Hundreds of Firefighters Respond to the Massive Fire in Wrightsville

On June 1st, the town of Wrightsville, Pennsylvania was shaded not underneath a blanket of clouds but by ash colored plumes of smoke rising from an industrial fire at the Donsco Incorporated facilities.

Hundreds of firefighters from every corner in York County assembled to combat the blaze. The fight lasted hours. Workers knelt, knees close to scraping against the foundry floor, in order to keep their noses and mouths just underneath the enveloping smoke. They escaped the building as organized as 100 people can be during a real fire drill.

One worker told the story of being lost amidst the smoke and only finding his way out when a flashlight cut through the dark clouds, like a lighthouse reaching out to lost ships.

Thanks to the bravery of local firefighters and the emergency preparedness of the Donsco employees, no one was seriously injured. Though the fire was referred to as “one of the largest fire losses in Wrightsville history,” according to fire chief Chad Livelsberger, facilities can always be rebuilt. Three fire fighters and one Donsco employee were checked for heat exhaustion and dehydration but nothing serious beyond that.

The flames originated when molten iron was being poured and splashed onto tanks of flammable fluid. After a few hours of fighting off the fire, firefighters set up a perimeter and pushed the public and news media back for fear of an explosion. Luckily no such catastrophe occurred.

You might be asking, “But why make particular mention of this fire?”

Hundreds of firefighters respond to the massive fire
Shot from the Donsco fire (courtesy of

Donsco represents an important step in the process of pump manufacturing.

Donsco Incorporated (according to their website) is North America’s leading single source of machined iron castings. Many of these iron castings end up on pumps manufactured by brands such as Goulds and Liberty. These pumps in turn, end up at the warehouse before getting shipped out to customers all across the country.

After terrible things happen, sometimes things are put into perspective. Call it the ripple effect or whatever you want but we get the chance to see how one thing affects another.

People rely on pumps. Industry and infrastructure depend heavily on pumps. How would sewage be dealt with if we didn’t have pumps? Pumps have even saved lives (i.e. the recent story of a Thai soccer team comprised of young children being rescued from a cave). So when something tragic happens that may slow the production of pumps, we get to see the important role pumps play in our everyday lives, even without us noticing most of the time.

Simply stated: events like the Wrightsville fire remind how much we need pumps and how vital they are to making sure that our society runs like clockwork. would like to thank the firefighters who reported to the scene and all who made sure the sun set on June 1st with everyone at the scene being safe.

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