Red Lion Sewage Pumps are Perfect for Your Application

Sewage and untreated wastewater need to be transported, and Sewage pumps perform this task. Municipal wastewater treatment plants most commonly use these pumps. Other than municipal wastewater treatment plants, buildings and private homes also use them, especially when these buildings and private homes due to the natural slope of the terrain cannot be connected to the municipal sewer. Red Lion sewage pumps are ideal for high volume sewage and effluent application.

A Sewage pump is needed in homes with basement toilets. It is also required in homes that lack gravity supported sewage drains. A Red Lion sewage pump can lift flushable waste out to the main sewer line from the sewage basin. Red Lion company’s sewage pumps can handle the demanding and tough tasks such as the lifting up of waste that are flushable up to 2″ diameter. These pumps handle these tasks efficiently. It can be installed within half an hour using that may be commonly found in households.

In case you are planning a new installation, you must determine the size of the pump you require. You need to decide which type of discharge pipe may be needed for the installation. The size can be determined by taking into account the discharge drains that drain into the main basin and the distance that waste needs to be lifted.

In case you are going to replace an already installed sewage pump, you need to identify your pump size. The required horsepower can be found out from the identification plate. Most often, the horsepower remains unchanged. It is the same as your old pump. You also need to determine what type of discharge pipe you want and what’s going to be its size.. It is important to measure the sewer line even as these standard lines measure 2 inches in diameter, or they can be larger. Next, find out the material your line is made of. It could be copper, galvanized steel, ABS, or PVC.

Features and Benefits of Red Lion Sewage Pumps

Red Lion sewage pumps are perfect for your application. These pumps are designed to handle high volume sewage and effluent applications. The automatic submersible cast iron sewage pump could be the ideal choice for you if you need a pump for high-volume sewage, effluent, and wastewater. Red Line sewage pumps are designed clog-resistant and capable of passing 2″ diameter solid waste. The material used in their construction – heavy-duty cast iron – is designed to offer you the most reliable service possible over the last years or decades.  The tethered float switch can be highly reliable for an automatically operated basin that is 18″ diameter or bigger.

Red Lion 14942748, Model RL-WC50TA, Sewage Pump

This pump is recommended for the best pump to be used in basins or lift stations. It works most efficiently when performing the task of pumping out the wastewater, effluent, and sewage, and every other form of liquid waste that is noncorrosive and non-explosive.

This automatic submersible Red Line Sewage pump made of cast iron has several features. It is designed for overload protection with PSC dual bearing motor and can handle solid or semi-solid waste up to 2″ in diameter. It comes piggybacked with a tethered float switch. A 10 feet power cord is attached to it. However, it is not considered suitable for pond use.

It works efficiently in several kinds of facilities that need high volume wastewater, effluent, and sewage applications. For instance, it can be highly efficient and reliable in laundry facilities, leaching facilities, and parking lots.

Red Lion company overview

The Red Lion brand heritage establishes the company as a global leader in the systems and components that involve the task of moving water. As an innovative company, Red Lion invests in research and developments, taking into account the customers’ views and needs. Along with its long innovative product portfolio, the company offers unparalleled service to its customers as solutions to their challenges relating to water pumping.

Red Lion has a business strategy to keep them ahead of their competitors. Training differentiates them from their competitors. They have a team of factory-trained experts who provide in-store training at clients’ locations. This training is free of charge. The training material the clients receive can be referred to when they need it. stocks a wide variety of Red Lion Pumps. Our extensive collection includes Red Lion Sprinkler Pumps, Red Lion Shallow Well Pumps, Red Lion Trash Pumps, Red Lion Jet Pumps, and many more! Red Lion Pumps are among the most reliable and durable pumps in the industry.

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