Selecting a Pump for Groundwater Applications

As long as gravity exists, people will need pumps. If your application requires the pumping of groundwater, making sure you have the right pump for the job is essential. Using a pump that is incorrectly sized for an application can lead to damages in equipment and your wallet.

The first thing to keep in mind is the type of fluid you intend on pumping. Is it clear water or water, such as grey water, that is mixed with solids such as dirt and silt? The material you’re pumping can drastically change the model of pump you need. If you do expect solids, make sure your pump is suited for solids handling.

Next you’ll need to figure out how far exactly and where the water is going to be pumped. Knowing this will help you determine the required total dynamic head (TDH) and flow rate of your application, which are key factors when picking a pump.Pump for groundwater applications

Total dynamic head refers to the total resistance in a pumping application. To calculate the required total dynamic head, you will need to figure out two factors: vertical rise and friction loss. Vertical rise is how high your water will need to travel before gravity takes over. Friction loss is the loss of flow in a system due to friction created by factors like pipe type or fittings. You can follow this guide for more information on calculating TDH.

Once you know the TDH, you will need to figure out the total distance the water needs to be pumped, or how far from the source of the liquid to its ultimate destination. This will help determine your flow rate, or the velocity of the liquid traveling within a certain amount of time (usually measured in gallons per minute).

Once you know your specifications, you can refer to a pump curve chart to see if that model of pump will work for your application. Pump curve charts are a helpful tool in figuring out what a pump is capable of and in mapping out their efficiencies over various specifications. You can find these charts on, which are usually located in a pump’s brochure under the manuals tab on our product pages.

If you need additional help in sizing out a pump for your groundwater application, give our application engineers a call. They’re standing by to answer your questions and make sure you get the right pump for your application. They’ll basically do the work for you!

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