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"Call Our Sales Counter For Assistance, Price Quotes & To Place Your Order" - 800-429-0800 is the leading distributor for Goulds well pumps. Goulds water pumps are among the most reliable pumps in the industry and are known for their efficiency and durability. carries a wide variety of Goulds well pumps to meet the requirements for a variety of applications.

Goulds well pumps are used to deliver water from a well to a home that is not connected to a municipal water supply. They are also commonly used for small-scale irrigation and livestock watering. Well pumps are available in shallow, deep well convertible and submersible designs. carries a wide array of Goulds well pump series including the BF03S series, JRS series, JRSZ series, JS+ series, JSZ+ series, J+ series, JRD series, HSJ series, SJ series, VJ series, JRS/JRD series jet pump and tank packages, GS series HS series, 5G series, and 7G series.

Goulds convertible jet well pumps, such as the JRD, HSJ, and J+ series, are versatile pumps that can be configured for either deep well or shallow well applications with the proper fittings. These pumps can be used for homes, farms, cottages and booster service. The HSJ series is specifically designed to deliver high capacity flow at great pressures.

Goulds shallow well jet pumps, such as models from the JRS series, are designed to move water from water tables less than 25 ft. underground. Goulds shallow well jet pumps include an integral shallow well adapter which eliminates the need for a separate adapter component.

Goulds submersible well pump packages include the GS and HS series. These series feature a 4” Centripro motor paired with a corrosion resistant submersible well pump. These pumps are designed for use in wells that are 4” diameter or larger.

For help sizing out and selecting the pump you need or if you have any other questions regarding your Goulds well pump, call 1-800-429-0800 to talk to a trained pump specialist.


There are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect Goulds Well Pump.


Well Depth

The first step in choosing the perfect Goulds well pump is determining the depth of your well as that will dictate which type of pump you will need.

If your well is less than 25 feet deep, you will need a shallow well pump. These pumps are not submersible, but instead placed outside the well in a well house.

If your well is less than 90 feet deep, you can use a convertible well pump. They can work in wells less than 25 feet deep with a jet well nozzle. They can also work in wells between 25 and 90 feet deep with an ejector assembly. Like shallow pumps, these pumps are not submersible, but housed outside of the well in a well house. People who face fluctuating water table tends to prefer these types of well pumps.

If your well is between 90 and 300 feet deep, a deep well pump is the way to go. Unlike shallow well pumps and convertible well pumps, deep well pumps are submerged inside your well.

Pump Type

Centrifugal water pumps work by generating suction through the rotation of an internal fan. These water pumps usually cost less than other types. These are always housed outside of the well, making maintenance convenient. Centrifugal pumps are not that powerful, so these pumps are considered for wells less than 25 feet deep.

Jet pumps are the most sophisticated and most powerful water well pump type. These pumps deliver more water and they do it faster than other pumps. In addition, they can be used for wells ot most depths. There are two different ways to install Goulds jet pumps, “single-drop” or “double-drop.” The single drop is best used for shallow wells and installed either inside the home or an outbuilding. Double-drop involves a split installation, the jet assembly is installed in the well and the motor is installed above the ground level. Jet pumps are the most expensive type of water pump, but they are often cheaper to service than the comparable submersible pump by Goulds.

Submersible pumps are the most popular pump type, because of their versatility. Goulds submersible pumps can be used in almost any kind of well. As the name implies, these pumps are submerged underwater, deep in the well. They last long and are watertight, but if they ever need repair, they will have to be removed from the water first. Fortunately, Goulds submersible pumps are known for their reliability, often performing for up to 25 years before needing service.

Submersible or Above-Ground?

Goulds above-ground water pumps experience a higher rate of mechanical problems than their submersible pumps since they have to pull the water from the well. Goulds submersible pumps generally encounter fewer problems because they never lose prime due to the fact that they are always underwater.

Above-ground pumps are also subject to “cavitation” which happens when excess air or gas gets into the mechanical parts of the pump. This is not a problem for submersible pumps since they always have access to water.


The size of the water pump also needs to be determined to meet your water needs without creating inefficiencies. Pumps are rated in gallons per minute (GPM). There are a few things to keep in mind when determining the size you will need. A typical three or four-bedroom home often requires 8-12 GPM. A rule of thumb is to add 1 GPM (one gallon per minute) for every water fixture in your home. Water fixtures include items such as showers, faucets and dishwashers. Your water pump must be able to provide as many gallons per minute as your home consumes during peak periods.

It is also a good idea to consider your water pressure needs, measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). A standard ½ HP (one-half horsepower) water pump works just fine in many homes. But it is best to check the PSI requirements of every water fixture in and around your home.

Be careful not to get a water pump that is too big. An oversized water pump will actually reduce performance.


There are many features to consider when deciding which Goulds pump to purchase.

Overload protection is a great feature. This prevents motor burnout.

If your well housing is causing a size issue, consider a Goulds well pump with a booster. Boosters take up less space and provide constant water pressure for your home.

A pressure switch turns water on and off automatically, depending on the settings.

A pressure tank regulates water flow and water pressure so that appliances can run efficiently. The tank makes sure there is consistent water pressure for all fixtures in the home.

In lieu of a pressure tank, pressure sensitive pumps and inline pump controllers provide water boosting.

For submersible pumps, a safety rope is an excellent feature to help recover the pump when maintenance is required.


If you follow these tips, you will have no problem choosing the perfect Goulds well pump for your home water needs. When you’re ready to buy, check us out at We are a national distributor for Goulds water pumps, Goulds submersible pumps, and many other types of pumps!

We are a national distributor of pumps, pump parts, and electric motors. We have extensive experience and stock only the best pumps and parts. Whether you are a consumer or contractor, we can help you! offers one of the largest selections in the country and a Lowest Price Guarantee! So check out our website or give us a call at 1-800-429-0800 today!