Goulds Sump Pumps: The Best Way To Protect Your Basement

Picture this: it’s night. A storm rages outside. You can hear the rain beating against the side of your house. The wind bends the trees in your front yard into an unnatural angle. And then something moves in the basement. You run downstairs to see your couch, the drum set (the one you always promised yourself you’d learn one day), and the rest of your valuables floating in the mini lake that has formed in the basement. This nightmare scenario could have been prevented with an easy solution. A Goulds sump pump.

First let’s briefly discuss what sump pump’s are and how they basically work.

Sump pumps are integral for any home or business. Their main task is to prevent basement flooding. Sump pumps work by kicking on when excess water is present, whether that’s groundwater or runoff from a heavy storm. Typically, a sump pump is housed in a basin under your basement floor or in a crawl space. When enough excess water rises in the basin, a float switch kicks the pump on and begins the process of water drainage.

This brings us to Goulds. Goulds is one of the top brands that manufacture sump pumps. Their submersible sump pumps are built for basic sump applications, including basement drainage, water transfer and dewatering. Most Goulds submersible sump pumps are lightweight, corrosion resistant, portable and easy to service.

Goulds has two primary sump pump series, the LSP03 and LSP07 series. For an example of how versatile and dependable these Goulds series are, let’s look at the Goulds LSP0311A model.

This pump is capable of 36 gallons per minute, 20′ of maximum head, and a motor that is capable of 1/3 HP. Some other features & benefits of this model include:

  • Corrosion-resistant construction
  • Stainless Steel motor casing and fastener
  • Glass-filled thermoplastic impeller and casing
  • Upper and lower heavy duty ball bearing construction
  • Motor is permanently lubricated for extended service life and is powered for continuous operation

This is only the tip of the iceberg though. You can’t get a better bang for your buck than Goulds when it comes to sump pumps. The best feature or benefit that Goulds offers is peace of mind. We should be able to install and forget. We can go out and live our lives knowing full well we have no reason to be nervous when bad weather starts to rear its ugly face.

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