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Chemical Resistant Pumps are designed to smoothly move potentially corrosive fluids such as acids, slurries, wastewater drainage and other various chemicals that normal pumps cannot handle. These pumps are built to be corrosion resistant to minimize repair and replacement costs. Chemical Resistant Pumps also help environmental penalties that result from failed corroded cast iron pumps.

These pumps are built to be strong and dependable to deal with the various types of chemicals, so there is no need to worry about the chemicals causing damage to the pump. (Please Note: Review the pump manual to make sure the chemicals you are looking to pump out, can be handled). By purchasing a Chemical Resistant Pump you are also getting a limited time warranty by the manufacturer, ensuring they back their product.

If you are pumping corrosive materials or plan to, make sure you have in place a trustworthy Chemical Resistant Pump. Some of the top brands sells are BJM, Red Lion, PHCC Pro Series along with AMT. These brands offer Centrifugal Pumps, Dewatering Pumps, Transfer Pump and Wastewater pumps all available to be chemical resistant. By having all types of pumps to be chemical resistant there will never be an issue when pumping corrosive material for any water application.