Easy Installations with Tank Alert EZ Series Alarms from SJE Rhombus

SJE Rhombus Tank Alert from SJE Rhombus is a CSA certified indoor and outdoor alarm system. The alarm system monitors liquid levels in products lift pump chambers, holding tanks, sewage, sump pump basins, agricultural water tanks, and other kinds of varied water applications. It also offers audio and visual warning notifications of any potential threatening liquid level conditions. It can be used as both a high and low-level alarm system.


SJE Rhombus Tank Alert Alarm

Features and benefits of installing SJE Rhombus Tank Alert Alarm from SJE Rhombus

The SJE Rhombus EZ Series Alarms from offers many useful features and benefits. The product is compact, practical, and incredibly useful. Here are some of its features:

1. As far as the looks go, the alarm comes with a two-color molded enclosure that offers a unique look to the product. The upper half of the alarm is translucent. This is the portion that illuminates when the alarm goes off. The Duo model also features a red LED for the first alarm, and amber LED for the second alarm.

2. The product features a special interlocking enclosure with a chamber for sound. This unique feature magnifies the sound of the alarm. It also stops the moisture from entering inside the body of the product.

3. The installation is rather simple and straightforward. The external mounting tabs are useful and practical in installing the alarm into any kind of product or pump.

4. The alarm is also equipped with a removable cover that offers better access for field firing. This additional cover easily protects the internal circuitry from water.

5. The SJE Rhombus Tank Alert alarm flaunts a watertight standard of TYPE 3 R on the enclosure. In addition to this, there are clearly highlighted indicator marks on the lower side of the alarm for placing cord entry locations.

6. One of the useful features of the Tank Alert Alarm from SJE Rhombus is that the alarm resets on its own.

7. In addition to the above, the product offers the following benefits too:

  • A separate switch for the alarm test, also known as the horn silence.
  • A separate green power on the LED indicator.
  • Auxiliary contacts for all the remote devices.
  • A 15 inch SJE Signal Master Control switch. This is equivalent to 4.57 meters.
  • Additional float models for both high as well as low-level alarms.

Purpose of Water Level Indicator and Its Uses

A water level indicator is useful in determining if the level of water is high or low. The indicator is used to identify the level of water in a water container like an overhead tank. In addition to this, a water level indicator can also be used to turn on or turn off the water pump automatically. If the water level goes below the desired point, the level indicator can automatically refill the tank to get it back to the ideal point.

There are many types of water level indicators like float switches, floatless level indicators, electronic water level indicators, water level controls, wireless water level sensors, spark plug water level indicators, swimming pool water level indicators, single point level indicators, and more. Depending on their utility, these can be used in homes, hotels, schools, factories, bore wells, swimming pools, open wells, sump pumps, etc. They can also be used in vehicles as fuel indicators.

SJE Rhombus Company Overview

SJE Rhombus has been a pioneer in manufacturing liquid level control systems since 1975. The company has created many practical water levels for wastewater and sewage industries in the United States of America and Canada over the years. SJE Rhombus has become synonymous with high engineering and providing the best to customers. The company puts great importance on quality and delivers nothing but the best.

SJE Rhombus uses world-class techniques and practices to create some of the most useful and practical products in the market. The company delivers well on price, practicality, reliability, and compliance. All of their products come with a five-year warranty.

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To sum it up

Tank Alert Alarm from SJE Rhombus is a great product that offers many valuable benefits. The alarm uses a specialized design that protects its internal circuitry at the same time provides a removable cover that presents more access for field wiring. SJE Rhombus Tank Alert’s carefully designed body with a removable cover, automatic reset alarm, and Signal Master Control switch make the alarm system stand out in the market. The easy installation process also makes the alarm customer friendly and easy to use.

If you want to buy the Tank Alert Alarm from SJE Rhombus, you can head on to PumpProducts.com.