Advantage of Goulds Pumps: Types & Benefits

Anyone who knows much about pumps knows that Goulds pumps are among the best. The Goulds brand is globally recognized and respected, available in over 150 countries worldwide, and the quality speaks for itself. Whether buying in stores or buy Goulds pumps online, people frequently search the web for a “Goulds pump dealer near me” precisely because they know they’re getting a quality pump!

If you’re in the market for a new pump, read on for more info about the types of pumps Goulds offers, as well the benefits of buying from this well-known, high-quality brand.

The Many Types of Goulds Pumps

Goulds is known for quality, but their vast portfolio of products is also truly impressive. Here are some of the types of Goulds pumps you can buy online and at your local dealer:

Booster Pumps

These quiet pumps are built to use in a wide variety of applications. Nearly vibration-free, Goulds booster pumps come in several possible options:
•The Goulds Aquavar ABII Series is a complete booster system all in one. This kit comes with the pump, pressure tank, plus a variable speed controller and transducer.
•Goulds GB Series pumps are built for managing agricultural and residential washdown.
•The Goulds HB Series are great for high-pressure situations like condo high-rises or office buildings.
•The LB Series are stainless-steel encased pumps for use in systems requiring a flow rate of up to 18 gallons per minute.

Centrifugal Pumps

Goulds offer several types of both horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps with head capacities ranging from low to high. All Goulds centrifugal pumps are constructed with durable materials made to withstand the hardcore demands of agricultural, residential, and/or commercial use.

Dewatering Pumps

These Goulds pumps are light, portable, and submersible, made to be used wherever there’s a need to pump standing water.

Effluent and Septic Pumps

Designed with a variety of grey- and wastewater applications in mind, Goulds effluent pumps are submersible and made of high-quality materials. They are available in manual and automatic models.

Sewage Pumps

Made specifically to handle sewage and wastewater, Goulds sewage pumps have single-phase motors with a thermal-overload protection feature to ensure your pump will last through the toughest jobs.

Sump Pumps

With electric, battery-powered, and water-powered options, Goulds sump pumps are built to prevent your basement from flooding by draining any standing water in your sump pit. They’re also made to be corrosion resistant and easy to service.

Well Pumps

When your home is not connected to a municipal water supply, the odds are that you have a well that requires a high-quality pump to meet your family’s water needs. Goulds well pumps will exceed your expectations with convertible, submersible, shallow, and deep well options. These pumps also work well in small-scale irrigation and livestock water systems.

Other Types of Goulds Pumps

Goulds also offers elevator, explosion-proof, high-temperature, trash, and grinder pumps, as well as sink pump systems.

The Goulds Standard: Benefits of Buying a Goulds Pump

Goulds pumps have been on the market for several decades, so you can be certain that their quality has stood the test of time. You can also rest assured that they’ve kept up with changing pump technology. They’re one of the best brands in the industry for a good reason, and when you buy a Goulds pump, you know you’re getting a high-quality resolution for your pumping needs.

Whether you’re dealing with a wet basement in need of a sump or an old well with an antique pumping system or you’re a builder with a large-scale pumping project, Goulds has you covered with an efficient and sustainable solution. Their pumps go through rigorous testing and meet strict temperature, corrosion, abrasion, and pressure standards. And Goulds is the only manufacturer of process pumps in the market that offers digital monitoring as a standard feature! Your Goulds Pump Dealer

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