Myers MWS9 Series Sewage Pumps Buyers Guide & Review

The Myers MWS9 series of sewage pumps are ideal for sewage removal, wastewater removal, general transfer, and sump drainage applications. This series features a durable cast iron construction and a non-clog vortex impeller design with pump out vanes for seal protection. Bearing and mechanical seals are permanently lubricated for a long service life. Standard controls are available for automatic operation.


  • Cast iron construction
  • Non-clog vortex style, cast iron impeller with pump out vanes for seal protection
  • Primary mechanical seal with a secondary self lubricating lip seal. Primary: Mechanical type 21 or equal, Buna-N elastomers, silicon carbide seal faces, stainless steel metal parts; Secondary: self-lubricating energized nitrile lip seal
  • Heavyduty lift-out ring, field serviceable
  • PSC with thermal overload with built-in thermal overload protection with automatic reset and permanent split capacitor
  • Cord design prevents oil loss from and moisture protection for motor
  • Acceptable pH range of 6-9

Model Comparison Chart

Model Discharge (NPT) HP Voltage Phase GPM Max. Head
MWS9100220M 2″ 1 230 1 200 35′
MWS9100220T 2″ 1 230 1 200 35′
MWS9150220M 2″ 1-1/2 230 1 215 43′
MWS9200220M 2″ 2 230 1 232 54′
MWS9150420M 2″ 1-1/2 460 3 215 43′
MWS9200420M 2″ 2 460 3 232 54′



Myers MWS9 Series Sewage Pump Manual
Myers MWS9 Series Sewage Pump Specifications

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