Sta-Rite PL Series Convertible Jet Pump Buyers Guide & Review

The Sta-Rite PL series convertible jet pumps are corrosion resistant pumps built for water systems, sprinkling systems and various applications in homes, farms and cottages. Each pump is made of durable fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic, ensuring years of trouble-free installation.


  • Pump rustproof constructed body is Dura-Glas fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic—lightweight, rustproof and exceptionally strong. All components in contact with water are resistant to the corrosive and abrasive forces found in the most aggressive water conditions
  • Precision-molded Noryl impeller gives perfect balance and ultra-smoothness for highest performance and efficiency
  • Noryl Nozzle
  • Noryl Venturi
  • Buna-N O-ring
  • Stainless steel heat sink provides maximum cooling of the mechanical shaft seal
  • Heavy-duty motor has a dustproof canopy which completely encloses electrical components and provides dust, dirt and insect protection. Ventilating air cannot contaminate vital switching components. Permanently lubricated, heavy-duty ball bearings ensure smooth, quiet operation and extended motor life
  • Precision Diffuser has a multi-port, reinforced polypropylene with brass wear ring design, primes faster and handles more air
  • Shallow well jet is sold separately
  • Pressure Switch Pre-Set at 30–50 PSI
  • Suction-over-drive suction ports
  • Performance-proven, simple, built-in pressure regulator is adjustable for best performance on all deep well installations. Pressure gauge included.
  • Easy Serviceability: PL pumps are disassembled by removing the stainless steel clamp. Piping does not have to be disturbed. Seal replacement takes only a few minutes. “Control room” motor design makes all components easily accessible

Please note that if using this pump for NEW INSTALLATIONS, a jet assembly package must be purchased separately (see brochure in Manuals tab for choosing the appropriate jet assembly).


Model Comparison Chart

Model Discharge Suction Drive HP Voltage Phase Shut-Off Pressure Approx. Weight
PLC-2L 1″ NPT 1-1/4″ NPT 1″ NPT 1/2 115/230 1 62-72 PSI 27 lbs.
PLD-2L 1″ NPT 1-1/4″ NPT 1″ NPT 3/4 115/230 1 52-62 PSI 28 lbs.
PLE-2L 1″ NPT 1-1/4″ NPT 1″ NPT 1 115/230 1 52-62 PSI 30 lbs.
PLF-2L 1″ NPT 1-1/4″ NPT 1″ NPT 1-1/2 115/230 1 54-64 PSI 36 lbs.




Sta-Rite PL Series Specifications
Sta-Rite PL Series Manual

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