Sta-Rite 90 GPM Series 4″ Submersible Well Pump Ends Buyers Guide & Review

The Sta-Rite 90 GPM series submersible well pump ends delivers efficient, dependable performance for residential, industrial, commercial, multiple housing and farm use even in rough, aggressive water. This pump series is built to deliver long-term, trouble-free service, constructed of FDA-compliant engineered composite and stainless steel components.

This is the pump end only.


  • 300 grade stainless steel discharge with 2″ NPT threads Heavy-duty provides smooth water passage to column pipe. Large wrench flats and rope hole
  • Field-proven, sealed and lubricated acetal top bearing assembly keeps abrasives out, ensuring long bearing life
  • 300 grade stainless steel top bearing journal
  • Noryl® (20% glass filled) urethane 300 grade stainless steel diffuser assembly
  • Phenolic washers and stainless steel upthrust rings at each stage provide excellent wear-resistant surfaces
  • Polycarbonate (20% glass filled) impellers to resist abrasives and provide smooth water passage for minimal friction loss
  • Urethane bearings at each stage provide radial protection and stability, and excellent resistance to sand damage
  • Noryl (20% glass filled) bowls
  • Acetal intermediate bearing journal
  • 300 grade stainless steel intermediate bearing journal
  • 300 grade stainless steel shaft is corrosion-resistant and the hex shape offers generous impeller drive surfaces
  • 300 grade stainless steel motor coupling with 7/16″ hex stock for maximum corrosion resistance provides trouble-free transfer of power between motor and pump shaft
  • 300 grade stainless steel shell is durable and offers high corrosion resistance
  • 300 grade precision cast stainless steel motor bracket incorporates an efficient hydraulic design for maximum volume and access to motor mounting nuts
  • 300 grade stainless steel suction screen offers maximum corrosion resistance and protects against damaging solids entering the pump
  • 300 grade stainless steel cable guard
  • 300 grade stainless steel fasteners

sta rite90 gpm series submersible well pump end

Model Comparison Chart

Model Discharge Required HP Best Efficiency GPM Shut-off Head Shut-off PSI Stages
L90HF20 2″ NPT SS 2 90 109′ 48 5
L90HF30 2″ NPT SS 3 90 153′ 67 7
L90HF50 2″ NPT SS 5 90 258′ 112 12
L90HF75 2″ NPT SS 7-1/2 90 402′ 175 19
L90HF100 2″ NPT SS 10 90 491′ 213 23

sta rite 90gpm series submersible well pump end curve


sta rite 90gpm series submersible well pump end typical installation sta rite 90gpm series submersible well pump end installation


sta rite 90gpm series submersible well pump end plumbing depth


sta rite 90gpm series submersible well pump end dimensional

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