How to Find Your Pump Model and Part Numbers has made it easier than ever to find repair parts for your pump with our repair parts finder tool! If you’re not sure of your pump’s make or model, below is a guide to help you out.

I’m Not Sure What Pump Model I Have

Identifying your pump is the first step in replacing it or knowing which repair parts match your pump model. Many customers call us looking to replace their pump but they’re not sure which pump model they have or even who their pump’s manufacturer is. Luckily, your pump has all this information printed on it.

To identify the model of your pump, you need to know the part number. Part numbers, also sometimes referred to as model numbers, can be found on your pump’s tag. A pump tag is a small rectangular plate that displays all the basic information about your pump. Besides a pump’s part number, pump tags can include information like the gallons per minute, total dynamic head, and max working temperature of a pump. The information included on the tag is going to depend on the manufacturer of the pump.

Here is a video where our pump expert Nick breaks down how to identify your pump based on its pump tag



Different types of pumps have their tags in different places. Finding the pump tag is sometimes half the battle. They are usually located on the volute of the pump (or the main body of the pump- the part that’s not the motor). Once you find your pump’s tag, the next step is, understanding what the information on that tag means exactly. If you can’t find your pump’s tag or if the numbers have faded or are hard to read, consult your owner’s manual or other paperwork that came with your product.  Most product manuals will indicate where to find the model number.

Different manufacturers label their pumps differently. For example, some of the information printed on the Grundfos tag below might not appear on another brand’s pump or it can be referred to differently. This can be confusing at first so it helps to know who your pump’s manufacturer is and how they refer to their models. Some manufacturers print their logo on the pump.


You might see another similar looking plate on your pump. This is the pump’s motor tag. The motor tag gives information about the motor attached to the pump such as volts and phases. While the pump tag is usually located on the pump’s volute, the motor tag is located on the pump’s motor.

If the tag is missing, try to locate the casting number. Casting numbers are stamped directly in the steel/iron or bronze of the pump. These numbers are a good source of information about the unit.

Below are some examples of popular pumps and some information that is commonly printed on their tags.

This is a Bell & Gossett in-line circulator pump tag. The pump tags for these B&G circulators are generally easy to spot on the volute on the pump. On this Bell & Gossett In-Line Circulator pump, we can see the part number is 102210 and it is from the HV series. This number and series is the most important information about the pump. Knowing the exact part number will allow us to purchase repair parts or a replacement pump with peace of mind. This tag also tells us that the pump’s maximum liquid temperature is 225 degrees Fahrenheit. 

This next pump is a Zoeller sewage pump. The silver tag is located on the top of the pump. This tag gives us a little more information about the pump.

The part number (PN) for this pump is 267-0002. The pump’s model is N267-F. The tag also tells us this pump runs at 115 volts, ½ HP, 10.4 amps, 70 hertz, is single phase, and is thermally protected.

And finally, this is a tag from a J7S model of the Goulds J+ series. This tag is located on the motor of the pump. This tag tells us lots of information, including HP, amps, volts, and the RPM of the pump.

If you have any questions, can’t find your pump’s tag or if you own an older pump and the tag is unreadable, give our experts a call today. No matter the model or manufacturer, our experts can help. They’ve seen everything pumps have to offer and will be able to assist you in identifying and purchasing a brand new pump.

Nothing in life lasts forever. Luckily stocks a wide variety of repair parts for all the most trusted brands in the industry. If you’re not sure of your pump’s manufacturer, series, model number, or can’t find the parts you’re looking for, you can email or call our experts at 1-800-429-0800 and they’ll help you identify your pump and get you the parts you need. is your pump, parts, accessories and motor one-stop-shop.



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