Liberty 251, Submersible Effluent Pump w/ Wide-Angle Float Switch .33 HP, 115v, 1 Phase, Automatic, 10 Ft. Cord, 1-1/2 Inch Discharge

SKU #: 251
Brand: Liberty
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Liberty's 250-Series 1/3 hp Cast Iron Submersible Sump/Effluent Pump is made of rugged and dependable heavy-duty cast iron pump with powder coat finish. Liberty's "workhorse" sump pump features a unique one-piece cast iron body, quick-disconnect power cord and three different switch options - including a Vertical Magnetic Float design (VMF) for smaller pits. Liberty's 250-Series pump is the perfect choice for low-head effluent pumping or basement de-watering.


  • Rugged 1/3 hp motor, oil filled with thermal overload protection.
  • 1/2" solids handling.
  • 1-1/2" discharge.
  • Hermetically sealed motor and switch cavities, and permanently lubricated bearings.
  • Liberty’s UNI-BODY casting – a solid, one- piece housing that eliminates the lower motor seal ring found on other pumps.
  • Epoxy powder coat finish
  • Vortex style impeller for superior solids-handling. Made of high temperature engineering polymer.
  • Fasteners – all non-corrosive stainless steel.
  • 416 stainless steel rotor shaft.
  • 3 Year Warranty


  • Low-head to mid-range septic effluent and grey wastewater removal.
Please see the manuals for specifications on this item

Liberty's 250-series effluent pumps are designed to move effluent water out of a water system. Effluent or graywater is simply all the water that is used throughout the day which may contain solids, such as shower water, (the exception is wastewater or sewage). Effluent pumps are typically in applications that involve transporting graywater out of laundry tray systems, septic tanks, or sump pits. Each Liberty 250-series pump features an epoxy powder coated finish, unibody casing, and can handle 1/2" solids. All pumps operate in single phase power and have a maximum thermal overload temperature of 221°F. A special 3-year warranty is attached to this series. The Liberty 250-Series pumps can also be used as sump pumps.

Liberty 250 Series

Model Disch. HP Volt. GPM  Head Type Cord Float
250 1.5" 1/3 115 50 23' Non 10' N/A
250-2 1.5" 1/3 115 50 23' Non 25'. N/A
250-3 1.5" 1/3 115 50 23' Non 35' N/A
250-5 1.5" 1/3 115 50 23' Non 50' N/A
251 1.5" 1/3 115 50 23' Auto 10' Wide-Angle
251-2 1.5" 1/3 115 50 23' Auto 25' Wide-Angle
251-3 1.5" 1/3 115 50 23' Auto 35 Wide-Angle
251-5 1.5" 1/3 115 50 23' Auto 50 Wide-Angle
253 1.5" 1/3 115 50 23' Auto 10 W.A. Piggyback
253-2 1.5" 1/3 440-480 50 23' Auto 25 W.A. Piggyback
253-3 1.5" 1/3 440-480 50 23' Auto 35 W.A. Piggyback
Liberty 250-Series Technical Brochure
Liberty 250-Series Installation Manual
 No repair parts list available
Liberty 250-Series Specifications Sheet

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