pumps is single-phase operated and can move water with up to 2″ diameter waste solids. Power cords (varying length, see chart below) include a three prong grounding plug and are severe duty rated as well as oil, dust and water resistant. WW05 series pumps are designed to be fully submerged and can operate in 104° F water continuously and 140° F water intermittently.

All automatic models include a preset mechanical float switch.

Goulds WW05 Series Pumps

Model Comparison Chart

Model Discharge HP Voltage GPM Max. Head Operation Cord
WW0511 2″ NPT Vert. 1/2 115 75 18′ Manual 10′
WW0512 2″ NPT Vert. 1/2 230 75 18′ Manual 10′
WW0511F 2″ NPT Vert. 1/2 115 75 18′ Manual 20′
WW0511A 2″ NPT Vert. 1/2 115 75 18′ Automatic 10′
WW0512F 2″ NPT Vert. 1/2 230 75 18′ Manual 20′
WW0511AC 2″ NPT Vert. 1/2 115 75 18′ Automatic 20′

Goulds WW05 Series Sewage Pump Brochure
Goulds WW05 Series Sewage Pump Instructions Manual
Goulds WW05 Series Sewage Pump Repair Parts List


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